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  1. Phew. Finally finished my journal, took me about 4 hours.

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  2. ✞✞✞Relationships✞✞✞ To be determined: Friends Love Family Hate Other
  3. ✞✞✞Roleplays✞✞✞ Arc One: The Beginning Details: Raiden has just arrived, and is starting his adventures here in Aincrad. More info later.
  4. ✞✞✞Skills✞✞✞ Utility Skills >>None Combat Skills >>None Weapon Skills >>One-handed straight sword (Novice) (1/5) (+1 dmg) Armor Skills >>None Locked Skills >>None
  5. ✞✞✞Inventory✞✞✞ Materials/Food/Water: >>Bread (10) >>Water (15) Weapons: >>One-handed straight sword (Very heavy and big) Armor: >>Cloth jacket >>Cloth white shirt >>Cloth belt >>Cloth red pants Accessories: >>Ruby opal-shaped necklace
  6. ✞✞✞History✞✞✞ ✞ The story of a demon is an interesting one... But Raiden isn't a demon, nor is he an angel. He is a human but, ✞ ✞ he is for sure that the demon is guiding his fate, as his history isn't something to be proud of. ✞ ✞Raiden was born a small kid with red hair. His father had red hair, but his mother had blonde hair. He grew up a happy kid, and remembered being held for the first time by his mother. This of course brings happiness in Raiden's life. But let's go ahead and skip to his happiest moment, when he turned 7, his little sister was born,
  7. ✞✞✞Virtues✞✞✞ ✞Protective:✞ ✞Even if it means he will die, Raiden is very protective. He will do anything to protect his friends, and those he loved. He often times will go all out if it means his friend's safety. It also leads to him being extremely fierce, almost to fierce at times. He will stop at nothing to protect his friends.✞ ✞Reliable:✞ ✞You can rely on Raiden all the time. He has a very trusting aura, which means you can talk to him. You can tell him things you wouldn't normally tell anyone. He will keep it between you two, and he will care for you at all
  8. ✞✞ ✞✞✞Basics✞✞✞ ✞Name:✞ ✞Raiden Mori✞ ✞Nickname:✞ ✞Rai✞ ✞Username:✞ ✞Aka✞ ✞Reason Behind Username:✞ ✞Raiden is a redhead, and so he thought of making his username red, but red in japanese is Aka, and so he made his username Aka.✞ ✞Reason behind Name:✞ ✞His grandfather was named Raiden, and when Raiden was born. His mother decided that his name would take after his grandfather.✞ ✞Age:✞ ✞16✞ ✞Gender:✞ ✞Male✞ ✞Special Symbol:✞ ✞The Cross✞ ✞Why:✞ ✞It was always just there in his family. He
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