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Interested in joining the SAO-RPG Staff?

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Hello there fellow Players!

Are you interested in joining the SAO-RPG Staff team? If so, then you have come to the right post! If not, then I will save you the trouble and time by telling you to stop reading now. I am here to tell you all about the selected staff team that you are interested in joining. 

The staff here at SAO-RPG take our "Jobs" seriously and want to give you (The Players) the best experience that we possibly can. We work hard to keep content fresh as well as try to keep as many people happy as possible. Well, Without further ado, allow me to tell you about the current positions on the staff team.


Player Support Team (PST's)

   Deal with players directly, Serves as a mediator for various user/user problems, Police the site and make sure players are following the rules, evaluate threads, crafts and Loot, etc...


Content Developers (CD's)

 Work on game mechanics, Create Quests/events, Create floors/bosses, Create Tutorials, Serve as the Floor boss when in a floor boss raid or event boss raid, Create Skills, etc...


Game Masters (GM's)

 Manage Content Developer teams. Manage team projects and tasks


Administrators (Admin's)

 Keep player privacy and safety, Create Site wide rules,  Create Privacy Policies, Manage Staff Teams, Manage Site Security, etc...

Each of these positions has requirements that need to be met for one to join said staff team. Administration and Game Master are the ONLY teams that cannot be applied to. Admins are chosen based on performance on the GM team and GM's are chosen from performance as a Content Developer or Player Support.  

We also have  a Minecraft Server. Staff positions there are also available!


Minecraft Game Master (MCGM)

Develop buildings, areas, dungeons, etc... 


Minecraft Moderator (MCM)

  Deal with player support, Serves as a mediator for various problems, Police the server and make sure players are following the rules, etc...

Here are the requirements for the staff teams:

Minecraft Server Staff


Minecraft Moderator (MCM) (Closed)

  • Must be active on the site for at least the past 20 days
  • Must show strong people skills
  • Task: Same as Player Support Team

Minecraft Game Master (MCGM) (Open)

  • Must be active on the site for at least the past 30 days
  • Must have strong building skills
  • Optional: Knowledge of plugins usage (ie. World Edit, EssentialX, etc...) Considered a Plus
  • Task: Demonstrate building skills (ie. Images of builds in personal world)

SAO-RPG Site Staff


Player Support Team (PST's) (Open)

  • Must be active on the site for at least the past 45 days
  • Must show strong knowledge of the system and rules
  • Should be a Crafter on at least 1 of your characters
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge and understanding of the crafting system.
  • Show strong communication skills and welcoming attitude to new players

Content Developers (CD's) (Open)
*NOTE*: You cannot directly apply to this team. Please specify the specific team that you wish to join.

Floor Creation Team 
--Floor Team (Closed)

  • Players should be able to demonstrate their ability and creativity when it comes to make well detailed floors as well as creating quests and bosses that are detailed and enjoyable for the community. Strong communication skills with other content developers and staff are important long with being able to take vice on their own ideas. The player should have been active for at least 45 consecutive days AND demonstrate their own creativity through means of creating a rough draft Floor or a detailed quest or boss. (Important Note: Most of the time, your entry drafts will not be used)

--Plot Team (Open)
         Players should have perfect knowledge over all the rules (Like crafting). Players should know the basic ins and outs of the site. Must be able to write strong posts in good and understandable English. Players should have strong knowledge of the SAO/SAO-RPG universe. The player should be active for at least 45 days AND demonstrate that they have what it takes to design near perfect plots. TASK: Demonstrate strong story making skills (Create a short plot/story for the site thus far). Provide link to an SAO-RPG thread that has a good story (Can be with Alt Accounts to show different writing styles [Will be verified to confirm the account is yours])

Systems & Clarification Team (Open)
          Players should have been active for at least 45 days AND Must have a strong understanding of the rules. Must point out or share any contradictions and/or loopholes in the rules, share how they believe certain areas can be improved on/why they should be removed, or come up with a completely new idea to be added into the system. TASK: They should, if possible, demonstrate their knowledge by pointing out at least one place where the rules contradict itself, or by taking few passages from the site guide/rules and elaborating them on a way which improves player understanding and clarify in a valuable way, not just by making it longer. Clarity and brevity are key.
Note: Must be well written and thought out.

           Must be an existing member of the Staff who has shown competence in all areas of the site. In order to be a leader here, you should have worked on all other teams at least once.

Now that you have seen what is required of a player to join the staff team, you are probably wondering "How can I apply?" Well that my friend, is quite easy. Just send a PM to me (Shark) with these questions answered:

  1. Username
  2. Discord Name (Include Minecraft UN if applying for that team)
  3. Team you are applying for
  4. Why do you want to join that team?
  5. Task required for that team (PST Applicants must describe how they meet the requirements instead of completing a task)

Once I have received your application, it will be placed under review and you just have to wait til we reply to you with the result.

Have fun players and hope you enjoy your time here at SAO-RPG!

This has been your friendly neighborhood Admin, Shark.

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Unlocked this topic, should any player have questions regarding the positions or any other feedback necessary for you to decide to apply. As a reminder, you MUST APPLY BY PRIVATE MESSAGE! not in this topic.

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We are still and always looking for staff members. If you have any interest in joining the team or think something could go better, please message me with your thoughts. I have noticed a decline in activity in all areas. If you wish to help grow the community or just wish to help others, get involved, join the team! 

Read the 1st post for more information.

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It doesn't have to be too detailed but you need to show you have a strong understanding of our system and how we make quests/floors/bosses.
The plot team task is as it says. A "good" story is about the same as what a "Plot story arc" would be... or something along those lines. The link is supposed to be for a rp thread adventure you have previously done that you believe made for a good story for an adventure.

I have contacted the Leads for those teams and they may respond here or contact you with more information.

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