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  1. Aoife

    Aoife's Birthday.

  2. "Okay. Thank you," I murmured, yawning yet again. Pulling down my menu, I searched my inventory and found my stuffie, tapping it and smiling as it appeared in my hands with a bunch of sparkles. I wrapped the stuffie in a hug, glad to see my Willow again. "Goodnight... Zewo... June...." With that, I fell into the inviting depths of the darkness that enveloped me.
  3. I grinned a Cheshire cat grin, from ear to ear, and looked around the room whilst speaking. "Okay. I can't wait!" I exclaimed happily. "What time do you think it is?"
  4. "No!" I shouted a bit louder than necessary, but I was insistent. "No! I promise! I never forget or make false promises!" I had a look on my face that was way too serious for a six year old, one that I rarely used.
  5. I glanced up at Zero with wide pink eyes, surprised. "You don't have any friends in real life? That's so sad! I feel like crying for you," I cried out sorrowfully. Shifting in Zero's arms, I enveloped him in a hug. "I know! I'll be your friend after this is all over! I'll find you! I promise," I exclaimed meaningfully.
  6. "Okay," I murmured, stifling a yawn. My nose and ears were quickly turning pink and cold, as well as my hands, which I rubbed together to try to keep them warm. I looked up at the grey ol' sky and blinked several times when a snowflake fell on my eyelash. Glancing back to Zero, I asked, "Zewo? Why don't you travel with other people?"
  7. Tilting back my head to look up at Zero, I grinned and hugged his leg. "Yep! I'm okay! Promises!" I glanced down the empty street and turned my gaze to the side alley. "Why is it always dark in alleys?" I cautiously asked.
  8. "I'll race you!" I exclaimed, jumping up, grabbing my music box, and bolting for the door. Wrenching it open, I flew down the blanketed street. Plowing through the snow, I yelped and fell into a snow drift, clutching my music box so I wouldn't lose it.
  9. "Okay! I promise to stay in the towns," I exclaimed whilst nodding. Slipping a hand from Zero's grasp, I reached up and tapped the tip of his nose. "Boop!"
  10. I closed my eyes and shook my head with a smile. "I couldn't possibly impose. Besides, I must go join Cleo and Mavis," I pointed out. "I guess I'll see you again another time then, Siren." I put the crystal that Unknown had given me into my inventory, preferring to walk, and waved goodbye to Siren. "Until then!" Giving her a grin, I pivoted on my heel and headed back to town, back to the teleporter.
  11. I tilted my head and crinkled my nose, confused. "Why don't you go to sleep then?"
  12. I blinked, bewildered, and turned to Siren. "So.... Uh.... How have you been? Oh, what happened to Zero? I see he isn't here."
  13. "Yes, quite," I agreed, sighing. "Oi, Siren? What in blazes is going on here? And who is that?" I inquired, gesturing to the girl that was throwing a fit. Bloody hell. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I closed my eyes and started a thought-speak conversation with Cleo. Cleo, go down to the third floor and find Mavis. Stay with her until I show up, okay? Okay. I hope to see you soon. Same here. Bye, dear. Bye.
  14. The yelling was beginning to irritate me as it sounded like someone was yelling into a microphone at a concert whilst I was next to the speakers with my amplified hearing. I spotted three figures in the distance then smiled as I realized that I recognized one of the screeching silhouettes as a friend. Throwing my hand into the air, I waved and called out, "Hey Siren!"
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