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    Username: silver crow
    Real name: huruyuki
    Age: 9
    Gender: male
    Height: 145cm


    huruyuki lives in Tokyo he is in grade 4 and has only his mother to live with and enjoy his life with him.every day he travels to school to live his lunches as a slave to bullies so then he can run and grab them lunch behind the camaras so that the school can't see them. then this tall lady black hair approaches him saying meet her in the senor lunch area and has done so he sits down forgetting to get the bullies lunch. the bullies approach him then the young girl starts to provoke them one of them throws a punch. he young lady shouts at him and states say it say burst link. with a moment of hesitation he shouts it the world froze . they pop out of their actull human bodys and they stand still in the still world and they spoke then left the still world. huruyuki takes the punch as he gets hit the school security grabs the bully and they never seen them again. as they moved on he learned all the great things he had received for the he was thankful for every thing.


    heroic- silver crow will step out of his way to save other from danger. silver crow will do any thing to save some one like a baby to elderly. silver crow does not want any one to die as he has seen this happen to his father.

    kind- silver crow is kind to any one who doesn't want to kill him. silver crow has many friend including is gradin and his legion master and all his companions. silver crow is easy to approach to speak to. 

    hand to hand combat- silver crow is great at hand to hand combat. he can teach any one who has the desire to learn. he can fight any way but he chooses hand to hand

    love- silver crow struggles talking girls he can't ne around them. silver crow can work with girls but he struggles to do so. even though he has a girl friend he struggles .

    team work- silver crow can't work as a team as he does not have any experience. silver crow can work some times depanding on the diffulculty of the task. silver crow wants to learn how to part of a team.

    standing up to self- silver crow can not stand up for himself. he has had bullies in his eraly years but he needs help to deal with them. silver crow would love to learn the skills to do so.

    Profession: not yet complete


    5 Ranks
    Effect: +1 Stealth Rating per rank.
    Description: Blend into your surroundings, making it harder for monsters and other players to sense your presence and detect you


    5 Ranks
    Effect: Requires an equipped shield. User’s evasion cannot be greater than 0 (can still be negative). Grants additional mitigation

    Weapon skills:
    [Rank 3 Mod] <<Weapon Type>> Finesse

    • 3 Ranks
    • Passive
    • Cost:
      • [Unskilled] -> Rank 1 - Novice = 5 SP
      • [Novice] -> Rank 2 - Expert = 3 SP
      • [Expert] -> Rank 3 - Grandmaster = 2 SP
      • It takes a total of 10 SP to Grandmaster this mod.
    • Effect: Reduces the energy cost of Sword Arts for the specified weapon type by an amount equal to this mod's (Rank). Energy costs cannot be reduced below 1.
    • Description: After practicing with your weapon, you become used to its feel and power

    Set B "DPS Package"

    • Weapon of choice, of Rare or lower quality
    • Vanity Armor of choice
    • (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
    • 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials
    • rapier
    • [x2] Rip Ravine (2 Energy) - Two quick slashes into a target

    Rank 1

    • [x2] Rage Spike (4 Energy) - Strike each target in the vicinity twice in a blinding fit of uncontrolled rage.
    • [x3] Snake Bite (3 Energy) - The user quickly strikes the target with three brisk angled slashes.

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