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  1. Star-Crossed Gala Rewards Player Posts SP Col Mari 21 7 420 Jomei 7 2 140 Azhoda 6 2 120 Shinji 14 4 280 Dazia 15 5 300 Minako 11 3 220 Cordelia 12 4 240
  2. With a final burst of horns and cry of bow on strings, the band struck their final note. There was a splattering of applause, and the musicians afforded themselves a quick bow before beginning the break-down process. "I suppose that's my cue," Lady Penny Pembrook declared. She uncrossed her legs, then stood from the comfy couch she'd been seated upon. On either side of her, a male suitor shifted back to allow the woman more space to move. Though the night had not gone quite as she had envisioned it, she surely could not call it a failure. There was a silver lining, and their names were Reginal
  3. Star-Crossed Gala To Whom It May Concern, You are cordially invited to join Lady Penny Pembrook for a magical evening of food, dance, and pleasantries. Attire is black-tie formal, and guest are encouraged to bring col for a very special auction. The event shall take place on February 12th, at the base of the Sapphire Falls. No RSVP necessary - we hope to see you there. "Ma'am, the guests will be arriving soon. Shall you move to the entrance to greet them?" Lady Penny Pembrook pursed her painted lips at the crisply dressed maitre d'. "No, Walter, I don't believe I will." She
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