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  1. Profile Username: Arkelaus Real name: Spencer Kavanaugh Age: Nineteen Gender: Non-Binary Height: 5' 4" About: History/personality History Life tends to be easy for most, but for Spencer life hasn't been so kind for them. Born to a dying mother and a non-existent father, Spencer was cared for by their loving mother alone without a father figure to help support the two. Not much is known about Spencer before the age of 5 after the death of their mother which his aunt gain custody of the young Spencer. Aunty M, Marie Kavanaugh became a loving mother figure for Spencer, sh
  2. Hello All! I am Arkelaus, you may call me Ark or my middle name Spencer. I am a long time roleplayer and tabletop enthusiast playing since I was 10, now 35 I have started venturing into the discord world to find other players like me that have some similar interests. I just recently discovered this place and thought that it is time to actually be a player instead of DM'ing, don't get me wrong I love DM'ing and have done so for nearly 26 years. But I find its time to step out of the comfortable zone become a player. I am a child at heart and it tends to show alot when I am deep in roleplay
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