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[F1-SP] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 1: the Emerald Hatching>> Quest to find the chaos emeralds...I mean emeralds. [Completed]


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ID# 77810: LD - 17 (13+4) = 1 T1 mat found (3 total)

-Watchful Sentry +crimson fists

Beat: [380/420] +3 HP

Rest: 3/3 EP FULL!

The semi-luminescent cavern continued for what Beat guessed was at least two miles, the cave walls wide enough for what was probably an adult dragon. Eventually the already wide walls gave way to an even wider cavern. The cavern seemed more carefully carved out and, upon Beat’s intrusion, became lined with magical runes, clearly designed to warn something or someone of his presence. From the middle of the room a small cry came out.

“What was that? Surely that isn’t the dragon…”

In the middle of a room, a large nest rested in an indentation in the floor that had been carved out as if it was made for the nest. Beat slowly approached the treasure lined nest, noticing that the arrangement of gem and coins had no value or item tages assigned with one exception. He snatched a small ruby from the stash and stashed it with the rest of his materials as came closer to the edge of the nest.

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ID# 77879: BD- 1 MD- 4 LD: 17 = no EVA 

Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling [125/125]: Miss

Beat: [380/420] [40/42]: Miss  -2 EP

Stealthily moving to the edge of the nest, Beat peered over to find exactly what he was looking for. A dragonling the size of a large cat with glistening emerald green scales that looked like they could easily be made of the gemstone itself. He sat in awe of the beautiful for several minutes as it roused itself from its sleep, its orb-like eyes batting as it shook off the grogginess from its slumber. Without thinking, Beat blurted out the words crossing his mind.

“For something that has supposedly killed some players, you have got to be the cutest monster ever.”

Startled by Beat’s exclamation, the young dragon reflexively belched a cone of flame that Beat narrowly dodged. The heat from it was surprising considering how little of it there was.

“Okay! I can see how some lower levels would have been melted by that! I guess for being so cute and adorable, cuddly would not be a good word to describe you!”

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ID# 77880- BD: 9 (6+3) MD: 3 (6-3) LD: 18 = no EVA

Acupuncture - 3x3 - Dmg: 10 x 9 = 90 - 25 = 65

Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling [60/125]: 50 Dmg to Beat

Beat: [330/420] [31/42] -10 EP  | +1 EP 

Beat stood back up and leaped back, not wanting another face full of fire, and waited for the dragonling to leave its nest, not really wanting to fight in a confined space like that.

“Come on out! No way am I fighting you on your home turf!”

The light, steady flapping of wings could be heard as the mythical emerald beast rose into the air and emerged from the protection of its nest. With a small roar that nearly made Beat coo, the little dragon charged forward with malice in its adorable eyes. Beat managed to resist the adorable creature long enough intercept its naive charge that had left it full of openings. His shimmering hands flew forth for struck the young dragon repeatedly, stopping it dead in its tracks  and causing it to fall to the ground as it lost more than half of its health bar. The creature let out a pathetic cry that managed to pull at Beat’s heart strings long enough to get him to hesitate.

“You are not making this easy you know!?”

The dragonling suddenly turned its head upward and showered Beat with a spray of flames that did not hurt, but the heat from them certainly registered well enough on top of taking a reasonable chunk out of his health bar. Beat glared at the now confirmed deadly menace.

“You just made your own grave!”

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ID# 77881: 6 (2+4 (+3 from items +1 from concentration)) MD: 4 (7-3)   LD: 1 = no extra effect

Acupuncture - 3x3 - Dmg: 10 x 9 = 90 - 25 = 65

Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling [0/125]: Dead

Beat: [330/420] [22/42] -10 EP  | +1 EP 

With the dragon’s innocence revealed to be malice, Beat had no issues deciding to the end the fight. He channeled his focus and initiated the sword art as he leaned down to deliver the final blows. The dragon cried out in virtual pain as each of his strikes struck with brutal force, draining its health bar until it was finally no more. With one last cry, the dragonling burst into a shower of red pixels as the martial artist straightened up and wiped his brow.

“That’s what you get for trying to roast me alive. Now then, time to get that gemstone.”

Beat walked back to the nest where the dragonling had laid, assuming that his prize would be there. Sure enough, right where the creature had been sleeping, there was now a shimmering green gemstone. Beat hopped down into the large nest and retrieve the jewel, checked the tag and stashed it away as the quest completion window confirmed that his quest was now complete.

“Alright, now for the next one!”





2 SP (1 for length, 1 for quest completion)

11,500 col (10,600 from mobs, 400 for length, 500 for quest reward)

15 T1 Mats (12 from mobs, 3 found)

<Rhaegal’s Emerald> [Vanity Quest Item] : 1 of 9, collect all 9 and meet whom that waits before you, only then will you get the grand prize.

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