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  1. «Leborn» The Shadow Swordsman Profile » Username: Leborn » Real name: Felix Isharo » Age: 15 » Gender: Male » Height: 175 cm » About: Born on September 9, Isharo lives with his sister. Raised by a stranger as a son, he would always protect his sister from the neighborhood bullies. Due to Isharo being lonely with no friends to play with, Isharo fell in love with computers and stopped protecting his sister, thus leading her to go into a deep depression. Isharo has immense skill as a programmer, managing to build a computer from parts during elementary school, found
  2. «Reaper» ã€æ­»ã€‘ The Death God » Username: Reaper » Real name: Unknown » Birthdate: Unknown » Alias: The Death God » Nationality: Japanese/American » Age: 17 » Gender: M » Height: 5'7" » Weight: 150 lbs » About: History/personality Reaper comes from an abusive home. He is a regular in the gaming community, especially PvP games. He loves the thrill of dominating in a test of skill versus real people. To him, Sword Art Online is a great place to get away from the abuse of his real life. In real life, he is a student and gets pushed around by his abusive drunk of a f
  3. I think I'm ready to take a selfie, everyone! Nope I can't. Everyone here is beautiful.. I shall go sulk.
  4. «R» The Lightning • Profile • • History • » R was a young boy by the name of Rin "R" Mitsuki, he was a 16 years of age, and was enjoying his life with his younger sister. He only lives with his sister, but has always been there for his sister. R was left with a Nerve Gear and a copy of Sword Art Online by a stranger who left it in the front of the door. R was quite freaked out, but since it was during the Beta he never used it. R went to school to take care of him and his sister, but everything soon went to a downside as his sister started to lose interest of
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