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    Hanging out in your mind, giving you nightmares, snatchin yo memories up.
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    Strategy, Swords, Not Dying.
  1. Finally back with maybe an idea. Not gonna write much yet, but I'm back. Hello again SAO RPG.

    1. Raeyliff


      Welcome back, Enjuru! I hope your idea is successful!

    2. Brayden


      Welcome back, sir Enjuru! :)

  2. Hey, going inactive for a while. Sorry for leaving a couple things unfinished, but I have something big going on so I'll see you in a while. Ciao~

  3. Okay, I'm sick. I tried to ignore it, but now thr

    1. Enjuru


      There's noodles in my sink, sorry my hands are shaking, accidently hit enter.

  4. And now, I'm going to sleep. Good night have a beautiful time...

  5. It's suprisingly hard to get a cat off of a chair.

  6. Finally got a picture that I made. Say hello to what Enjuru really looks like most of the time.

    1. Erroneous
    2. Enjuru


      No, that's how I look most of the time irl.

  7. I need to remember to eat!

  8. Omg, the exhaustedness...

    1. Enjuru


      ...*collopses on the floor*

  9. o)-(≠ ...So if a cat steals your TV remote, let him keep it. #EnjuruisBored

  10. Heheheh, sort of fun to try out new ways to display health and items... #BrownHaireBlacksmith

  11. Finally escaped from school!... With my mom... and now I have to go clean my cats' litterboxes... So bittersweet victory! #StillAlive

  12. *is soaking wet* So it sleeted and rained today!

    1. Enjuru


      Forgot to add #EnjuruisBack

  13. Last night I had a dream that Freddy Krueger tried to kill me. Long story short, I'm wearing the Coat of Midnight and Freddy has Elucidator stuck in his face. 'Nuff said. #EnjuruisBoredAgain

  14. Making some progress in <> #BrownHairedBlacksmith

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