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    In Your Heart~! Just Kidding~! X3
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    Rin likes many things, But she really likes Ice Cream! And Boy's who act tough OWO

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  1. « Kuroha Hanasaku » - « Aloof Smile » Profile » Username: Kuroha Hanasaku » Real name: Secret! » Character Age: 14 » Gender: Female » Height: 153cm » History Born in an unknown and abandoned village, she was raised as a normal person, with no special features. Her father work as an scientist, trying to find an antidote for her mother. Which is lying in bed, in Hospital. Kuroha always play alone in her House with no friends. Longer and longer, She became more of a quiet person, which is making her more and more miserable. Her father tried to c
  2. « Rin » Kagamine Profile » Username: Rin Kagamine » Real name: Radifa » Age: Rin <<14>> » Gender: Female » Height: 152 cm ; Weight: 43 kg » About: Rin, is an Idol from Japan. She has many fans, but she really hated them. Because, she always work and work, with no time to rest. But, she loves the spotlight. It makes her feel like She is the best, and nobody can defeat her. After then, She tried to tell her manager, that she wants a day off. Total Sucess! She has a week to make herself comfortable. So, she spend her time at her home. L
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