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[F10-PP] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Judgment Day>>


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Search for Mats: ID# 92706: LD: 20+ 4 = 24 = 1 T3 Mat found ( 1 Total)

"Well, it never hurts to take a look. Honestly, Absolute Accuracy is a little too good to pass up for anything less than another unique or perhaps a demonic item." Beat said, scrolling through his inventory with a somewhat disinterested expression, knowing full well that he would not find any surprises there. He tossed his menus to the side where they faded away as he kept his eyes peeled for additional threats. There were no monsters or wraiths to be found, however he did spot a small shard of emerald sticking out of the ground. He stooped down to pick it up, admiring the clarity and sparkle, wondering where it had come from.

Surely this didn't come from the castle...this gem is too clear to be a naturally occurring gemstone. I suppose a material is a material...

"Okay! So, we dungeon hunting or do we want another chest?" Beat said to Shield, rubbing his hands together in excitement at the prospect of third Tier loot. 

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 ID# 92707 results: Loot: 16+7=23 - Chest Found!

"We have a number of dungeon maps if we need them," Shield commented, making a slow, deliberate sweep of the area. "Chests are a nice, quick return on investment. It's also the only thing keeping my shop open right now," he said with a sigh. "The item systems had a massive overhaul, and although it did not directly affect most crafters in significant ways, it turned merchant shops on their ear. Finding valid loot is now a challenge."

He paused. Even though he was standing in the middle of the path, his earring had lit up like a Christmas tree. He backed up a step, nearer to where Beat had extricated the shard of emerald.

"Gem stone..." he bent down and examined the spot. There in the bottom of the divot was a little hole. He stuck his finger down into it and heard a slight click. Just to his left, the ground split open, and a chest trimmed with iron detailing rose from the ground. It bore the horns and narrow eyes of a dragon, clearly themed after the quest. "Pay dirt!"

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Searching for Mats: ID# 92708: LD: 10 + 1 + 3 = 14 = no mats. (1 Total)

"Nice find!" Beat shouted as he stared at the chest intently, wondering what could be inside. He had been pleasantly surprised by their find on the lower floors, but it had been first tier loot, so little of it was of much use to them. This time, the potential for valuable third tier loot was in front of them and it was possibly a solution to the dilemma they had been talking about moments ago. 

"Well, take your time, hopefully that chest was listening when I mentioned I need a weapon." Beat said, staring at the chest as if to intimidate the decorative box into giving him what he desired.  It wasn't like the odds of finding something worth giving up his current weapon were impossible, but they were definitely improbable. Ideally, if he did find a weapon, it would also possess the same unique enhancement, making the choice to switch much easier.  

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Consumed: Golden Key

ID# 92709 LD:1+7=8 CD:9 1,575 Col, 3 T3 Materials, 2 T3 Rare Consumables

Shield held out a golden key in front of the lock, the small consumable item disappearing with a puff of gold dust and a tinkling sound of metal. The latch popped open, and the lid opened a few inches. As it did so, a dialog box appeared in front of Shield's eyes. His eyes were wide at first, but as he read on, his lids slowly began to lower. Eventually, he tapped the 'ok' button and closed the lid.

"Well, I think the chest misheard you," he sighed, motioning for Beat to follow as he started off towards the main settlement behind them. "Come on. Let's get out of here. I'm sure we can find better loot... well, literally anywhere else. I need to get some rest after all this."

He crossed back across the bridge, making his way to the teleportation plaza of Tomoika, shouting up to the structure above him.

"Teleport, Taft!"


- Quest Rewards -

- Both -

6 SP
25,912 Col
4 T3 Mats
1 T3 Uncommon Consumable
The Blade of the Fallen Dagron - T2 Weapon of Choice [Fallen I, Accuracy II]

- Beat -

1 T3 Mat
1 Rare T3 Material

- Shield -

1 Rare T3 Heavy Armor
1 Col


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