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    ProfileUsername:Shizuka ShinimiReal name:Shizuka ShinimiAge:15Gender:MaleHeight:6'3"About: He used to be an assassin. he realized what he did was wrong but quitted. he is afraid of what he has done, but his trainer Snakes now has realized this too,but died before he knew that Shizuka was saving people from terroists. He was a secret assassin that worked for crime network J until he realized what he did was wrong. His dream is to become a superhero.Virtues:(Observant- Shizuka is very observant because he was a sniper/assassain . He had to remain observant of his surroundings even when he didn't have a sniping spotter. His boss taught him how to make sure the environment is clear of obstacles.He utilizes this skill in SAO.(Loyal- Shizuka loves to stick with the people he befriends. usually most of the time for their benefit. he sees that a family is something worth protecting. He never wants to see anyone ever hurt again.).(Bold- Shizuka is willing to do crazy things. He will go to great lengths for others safety. He will dare to do the unheard. He will let no boundary stop him from doing the impossible. ).Flaws:Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html(Guilt- Shizuka feels pain for the ones he has killed. He grieves,wishing he was humane. He wishes that he could've resolved issues peacefully. He feels guilty for letting his boss die...).(Anger- Shizuka feels a great anger for those who stand between him and his acheivements. He really hates being called Shiz His frustration makes him wish he would throttle someone. He will stop at no bounds to achieve revenge on those who wrong him. ).(Overprotective- He sometimes goes overboard with protecting friends. He sometimes gets into lots of trouble with abusive guys. He really cares about people he's friends with. some females may be offended as he deeply cares for them more than guys.).Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)Skills Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat:»Weapon skills:» One-Handed Rapier rank 1 InventoryWeapons/Tools:» One Handed Rapier»10 bread,15 water,cloth clothingRoleplays» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)Relationships (optional)Story Thus Far (optional)