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  1. (Please disregard the horns, tail, and ears until such a time that Squishy acquires an item capable of making him have them) Profile: Username: Squi Hikari Real name: Squishy Kurai Age: 19 Gender: Male (Femboy, details below) Height: 5'2" Background: Squishy was born to a couple of goat farmers deep in rural Japan. His mother and father were of... an interesting sort. They had already had 3 boys before Squishy and his mother wanted nothing more than to have a little girl. Perhaps they would have kept trying for one after Squishy was born... but Squi would be the final
  2. **About me!** -Name: Kage/Hikari/Squishy -Age: 24 -RP Experience: 18 Years! I started on the Warriorcats forum at 6 years old. At one point in time I couldn't even comprehend the idea of roleplaying anything other than my OC, Blazepelt. From there I discovered the "Off-Topic" forum and a little roleplay titled "Soul Takers"! After spending years and years there I discovered Geeking and spent another few years there in a high school roleplay and another roleplay titled "Halcyon City". Since then I've fallen away from constructed RP and just been doing stuff on Discord and Twitter randoml
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