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  1. And so it was that the warriors finally saw sense. Shadow had been honest with them throughout this entire ordeal. His shield served as better protection for them than it did for Shadow. The entity was all about economy of action. One wouldn't use a bomb to kill a rat. And yet, they had been fiercely determined to bring it down. To expose themselves to Shadow's raw and unfettered power. By establishing themselves as beings to had the power to bring his shield down, the warriors had sealed their own fate. They brandished their Teleport Crystals, called out their desired location. And, yet, just
  2. And so the warriors had done it. Finally, they had managed to switch on the lights. Bright shafts of light erupted from the mechanisms and fell upon Shadow from each of the cardinal directions. The entity screeched and writhed fighting against the lights. His nebulous form started to disintegrate from the ground up. After all, a being of pure darkness could not sustain itself in the face of such brilliance. The chains binding Orgoth disappeared, Shadow no longer having the strength to maintain them. The minotaur fell prone and slowly pushed himself up to witness the death throes of the creatur
  3. "Never in my life did I ever think anyone would struggle as hard as you all to turn on a light switch," Shadow mused. This was, without a doubt, one for the history books. How many people did it take to screw in a light bulb? Apparently six. Well, now five. They were so close too. Shadow could almost taste it. For all of their bluster and posturing, he almost wondered whether they actually wanted to see what awaited them at the finish line. Although, if this entire bout was any indication, it wasn't anything good. And then a certain phrase fell upon his ears. "You're just another bug..."
  4. "You know," Shadow began, suddenly affixing his attention upon the heavily-armored female warrior. "The least you could do is pay attention." With a wave of his hand, shadows coalesced around her feet. Like serpents, strands of darkness coiled around her form, restraining her motion. As the moments ticked by, more strands coiled around her until the darkness was so dense that she couldn't be seen through it. Then, as quickly as they came, the strands disappeared. And with them, so did the woman. "You're welcome, warriors. Now everyone has a little more room to breathe." With the sudden disappe
  5. There he went again, the yellow-haired samurai, spouting off about the warriors' past accomplishments. The enemies they'd slain. What he failed to realize was that he wasn't exactly helping his case all that much. Shadow merely crossed his arms and shook his head. "Giants and dragons and horses, oh my," he said with a shrug. "I can't believe you were actually able to say that to me with a straight face. 'Oh look at me, I killed a bug.' A frog could do what you did and you don't see any of those acting like it's a big deal. Bless your little heart," he added in a mocking tone. How had these idi
  6. Shadow watched the group scurry to free their companion with no small amount of curiosity. Even in the face of a being far beyond their ken, they struggled against the encroaching darkness with an almost frightening tenacity. At this point, it had quickly become clear that his efforts to demoralize them had had the opposite effect. Even a being such as he had to commend them for their tenacious nature. If only that would avail them. Their struggles thus far had been only to restrain him - to prevent him from escaping this chamber and lay waste that lay outside of it. They raged against him, ho
  7. A loud clang filled the room as the woman's axe fell upon his cloak of shadows. It had been repelled so effortlessly The entity slowly turned his head, an expression of sheer incredulity upon his face. In all of the eons of his existence, Shadow had never once had to deal with an action so foolish. "STOP!" he bellowed, its voice reverberating through the room. The shadowlings, the masses of teeth and tentacles that they were ceased all movement at their master's command. One could hear a pin drop in the room as he wheeled around and bent down low so as to fix his eyes upon the woman's ga
  8. A green wave of energy erupted from the woman the Shadow had just delivered a punish attack to. In an instant, the health bars of the warriors filled. All of his hard work at killing them undone in an instant. Despite this, Shadow's face brightened. A smile of genuine amusement stretched over his features. A kid in a candy store was what he was. "Punching bags that fix themselves? What will they think of next?" Because that's what they were to him. Punching bags. Sacks of water and meat so far beneath him he could barely justify the effort it took to punch them. Here he was a cosmic entity, an
  9. "Roaming aimlessly?" the Shadow echoed, the hard edge of annoyance in his tone. It was true that these mortals proved themselves decent adversaries, putting up what he would consider an admirable fight. He even appreciated their wit, and to some extent, he found the banter amusing. But the Labyrinth Guardian grew tired of the seemingly endless optimism that flowed from these humans. He expected a bit more respect, and understanding of what immense power he truly possessed. Perhaps a demonstration was in order. Like smoke, the Shadow dissolved. When the darkness coalesced once more, the bo
  10. The Shadow froze. He had lifted his arms in triumph, a pseudo-god commanding his troops as the Shadowlings marched toward their prey. A crooked grin had spread across his dark features, as eerie as the shapes that formed him. Both fell at the white-haired player's words. He really was a menace, wasn't he? "You think I'm not dangerous?" he growled, some of the good humor gone now. "You're dead wrong." Though he moved to say more, a sudden burst of light threw him off his stride. One of the pillars was finally lit. Everything shifted slightly, as the room was now lit by a new source. It was
  11. Uproarious laughter rolled like thunder, echoing in the cavernous space. The joyous sound was entirely out of place amid the chaos and the violence, as was the grin plastered across the Shadow's face. No longer did he make any effort to hide his amusement. "You speak with such confidence, yet when faced with true challenge, your performance is..." The creature waved a hand in the air as if searching for the correct term. Upon settling on it, he drew out each satisfying syllable. "Un-der-whelm-ing." In a blink, the Shadow dissolved, then formed directly in front of Macradon. Lighthearted h
  12. As the player with the snow-white hair spoke, the Shadow listened. With each passing phrase, the figure’s expression morphed seamlessly from apathy to amusement. Falling something between a smirk and a sneer, the twisted countenance was approaching horrific. Usually, he would have no time for mindless drivel from such an insignificant worm. However, after eons trapped away, he appreciated the entertainment. “What a heartfelt declaration,” the shadowy figure stated once the player fell silent. The room quieted as his voice boomed, the only noise aside from Orgoth’s muffled protests as he
  13. <<The Shadow>> <<Immortal Object>> 550 DMG | 4 ACC Shadow Aura: Players take a penalty of 2 Accuracy. This penalty is ignored if the player has the Night Vision mod or if a member of the party is holding a Glow Stone. Pillars of Light: Four Machines are placed in four corners of the arena. All must be lit to end the encounter. Lighting a Pillar requires a collective LD of 66. Shadowlings: Shadowlings attempt to blot out the light. Each unaggroed Shadowling increases the Pillar LD requirement by 1. Marked for Death: Gaining Aggro on a Shadowling applies a sta
  14. Their attacks had proved to be insufficient. As powerful as the warriors had been, Nihilim still hung on by just a thread. The dragon lurched forward, its mighty jaws wrapping around Hestia. As they clamped down, two things happened. One, of course was that Hestia suffered damage from the attack. Second, with its jaws still clamped down on Hestia, the massive beast collapsed to the ground. The entire chamber shook as the dragon's body collided with the ground beneath it. The tremors were violent enough that they unearthed four strange structures around the arena. Nihilim had been defeated. If
  15. Nihilim felt neither the sting of the ballista nor the sensation of free-falling through the air. The creatures down below had failed in their attempts at preventing the dragon’s ire. And now they would suffer the full heat of his flames. The dragon’s gut swelled as he breathed deep. The loud woosh of the inhalation could be heard distinctly even over the din of the attempts to ready the ballista down below. Then, silence. Nothing could be heard save for the rhythmic wingbeats of Nihilim up above. And then, a spark. In an instant, the air above the warriors ignited into a deadly mael
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