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    League of Legends, tho I dont really play that too much these days.
    Anime/Manga/LightNovel stuff, as well as western novels/Comics

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  1. Merlyn


    Username: Merlyn Real Name: Josiah Greene Age: 18 Birthdate: September 21st Gender: Male Height: 5'9'' History: The whole world was grey. I didn't know why I was alive. Just a replaceable cog in a machine as old as time. There is no meaning to find in it. It's just a chain of events heading to a foregone conclusion. A chore that you do before moving on to the next adventure. This is what Josiah Greene felt during the school year leading up to the advent of the VRMMO. Withdrawn and suspicious of others, Josiah kept a small circle of friends in his college in A
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