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    Following the sound of silence..
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    Astrology, occult, music, expressive arts, futuristic concepts.

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    â€â✿âƒListeâ€â✿⃠ã€Character Stats】 » Username: Liste » Real name: Calliste Luneres Mercerf » Age: 15 »Gender: Female » Height: "5 4" » Theme Song: Shatter Me » Dere Type: Dandere » Favorite Color: Red » Nicknames: Angelise, The Echo Blader, Liste, Calli » Character Appearance: Liste has straight white hair that flows to her waist, and crimson red eyes, that show either sadness or a neutral emotion. She usually keeps her hair down straight, with nothing in it. Her outfit consists of a black longcoat, knee length black boots, a
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