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  1. "Member that axe? It's a sword/hammer now. Murder hobo's unite" Given to Oscar
  2. Heaving the remnants of a door frame, she looks left to spot @Freyd overlooking, @Koga who up until this point hadn't been hindered by the reinforcing guard presence. "What? Worked didn't it?" Spoken right to the whisper, who was halfway through a facepalm. Again, that cocky tone causes the woman's face to distort into a look of disgust. "That motherfucker just doesn't know when to quit. I cannot wait to shove my boot up his ass and twist. You think, if I turn it hard enough, that I can get him to sing?" Celeste smiles, waving that heated blade and spreading flames in the air in attempts to ca
  3. Hopping up to a set of chains and sliding down the length, her heels clicking as they meet a mirrored and hard metallic floor. The siren cutting out and being replaced by that same doosh baggy voice on the intercom. "Yeah yeah, keep up the BS motherfucker. If you can hear me. I am coming for you, sure hope you brought your brown pants!" That tempered fury triggers some skill, and as a result her eyes become hot like coals. Doors begin to slide open, and instinct cuts in. Rushing down the first guard she could see, Celeste grabs his whole face with a hand. A muffled scream as she pivots on her
  4. Ripping up next to the first available vessel, and screaming out orders to crew and passengers alike: "Man the cannons, I need at least 20 armed units." The Raven's Queen bellows holding tight a section of chain, swinging across and giving a form of 'show and tell' to these fresh Galtean farmers turned soldiers. Nervous, one after another, those same linkages of metal rattle. And the clattering of footfalls as they land upon the hostile deck. Her attention catches spinning cursors, ones of green and not yellow or red. Players were on this boat already, coined by the still smoking wreckage
  5. Releasing @Gabrandr's collar and allowing him to dust off the singed bits of his attire. "That's more like it. Don't mention it. Seriously, I got an image to uphold. People can't think I am going soft." Lifting her arm up, sees a massive cleaver apparate and drop as she clutches the handle. It catches in flames that mirror the fires that still flickered on the edge of the peripheral. "Makes my life much easier, you focus on defense. I saw that fishbowl you popped around the refugee zone. I do a bit better if I can go ham. Name's Celeste. Try to stay upright this time." A bit of a cocky gr
  6. Turning over on her heel, wrapping her wrist around a bit more anchored chain, she leaps off the side. The rattling as it unfurls on a spinning wheel, slowly lowering her to the ground floor. As players screamed ass off in tiny little taxis she'd read about while waiting out the ship's repair. They were about as solid as tin cans wrapped in tissue paper. "Fuck me, well, I hope they make it out of this. Either they are stupid or heroic. Guess the difference is if they end up a red blood stain smeared on a wall somewhere." Spoken as she cradles her head against her hand with a subtle gesture of
  7. *Fwoom* The sudden entry of a ship breaking in behind enemy flanks, A glint in the captain's eye as she charges for the bow. "Man the helm!" She reaches out to one of the crew and a slender male takes to the stand. Down the length and around the mast, the tiny vessel slides into conflict nigh point-blank. Ripping out a cleaver and holding it aloft off the side of the Black Raven. "FIRE!" The woman barks, as a ring of energy jumps from the side of this merchant boat. One after another, blue lines tear one of Razwell's goons to smithereens. A burning pile of wreckage pile drives the ground
  8. A sharp crackle as engines fire, chains pull one after another. "Hoist the sails!" The woman barks, manning the helm and twisting a still bent knob back into place. A yank of her head toward, @Lium "Get this lot moving, that bastard is getting away!" Rubble in the courtyard shutters and falls as the thing takes to flight, large crystals on starboard and port spring to life. Humming with a blue glow. Celeste was in something completely different from the last time those that saw her did. "Johanna, I need eyes." The sudden roster filling her screen, as she picks one out of the names abruptly. Al
  9. The bookcase gives and a steaming pile of bodies fall out like dominoes. A study of some sort and a sad sack of smells that were all offensive lay poured out upon its throne. A heavy shove casts one of the villagers off of the woman, before she peels herself off the floor. Eyes dart upwards and take a scan of the room, immediately on edge and ready for a fight. Empty. Save one pungent sack of potatoes strewn about and faintly the sound of buzzing. "What kind of room service pops out of a hole in the wall?" Perking up and rushing for one of the bay windows, placing her back against the wall and
  10. An overhand toss of the book she was holding onto, over her left shoulder, sees it clap against the wall and slowly slide down. "That's more like it." she opens the door and ushers the two posted as guards in, and the 30 or 40 some odd dudes in here were starting to make it cramped. "Move" Celeste quips with a shove of a heavier looking fellow away from the door, before she grabs an empty bookshelf and shoves it on its side with her heeled foot. It crashes down in front of the entryway. "That should hold them, let's get going. Keep them weapons ready!" Celeste barks to the rest of these clowns
  11. The girl immediately darts for the first available bookcase, "These rich bastards love their secret staircases, help me." As her arms fire up and start ripping down books one after another in clattering piles. A siren in the distance alludes to a renewing set of forces, and the ground shakes visibly. It as if some detonation below had made the entire chamber shutter. "The fuck was that?" The girl goads with a book in each hand. It would appear that they were tomes of history, records of some sort regarding most of what had transpired in Galtea in their factious retelling of the events of the f
  12. The gilded halls of the Landonian capital begin to ring out with the sounds of conflict, troops rounding the corner in an attempt to correct 'unlawful breaking and entering'. What they manage to see is a few of their number disappear out of view before they explode back violently into vision. Weapons bounce shortly after, clattering to the floor and collecting next to the bodies and the statue pieces. "This way!" Celeste barks as she slides and looks out at the courtyard and smirks toward the coming army. Her blade's handle released sees the thing hit the tile and start to grind off into the d
  13. The door explodes outward in a shower of splinters, and as she turns on her heel and begins to pull farmers and common folk out of the slab's massive pit. The trap door snaps shut above, the other players would continue to ascend the tower up to whatever treasure awaited them at the top. But she had her own problems now, the rhythmic beating of footsteps in the distance alluded to a return of forces. A quick glance to Lium and the rest of her newly bestowed entourage. "Guess we are in this for the long haul, we ain't going up unless we find some other way." Reaching down and claiming one of th
  14. Old House Here House Name: Black Raven Location: F26 ??? Description: An old airship that once used to be a merchant vessel, but has been repurposed by one that used it to storm the towers of Ladonia. Now it sports quite a few of the NPC's that lead that rebellion as members of the crew. Although some damage from that event still lingers on its hull, it is more than capable of striking fear into its opposition. Some creative work has been done to include a 'gate' that allows it to transition between floors as well as a pretty penny to restore the thing to function, but is still a bit
  15. The roar of footfalls bleeds into the chamber, watching as players one by one continue to drop into a pit. Her eyes trail upward, catching the lingering remnants of some sort of latter dangling and waving. Her eyes advance low, and find the bottom of that trap. "In." Celeste barks, grabbing the bit of cloth adorning a shoulder. With reluctance at first, one of townsfolk who were so determined in their mutiny. Reaching for smooth sides and sliding down before his feet plant solid. Pooling one after another, as Celeste jumps down. She glances up at this platform as it sways. The cogs spin i
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