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    Username: Michiko Real name: Michiko Mack Age: 20 Gender: Female Height: 176cm [5 foot 8] Background/History : When Michiko was younger she was always being influenced by her older brother, Mack. He would teach her how to climb trees and how to hide the bruise from your mother when you fell from that tree. He was the type of brother to check on her everyday and punch anyone who dared say anything about her. She was protected and had fun from the very start. However, since her brother joined a the armed forces she had been travelling a lot, and wasn't able to see her protector that often. Their lives grew apart as they each grew older- like most siblings do. So, Michiko went to college and during her first year she kept in minimal contact with her sibling. But, they always played online games together, as they were an easy thing to set up and were almost free. It was when Mack introduced her to Sword Art Online that her life took a turn. At first she didn't jump into the game because while in college she had an assignment due and needed to finish before doing anything. Once done with that she saw in the news that everyone in SAO was trapped. Knowing it was a death wish, she turned on her NervGear and went into the game to find her brother. Virtues: Benevolent: Michiko has always been a kind soul because of her brother. Mack is often known for his big personality but sometimes this results in her having to apologize for him. Her mother also played a very big role in this specific strong point of her's, as they did move a lot. Her mother also had been a nurturing person and ultimately passed this along to her child, Michiko. Tactful: Again, her brother was always showing her the way with certain things, but he also did show her by example what not to do. Mack is often very expressive and blunt while Michiko tends to lean towards thinking before she thinks. Strategic: Growing up with an older brother obviously meant a lot of screen time; she played many games that required you to think of the plot. Thus, she became known in her family for being able to solve difficult problems at home. Mack even asked her on multiple occasions to log onto some games to help with his raid groups as well. Flaws: Pride: Because of her brother's army lifestyle, Michiko has always been very proud with everything she's accomplished. Also she see's her brother's service as a very honorable thing and is very proud of it. She often flaunts is and uses it to get certain treatment. However, she is in no way manipulative. This would be a virtue in some people's eyes but she will not give in no matter what happens because her achievement comes first. Distanced: Michiko doesn't entirely shut herself from other people but she won't go out of her way to introduce herself or start a conversation with anyone. Meaning, she doesn't take the initiative unless it has something to gain from it; if it's a boss battle or something she'll speak up. Known:(Don't know what to call this one) Mack is obviously a couple years older than Michiko so during high school she was always seen as "Mack's little sister," and not just Michiko. This annoyed her because of her pride and her whole I-want-to-be-known-as-me deal. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » N/A Passive: » N/A Combat: » N/A Weapon skills: » N/A Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Two Handed Starter Spear Roleplays » N/A » N/A Relationships (optional) The younger sister to Mack Story Thus Far (optional)