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  1. Concentration CD [1/5] Watching on as Lun'Rael takes a heavy clamping jaw down on Griswold, Celeste kicks the butt of her weapon on the fuller. That massive cleaver whirls through the air and finds itself above her right shoulder. A sudden burst of energy sees it engulf in fire, casting a shade across her face. "Drop it." she goads with a dump of that heavy steel down, sheering off a section of awaiting plates and finding a spray of red light. The skin beneath smolders under the heat, white billowing steam rushes from the newly cauterized wound. It appeared as though it didn't quite have
  2. "That's pretty damn true. What exactly do you have to be angry about? You basically have this entire world under your thumb with that level." Celeste milled through a slightly transparent screen, pulling out a small bottle of red liquid and peeling off the cork. Gesturing the opening toward him with curiosity before knocking back the rather pungent smelling fluid, emptying out that round bottom potion bottle like a ravenous animal. Flickering embers dancing out of a waning flame. A sluggish and wobbled raise to tired legs, it was clear her faculties had yet to regain fully. Even still, sh
  3. A huge wave of sound comes screaming through the soil, and a harsh snap of the girl's head around as it does. "Would you shut the fuck up, goddamn I am going to go deaf!" The girl seemed irritated almost immediately, and slamming the toes of her right foot into a blade still held to the ground sees it carried over her right shoulder. "You, I am shutting this thing up." Looking to Freyd and his call to arms. "Try and keep up." A heavy wave of red colored flames engulf that cleaver, and with reckless abandon, she lunges with all of her might. The blade strikes heavy and hard, the ground concaves
  4. One heavy slam of her weapon knocks a foe airborne, and releasing the grip of her axe, she fires out an open hand. Latching onto its ankle, she drives it into the floor and steps on its throat. "You're not going anywhere!" The girl boasts with a snarl, blood-red locks pouring over her shoulder in a cascade. A harsh swipe out to her left finds the heavy cleaver into the chest of one rushing to counter, a spray of red data pours over her arm from the tear. "Not likely, but I rather like your moxie!" There was a smile plastered on the girls face, elated from the rush of combat. A sudden gust of w
  5. Through a sea of blue flames, as monsters a plenty attempt to make a fair swing on the blonde tank. A woman seems to appear as she punches through with a weapon held docked and ready above her right shoulder. That kindling seems to get stuck on an awaiting blade, glowing crimson with stamina charging it to the brink. "Watch it, Comin' through" Celeste shouts as she tears in a twirl that heavy blade. It shreds the opposition, clipping them at the waist and carving them in two. A wave of red light washes over them both, data in a flash. She basks in it as another soldier rushes to meet her, and
  6. A rip of that blade out of a now still skull, before she takes to a sprint rather quickly, leaving the flashing red spray to follow suit. A lunge and a twist airborne sees the thing drive a long red slash through the first of many, the battle had begun with her making the first move. A feral hiss as the crystal marked beasts aim for a rebuttal, all before a cyan blue line slinks in out of what seemed like nowhere. They freeze in an instant, before falling to pieces. Celeste grits her teeth, searching for the entity that had done it. "Those were mine, get your own!" Celeste barks to Setsuna, wh
  7. A toss of a heavy looking blade over her right shoulder, flickering stardust still escaping its edge from an enemy crushed completely flat under its wake. "Move it asshole." She barks toward Gaius who immediately turns back and glares at her. "Well this is fixing to be a shitshow, ain't it, dork." Celeste remarks toward the red clad swordsman, old habits died hard. They still didn't see eye to eye, and although she was a bit reluctant, how she treated him back then. Meh, fuck it. As one of these things rush in, the red head slams her skull against it, driving it beneath her. A heavy boot finds
  8. A sharp bark from the door as she casts an extended thumb toward the guild hall door. "Whose that?" the woman exhumed rather quickly toward Lium, soft claps of boots against the redwood floor. "Morning asshole." she eyeballs the fellow and shoving him as about as hard as he can handle. Tossing a heavy looking cleaver over her right shoulder. "You done yet? we got places to be. We got to beat your ass into shape somehow." Celeste remarks before eying the sobbing blue puddle of emotion in the corner. "Friend of yours?" she asked loosely because frankly she didn't really give a shit. She did
  9. Ignore until 4/30 (Just Yeeting these out, so that I can focus on other things) Current Level: 29 Current SP: 92 SP Tracking: Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: SHINING BATTLEAXE Item ID: NONE Item Tier: 3 Item Type: 2HBA Item Rarity: Demonic Item Enhancements: HOLY 1, BRN 1, DMG 2 Description: A drop from Halloween 19 event.
  10. "You didn't offend me, but I got to set shit straight." Celeste remarks toward the bluenette, she could clearly tell that the woman was remorseful. Celeste had all but dominated the conversation between them, and in a way she felt almost bad from the groveling. "Look, what's your name?" Celeste barked to Haine, trying to get her out of this weird funk. It was clear this girl wouldn't quite fight back, and this point it was like beating a dead horse. Pointless. "You weren't half bad in there, and you did pretty damn well. Frankly, you came out here on your own and was about to take care of them
  11. ID# 187477 results: Loot: 17x25=425 Col Quest Complete: Celeste: 5*SP (1 Thread Closure, 1 Event Bonus, 2 Quest Reward, 1 Yui's Grace) Lucas: 4*SP (1 Thread Closure, 1 Event Bonus, 2 Quest Reward) 1250*Col (400 Thread Closure, 425x2=850 Quest Reward)
  12. Eventually Sam joins her in the cave, as if on queue as her stamina recovered to full. Her axe righted in her grip she looks to Sam out in plain view. "Alright, I don't really care." Celeste wasn't much of a reader, and she'd follow along as Sam ran her down into the heavier ones. That suited her fine, especially as the pair mopped up the pack with relative ease. The amount of coin it had given the girl had more than made up for the items bestowed to Sam. "You're not half bad Sam." Celeste offers bluntly to the black haired female, taking another momentary respite to cull her dwindling energy
  13. Dragging her axe with her, still burning bright with a charged up sword art. "We can discuss this outside, where our ass hair isn't being burned off." Celeste moves first out of the inferno cavern, keeping distance from Haine if she should choose to follow suit. Notably Celeste notices her recoil and sheathe her weapon, which beckons the energy fueling the girls to fade. But her glare doesn't stop, and the intensity was threatening to punch a hole clean through Haine's head. "On the same quest? well your lucky that it didn't rob me of three days." Celeste snaps, unsure how the game would
  14. The familiar back where it belonged, Celeste starts to follow Sam's directions to where she was directed. through the cracks and crags through the wall, she finds a culprit to begin to work on. Sam would be left to her devices as she'd hear the killing happening just through the chamber. The high pitched whirs and explosions playing back in the distance that echo. The sprays of light making it more obvious as well. Her familiar was back to acting how it normally did, concealed and out of view. As Celeste mopped up the first group rather quickly, she takes a seat and begins to wait for the next
  15. Ushering toward the thing in its bubbling crimson with black trails. "Yes, I've never seen it act this way." Celeste remarks honestly, as it was jarring to her as well. "Look here shit head, drop it." She shrieks at the thing causing the sound it was emitting to quiet, and fizzle out. She steps into the pool and takes a glance toward Sam "Once I get this thing back where it belongs." As it begins to swell around her feet and climb back up her legs like syrup with small clawed looking hands becoming liquid. Celeste was far too distracted to be invested in whatever the hell it was that Sam had t
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