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[F1 PP] <<Making Vows>> [Beat x Shield]


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Rolling Chest:

ID# 98439 results: Loot: 19+11=30 - Chest Found!

Shield nodded. He was not upset about Beat's involvement in the whole thing. Really, it was just the buildup and dragging out the process of what he knew was going to be another humiliation waiting to happen. As they wandered deeper into the mines, he kept his eyes on the walls, knowing that there were a few telltale giveaways of more valuable signals of potential caches of loot. 

Ahead of them, Shield noticed a familiar flickering blue light. the ghost of a smirk formed at the corner of his lips. He quickened his pace, closing the distance to the torch bracket that was burning on the wall with the eerie blue light that was typical of this little Easter Egg. The rest of the floor was lit by bioluminescence and glowing crystals. Outside of an actual dungeon, this stood out like a sore thumb. He pulled on the bracket and the wall below it slid to the side, exposing a hidden compartment with a chest.

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ID# 98441- LD: 11 + 5 = 16 = 1 T3 mat found (3 Total) 

"They barely tried to hide this one. More loot for us I guess." He said, folding his arms and keeping an eye out. It was unlikely that they had anything to worry about, but Shield had managed to keep Beat on his toes in these situations and he had a hard time arguing with the idea that keeping an eye out to save one's life was worth the effort. 

Despite his vigil, he proceeded to look around, hoping to find another usable fungus among the luminescent decor of the twenty-first floor. Sure enough, as he walked along the cave wall, his ring warmed once again and a bright green mushroom flagged with a material tag on it. He snatched up the attractive fungus and stashed it away with a chuckle, "Dunno if I would eat this...but I suppose it worth a try since it can't really be poisonous can it?"

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Using Golden Key

Opening Chest

ID# 98440 LD:15+7=22 CD:7 5,400 Col, 10 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Perfect Consumable, 2 T3 Perfect Weapon

Shield pulled out yet another of his golden keys. His stores were beginning to run low though, and he would likely need to borrow more from his stock. As he held it out, it expended itself, bursting with a shower of glittering gold powder and the sound of metal jingling against metal. The lid popped open, and the display read out the contents. He clicked his tongue as he reviewed it.

"Not that I'm complaining about more loot," he grumbled a loud. "But you really don't need more weapons right now." He sighed, dismissing the window and closed the chest. He straightened up and went to crack his neck. "I think that's at least a better way to end the day. I should get back. I'll go ahead and send funds to the priest once I'm home. Someone's gotta pay for this monstrosity after all."

He raised his hand in parting and made for the floor exit, already busy reworking his stat blocks for what was to come after his ring bonus would be applied.


[Quest Rewards]

- Shield -

2 SP
225 Col
7 T3 Materials
1 Perfect T3 Consumable

2 Perfect T3 Weapons
[98440b] [98440c]

- Beat -

4 SP - Applying Mega Slime Farm
225 Col
6 T3 Materials


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