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Zeke The Default

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Username: Zeke
Real name: Zeke Yvell
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches / 155.7528 Centimeters


What is there to say about him? He's nothing and everything at the same time. The common and average American? Or perhaps worse than that. One of the dregs that you never really hear much of a word from but somehow know what they're all about. The background trying to become the foreground in a canvas of black and white. They want you to think they're the gray, but show you their true colors all too often and attempt to smear them together once they are out there. Who knows the correct answer for all of this animosity for real? I can only fathom as I walk down the pathway of this person's past to try and find all the clues in the riddles that fade in and out. I'll tell it again in hopes that someone can help me figure this all out. So many times before have I done this, but one more time surely won't hurt when I know it won't be the last. Regardless... let's get this over with for both of our's sake. 

The "he" being the one in remembrance here, "he" is Zeke. He grew up a very kind and well behaved child according to his parents. He wouldn't know himself, though, as he seems to have forgotten mostly everything from his prepubescent years. Some of the remainders worth mentioning for detail are as follows. His rather goofy father whom he loved to play video games with, and joke around with a lot despite the annoyance it caused his mother, had left pretty early on in a divorce. The resulting heartache settling in from this after some of their fondest memories together. All was not lost, fortunately, for father saw him quite often in short and long visits sporadically. It may or may have not taken a few years for that to have become a routine for Zeke, but that is the part of the story that is pretty blurry. Moving on, a bigger part was played by his mother, and so in keeping with that thought, she held more of the remaining part of Zeke's memories from childhood. She was the one there to pick him back up emotionally with all of her strength and care. Young Zeke would grow inspiration from her in his later years, but for now he was oblivious to the side of her that worked hard to not only help him get over the divorce, but also tame a demon sister of his into a part of a tight-knit trio that survived solely on the mother's determination alone. The last one left is the last of his close family, the use of the word "close" is loose here, as the demon in his sister would be a double-edged blade in the most unexpected times. This wedged separation in Zeke's heart for him and his sister. These days he won't have anything to do with her, but thanks her in his heart secretly for all the bullies she stood up to for him when he felt like dying. It gave him false courage to have the nastiest girl in school as his backup, but it wasn't much needed in during these times.

At the age of 11, shortly before his body would be messing with him, his doctor found signs of a kidney disease within his body. This was nice in the fact only that it brought his dad back into the picture. He felt the most love of his life at this point, but also began to question things with the welcome of a deeper level of sorrow to his mind. Mommy had to be the one in the end to give him a kidney, and thankfully he never had complications with the new kidney, but with all the emotional struggle that came with it. The person no other could surpass in how much he loved was the one that had to be cut open, permanently lowering her immune system for the rest of her life, and opening herself up to seemingly become sick more often than Zeke. He felt guilt only over her having to be stuck to a bed in a hospital for a couple of days, but quickly came to see how much she worried for him in his own stay of recovery. Her tears and his feeling of worthlessness plagues him in his hospital room, making him aggressive to leave earlier than he could. Having no luck with that, he remembered all the times that came before at home when he became aware of what his dialysis would actually be like. Nights spent with a tube leading into the side of his stomach as it pumped for the function it was necessary for. The sight of a gaping hole in his stomach wasn't as much of a bother to him as he would have guessed. In a rather humorous way, he only looked at how it was bad when compared to how he was either in school, or laid in bed to a point where he couldn't engross himself into his games like normal. During the time he had in that bed, he would often make trouble for his mother, at one point making her pour water on him to make him go to school. 

In middle school now, him and his elementary school made friend kept each other busier than in their younger days. The bond he shared with this other strange kid gave him a strength all his own. They would continuously do the oddest things, and rant to each other how their school was full of evil or vain students. Particularly ones that messed with the two of them. Even in the view of some evil things that others did, he only got goosebumps at the thought of dealing with his life head on, and fist first. Perhaps this friend had an unintended bad influence on Zeke, or maybe just unlocked what he had hid inside himself all along. Either way you wanted to look at it, nobody messed with him anymore once this sadistic nature took a hold on his focus. Dealing with so many emotions at home, and then transferring them over to school where others dealt the first blow, he started to become a little... different the more he saw blood on other students, or on the knuckles of his only friend. And the more he was punished for defending himself, the more he knew he had to like it even more to get through his life at the time. Stabbing kids with sharpened pencils when they would come pushing, getting into a one-sided fistfight on the person who slapped his face day after day, manipulating others to place blame on someone who gave him issues in the past, and pushing kids down stairs when they least expected it. He loved that he could do all of this, even threaten to attack a counselor for calling his dad a failure without any restraint being held against him. This knowledge was absorbed well for later in life, where in high school, he dealt with the downfall of becoming this monster.

Now into his final four years of school without a tube hanging out of stomach, he lingered stale emotionally now as a person that was no longer messed with. He also no longer knew how to deal with problems other than to resort to underhanded tactics to get things going the way he wanted. He would often do the things he never told his mother about, but this time to his own mother herself. He filled himself with guilt to try and make himself more mentally miserable, as a payment for doing these things to her, and maybe if it weren't for the next part of his life, he wouldn't have succeeded so very well. Zeke's only friend, the one who inspired these feelings in him, he started to drift away and become more popular with time. He knew it was coming eventually with small changes that he picked up on while he observed others being happier than he was from his desk in every classroom he went to. For the first time, he felt truly alone like some kind of recluse or alien attempting to understand human thought and behavior. He starved for the attention his friend was now getting, and even more so with his first crush being one of those who liked him, and in more than just an average way. He had the evidence disgustingly displayed in front of him one day. Discarding that haunting day as much as he could, the useless attempts at getting the same attention from anyone was pointless and effortless just the same. There wasn't one source of unhappiness in his life, at home, school, or even himself and his self-punishment mixed with self doubt. 

The will within him was too faded and overcome with anger at anything. He would pathetically spend years to come, on games online trying to manipulate people to care about him, only to have it done to him as well. He had become used by his own tactics many times over. Even if he hadn't, he could never get anywhere with any girl to any reasonable extent anyway, his pain from the ghost of days past still haunting him to the point he couldn't accept anyone except for whom HE wanted. She didn't last with his distant friend, so he gave it a shot and only exposed himself as that person who wanted to hurt for his own pleasure. He hadn't foreseen the obvious in that he was not someone anyone could love anymore, except for the motherly love given to him still by his mother. He swore himself off finding love from that point and had to be given medication to stop the breakdowns he would give himself daily. The anguish of being the one on the outside looking in would claw patterns into his scalp until patches of his hair would become bald. This would have to be remedied by medicine once he had himself put under suicide watch in a hospital. While the trip and stay was traumatizing for reasons of its own, in time he saw the help it actually did for him. The pills never had him become a better person, but did help him accept the person he was. After all, he couldn't get back the sanity he had lost in making his school's principal beg his mom to come sign him away from their hands. They were more of those evil people he labeled as never wanting anything to do with him, and from then on he never wanted anything to do with anyone who wasn't his mother. All he wanted was to mess with strangers online to get the twisted sense that he had some sort of social life. But soon even that would not be enough for him and he would connect with his friend again to pretend to be friends for real, if only to scratch that itch of emptiness that never let up.

Current day, Zeke lives in Japan after being offered a place to stay by his friend and his friend's Japanese wife. It sucked to have a job now where he would be problematic in dealing with anyone he had to, but he could fake kindness whenever he wanted to make good impressions with those whom never stayed around him for longer than his shift asked for. Good thing too, Sword Art Online was coming out soon and he was planning on playing with the two others he shared a home with.

...And with that being said, I would like to say that person is me, the one typing all of this. It was likely an obvious thing to grasp with all I've said here for this character of mine, but too many times do I find myself losing the point of what I am saying, or just sounding crazy at the end of it all. Typing all of this has been a blur for me other than what I made up for the sake of the story. I would have said it was mostly all a personal experience for me from the get-go, but would you have read it all if I did?


Observant - While it does come from a creepy background of watching people in his dark corner, he has come to pick up things nobody would expect him to. While not always on the mark with emotions, he has surprised a few people before with being able to read what they are thinking, or the ends to their means in an effort to protect himself. Whenever someone loses something, he gladly volunteers to help find it due to the rush of trying to find something that has yet to be procured by him.

Wise - A compliment he has heard more than a few times before, sometimes even emphasized to his face by a couple of sweet talkers. This wisdom that is often referred to as "wisdom" by others, is produced in times of stress and serious want for Zeke, and stems from the fact that he has only had so much busy time to himself that has not been spent observing. The advice or unique perspective he spins for someone is mostly always based on their troubles with a person, and with those particular situations, he has much experience observing, or learning from his many failures to pull a big wealthy cauldron of insight from.


Bad-Weather Friend - Is much more likely to be kind to someone whom he shares a personal connection with, and sometimes just from sympathy. His pity probably is to the extreme and he will consider it a flaw of his, but it can really help someone sometimes to talk extensively with him while he offers some of his own brand of advice. He hates this actually that he can so easily be twisted into a father figure for someone he likes, but at the end of his caring, he doesn't hesitate to think of it as a way to manipulate someone he has helped, later on.



Manipulative - Knows what he wants and always has the motivation to try and trick someone into doing it for him, or getting it for him. Half of the time he will willingly let them know as he has no love lost for anyone anymore, and seeks the thrill of excitement that he gets from seeing them get angry. This flaw is very commonly practiced by him now without him even having knowledge. Since he is already mighty confused in the head, he doesn't even really understand why he does it sometimes, or how it is bad.

Short Fuse - If you know he is willing to let someone know he manipulated them, then you can bet he will let them know exactly what he thinks when they set him off by one of over 10,000 methods. A sensitive soul he is indeed, and instead of simply asking someone to stop doing something, he will hold it in and let is explode out of his mouth when it has overstayed its welcome. A rather ridiculous example of one of his pet peeves is that other people having pet peeves, peeves him off!

Downer - Very much more than anything knows how to bring down the mood with overly detailed ways of how everything is just a rotten world full of miserable creatures destined for doom. Perhaps himself, more than anyone, is affected by his own ramblings of hopelessness, and feels anguish at the thought of his mother not being with him or in constant communication by phone. He's a big crybaby yet tries to hide it from anyone he doesn't know well, this would be most obvious with music, but he is dying without access to it in SAO.



Skills 5/5 SP




Weapon skills:


►One-Handed Weapons
5 Ranks
Effect: Gain +1 base damage per rank


Armor skills: 5/5 Sp



[Unskilled] -> Rank 1 - Novice = 5 SP

►Heavy Armor
5 Ranks
Effect: Gain mitigation based on your rank in the Heavy Armor skill. May only benefit from one armor skill at a time.

Rank 1: 8 MIT

Rank 2: 12 MIT

Rank 3: 18 MIT

Rank 4: 25 MIT

Rank 5: 35 MIT





Set A "Basic Package"



» One-handed Straight Sword (Uncommon)

» Bronze Chestplate (Uncommon)

» 5 Starter healing potions (Heals 50 HP)

» 10 T1 Materials





Col and Transactions:

Col - 2500

No transactions yet

» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)


Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)

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