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[PP-F19] Keep Calm and Ki'Raion (Daytime)


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Beat pulled open the patch notes and began looking through it. It was true that they had yet to be able to say they had conquered all of the new content, but he couldn't help feeling like the challenege would not be sufficient. "I guess we'll have to wait an see. you and I both know what it's like to be a league above the rest. What some players call challenging, we normally call casual." 

With their intimate knowledge of the way each other played in Crossreign, Beat and Shield had quickly become a nearly unstoppable force in Aincrad when it came to clearing content. Sure, there were people who were stronger, but it was rare to see a duo that could compete with them, "You know, pvp competitions should be a thing, especially if they do teams. We woul-" Beat stopped short as he spied the shrine Shield was looking at, "Well now, that looks promising. Maybe this trip will have been worth it after all."

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Using Golden Key

Opening Chest:

Applying multi-purpose bonus post-facto:

ID# 98210 LD:15+9=24 CD:8 6,750 Col, 12 T3 Materials, 2 T3 Perfect Consumables, 1 T3 Perfect Weapon, 1 T3 Perfect Armor/Shield

Shield brought out another one of his keys, holding it up to the lock. It vanished in a puff of gold powder, with a shimmer and a clink of bright metallic sound, and with that, the stone lid of the chest slid back just far enough to expose a dark crack of the inside. A window appeared with the readout of the chests's contents. Shield gave a nod, leaning to the side to allow Beat to look for himself.

It was a respectable haul, with a good assortment of both offensive and defensive items, all of which would need looking over once back at his shop. Shield closed the window and rose back to his feet, giving Beat a firm cuff on the shoulder. He felt better. One armor wasn't much, but it was something.

"Let's get out of here," he said lightly. "We've got a lot of things to sort through once we're back."


[Quest Rewards]

- Shield -

3 SP
10,680 Col
18 T3 Materials
Rare T3 Weapons

[98103] [98105]
Rare T3 Consumables
[98104a] [98104b]
Perfect T3 Consumables
[98210a] [98210b]
Perfect T3 Weapons
Perfect T3 Armor

- Beat -

10,680 Col
18 T3 Materials
Ki'Raion's Tail

[Perfect T3 Two Handed Assault Spear] - Acc II, Par


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