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[SP/F6] Fighting Me?? <<The Gemini>>


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Floor 6
<<The Gemini>>
Recommended Level: Any
Non-Repeatable | Solo


  • 3 Additional SP
  • 600 Col
  • Extra Skill: <<Concentration>> if The Gemini is spared.
  • Extra Skill: <<Disguise>> if The Gemini is killed.

Active: Free action
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Effect: Gain +1 ACC until the start of your next turn (must delcare use in roll purpose).
Description: After having fought yourself, and spared the summoned incarnation, you have learnt to focus in times of need, improving accuracy for a brief moment.
Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>>

Active: Free action
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Effect: Gain +1 EVA until the start of your next turn
Description: After having fought and killed your duplicate, you have learnt how to use its trick of becoming another, visually becoming another target.
Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>>


  • Defeat <<The Gemini>>



"You look pretty strong." A hooded figure approaches you and offers a simple challenge.

"I'm looking to test my skills. If you beat me, I'll teach you a hidden skill. What do you say?"

You travel to a suitable location outside of the city's safe zone in silence. When the hooded figure turns to face you, they reveal themselves. They have copied your appearance--everything from your facial features to equipment is completely identical. This challenge suddenly became a lot more sinister...

Players must meet <<The Gemini>> and accept their challenge. <<The Gemini>>'s stats are determined at the start of combat.

<<The Gemini>>'s Stats:

  • HP: (Player's Level) x 10 -- 500
  • DMG: (Player's Level) x 5 -- 250
  • MIT: (Player's Level) x 1.75 (Rounded down) -- 87
  • ACC: (Player's ACC) -- 1
  • EVA: (Player's EVA) -- -1
  • Critical Hits: DMG + (Player's Level) on a natural MD 9, DMG + (Player's Level x 2) on a natural MD 10. -- MD 9: 300 / MD 10: 350
  • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack.
  • For each consumable/temporary buff a player has when facing <<The Gemini>>, it will gain additional effects. For example, if a player has 3 temporary buffs, <<The Gemini>> will have Paralyze, Bleed, and bonus DMG.
    • 1: Gain Paralyze: Removes player action for one turn on natural MD rolls of 9-10.
    • 2: Gain Bleed: Deals (12 * Player's Tier) unmitigatable damage every turn for two rounds on natural MD rolls of 9-10.
    • 3: Increases DMG by (Player's Level)
    • 4: Increases MIT by (Player's Level)
    • 5+: Increases HP by (Player's Level x 5) for each additional temporary buff on the player.

Once combat begins, there is no running away from the battle. <<The Gemini>> will attack first, before the player, meaning the Charge skill cannot be used against it. <<The Gemini>> does not have any items, skills, or equipment besides the appearance of the gear the player is wearing when combat begins.

Players can choose to end the fight in one of two ways, which alters the skill they receive from completing the quest:

  • On the killing blow, <<The Gemini>> is destroyed. Player gains the <<Disguise>> skill.
  • On the killing blow, <<The Gemini>> is instead reduced to one health and is spared. Player gains the <<Concentration>> skill.

If <<The Gemini>> would deal the killing blow to a player, they are instead reduced to one health. <<The Gemini>> will end the combat and the player will have failed the quest (no quest rewards are earned). If they wish to try <<The Gemini>>'s challenge again, they must attempt the quest again in a new thread.









Lvl: 50

  • HP:  1,000 (SW) + (15*Tier) 45 = 1,045
  • EN:  100
  • DMG: (1 base + 5 wpn skill + 6 Wpn DMG) = 12 DMG
  • MIT:  81 (Armor MIT) + 35 (Heavy Armor skill) + 10 MIT (Stonewall)  + 25 (Block skill)  = 151 MIT
  • ACC: 1
  • EVA: -1 (SW)
  • BH: 21
  • THN: 27 (45 TOTAL)
  • FROST THNS: 18 - Crit: additional (2 per slot * Tier) (6) unmitigated Frost damage each enemy turn for 2 turns.
  • Stonewall: - 25% DoT
  • BLD: 8-10 = (12 * Tier) (36) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns



Shield of the Whorleater (T3 Shield - Frost Thorns / MIT / Taunt)

 Heavy Plate Armor (T3 Heavy Armor - MIT II / Thorns)

Foe Render (ACC / Bleed II)



+ Luck Stone (+3 LD)

 Amulet of Unrestrained Hate (Paralyze Immunity / Taunt)

+  (5) Teleportation Crystal

 (3) Life Potions (+120 HP)

(5) Superior Crystal of Potent Dragon-blood (+120 HP)

 (3) Superior Crystal of Powerful Dragon-blood (+180 HP)



Utility skills:

Combat skills:
(Lvl 6) Block: Rank: 5 (Grandmaster) - 25 MIT

(Lvl 12) Fighting Spirit (+ 1 Hate)

(Lvl 20) Battle Healing: Rank 2 (Journeyman) - (Heal 1% per rank of max HP each round)

(Lvl 30) Howl: Adds +2 Hate each against up to 4 targets. - 8 Energy

Weapon skills:
(Lvl 1) Battle Axe (1 Hand): Rank 5 (Grand Master)

Armor Skills:

(Lvl 1) Heavy Armor: Rank 5 (Grand Master) -  35 MIT

[Rank 5 Heavy Armor Mod] Stonewall

  • Cost: 15 SP
  • Effect: Gain 10 MIT and (15 * Tier) HP when wearing heavy armor. Reduces damage taken from damage over time effects (Bleed, Burn, etc.) by 25% (rounded down) when wearing heavy armor. -1 to Evasion.
  • Description: It's as if your armor has melded to your skin, adding a thickened layer and increasing endurance.

Extra skills:

Familiar Mastery: Rank 3 - Healing - (Rank*15*Tier HP) - 5 rounds cool down (135 HP)

Survival: Effect: Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier) per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.

Meditation (No SP invested yet)
Cost: 8 SP
Active: Post action
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Effect: Recover an additional (5 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (3 * Tier).
Description: The waterfall has enhanced your mind, allowing you to slip into a meditative state for a brief moment, regaining strength.
Unlocked after completing the quest <<Calming the Soul>>.




-1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat


Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.


Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot. This can exceed normal Cook enhancement caps. Ex: A perfect T2 MIT food gives 35 MIT instead of 30

Squeaky Clean: 

The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down)

Item Stash:

+1 Battle Ready Item Inventory slot


Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast. A Lesser Feast contains 4 portions of the food items sacrificed. Lesser Feasts created this way cannot be used outside of the thread they are created. Limit 1 item created per thread.

Col Stash: 

+5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests

Advanced Training: 

+2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month.


+2 EXP per crafting attempt


Aincrad Trading Post:

Col Deposit:
+5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.



Alec awoke and stretched. Was it morning already? He thought to himself as he cracked a bleary eyeball and looked around his surroundings. He was laying in his oversized bed in his bedroom of his cabin on the Forth Floor, exactly where the large man had gone to sleep. It was odd he thought to himself that even stuck in this video game he still had to sleep. After all what was his body doing in what he could only assume was the local hospital back home but sleeping. It seemed to him that he should be constantly rested and refreshed but that wasn’t the case at all. Maybe it was all the mental stresses placed upon himself here that caused his mind to be tired and as such make his body here tired. With a shrug for things he couldn’t understand and probably never would the large man sat up and placed his bare feet upon the cool stone floor of his bedroom.


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As Alec sat at the edge of his bed he ran his heavily calloused hands over his bald head and through his thick graying beard. With a flex of his tree trunk like legs the heavily muscled man rose into a standing position and stretched his thick heavily muscled arms out wide stretching his sternum and proceeding into his morning regime of stretching his aging body and readying himself for another day spent questing and leveling here in the digital prison he found himself trapped within. Having completed his morning stretches the large man padded softly from his bedroom into the living room where he looked about. His familiar Humphrey was once more sprawled out before the dying embers of last nights fire where he always was every morning since Alec had bought his cabin here. The American Black Bear cub was stretched out enjoying the warmth of the dying embers and with a smile Alec continued on into the adjoining kitchen where he poured himself a large mug of steaming black coffee.

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As Alec softly padded over to the couch the large man sat down and stretched his feet out before him gently kneading the bear cubs skin with his bare toes as he contentedly sipped at the mug of hot black liquid. Humphrey let out a pleased grumble of ascent and rolled over allowing Alec to massage the bear cubs rib cage as he continued to enjoy his morning beverage. What to do today? The large man thought to himself as he continued to sip the flavorful mug of steaming black liquid. The heavily muscled man sat and pondered his options for the day. There was a quest he had been putting of and seeing as how he just attained Tier 3 and had finally geared himself accordingly the large considered this the best time as any to try and knock it out. What do you say Humphrey? Alec asked in his deep baritone rumble. Feel like heading to the Sixth Floor and see if we can trigger that Gemini guy I’ve been hearing about? I heard he offers to teach you a free skill if you can beat him in a fight.

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Humphrey let out a satisfied grumble as the large man kept kneading the bear cub with his toes. Yeah I know. Alec replied with a deep low chuckle. You could stay here all day and do this but how am I ever going to get strong enough to join the Front Lines if all we do is lounge around the house and have me pet you all day. Alec replied with a deep laugh. I agree this is nice and relaxing but if I’m ever going to take my place on the Front Lines I need to get out there and quest so I can gain levels and get stronger. If all we do is this the first Boss Raid I try and join I’m going to get killed. Then who’s going to rub your tummy and keep you company? The large man asked as he looked down to his friend and companion laid out before him. The bear cub let out an unhappy growl and rolled onto its feet looking at the larger man.

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Yeah I suppose someone like Bahr or Kirbs would pet you a lot. Alec replied with a chuckle but they both have Familiars and I doubt they’d trade them in for you. Not that you’re not an awesome friend and companion but Bahr has Swine Bajesus and Kirbs has that weird little furry thing she’s always fighting with. Alec answered the bear’s grumble with a chuckle. So I think you’re stuck with me pal and my desire to quest and level and help beat this game. Alec continued as he finished up his mug of coffee and stood up receiving another grumpy growl from the young bear. Yeah yeah I know. Alec returned with a smile come on pal lets start our day and see what we can find on the Sixth Floor Besides who knows what we’ll find out there in that big old wide open digital world we call home. Alec finished with a smile.

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As Alec dropped his now empty coffee mug off into the sink before making his way back into the living room where he opened up his inventory with a quick swipe of his finger and began looking through the items he had amassed thus far in his adventures here in Aincrad. Alec perused the mass of items contained within. He had tried to do a good job of keeping his inventory clean but he was noticing a build up and would need to purge it in some way soon. As Alec scrolled through the items he stopped and quickly equipped his new shield the Shield of the Whorleater which looked like a giant scale from a monstrous beast with sharp frost tinged edges. Alec inspected the shield with a determined smile of satisfaction. This was his new equipments first outing and hed see how all his new gear performed. As he finished his inspection of the shield he went back to his inventory and continued his choices.

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Alec continued scrolling through his items and stopped as he reached his new set of Tier 3 Heavy Armor. The armor was larger and more cumbersome than he was used to hopefully it wouldn’t hamper his movements too much he thought to himself as he equipped the set of heavy full plate armor. The shoulders had huge spikes on the shoulders and covered his entire body unlike his old shoulder pads. Alec noticed a distinct clanking when he moved that hadn’t been there before with his old Vanquisher Shoulder Armor but the new armor was of his current Tier and offered way more protection than he had previously so Alec took the time to move his arms and legs around getting the feeling for the new set of plate mail and it’s movements and possible restrictions. With a satisfied nod the heavily muscled man continued his scrolling through his inventory.

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Alec continued his scrolling till he came to his new Tier 3 One Handed Battle Axe Foe Render. The axe was reminiscent of one of his older axes in that it was designed to add to the wielders accuracy while at the same time creating viscous jagged wounds that would bleed after the initial wound was created. Alec took several practice swings with the new axe getting the feel for the weapon, with a satisfied nod the heavily muscled Tank hung the axe from a loop at his side and continued to scroll through his inventory choosing items for his Battle Ready Items. As Alec scrolled through the listed items he thought back to previous quests and issues he’d had in the past. The first item he assigned was his Luck Stone in case he found himself needing to search for anything since he wasn’t sure exactly what this quest entailed other than fighting someone called The Gemini. Next Alec nearly scrolled past before stopping and quickly assigning his Amulet of Unrestrained Hate as he hated when he kept getting Paralyzed so if this Gemini ended up having a Paralyze Alec would be ready.

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Alec continued his scrolling eventually stopping and tapping the stack of Teleportation Crystals he had. He might only need one but he could hold five in one slot so why not a little overkill the large man thought as he continued to scan his items. He had had some tough fights before and had been woefully low on healing relying only on his low leveled Battle Healing and Humphrey and a few times that had gotten the large man into trouble so Alec stopped when he got to the healing potions and crystals he had recently bought. Alec assigned the three Healing Potions he had bought then once more decided to ere on the side of caution and quickly assigned a stack of healing crystals as his finger hovered he poked once more assigning three more stronger healing crystals to the next slot. That left only one assigned slot thanks to his Storage Closet and new backpack he had recently bought at a Merchant and finally deciding he had enough healing to save a small army nodded to himself and closed his inventory satisfied with his choices.

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With his items assigned and his decisions made the large man looked down to his Familiar Humphrey and smiled at the young bear cub laying on the floor. So pal feel like joining me in my search for this Gemini character on the Sixth Floor. You’re always a big help and I would love the company. Alec said in his deep baritone rumble as he gazed fondly at his friend and companion. The bear cub let out a growl of ascent as he rolled over performing a somersault and plodded over to the larger man to stand by his side. Glad to hear it. Alec exclaimed happily as he reached down to ruffle the thick black fur on the bear cubs head and behind his ears before turning to the door of their cabin and pulling it open allowing a blast of frigid air from the snow covered floor to blow fine flakes of snow into the living room as the pair exited the cabin and began their long walk from the far remote corner of the floor to the main settlement of Snowfrost.

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The walk was long but Alec had become accustomed to it and knew the route like he knew the back of his hand travelling mostly on instinct and past memory as he let his mind wander and his feet take him through the thick drifts of snow. Humphrey bounded along showing his young age as he always did when the pair walked the snow covered floor. The bear cub diving into deep drifts of snow to emerge with loud playful growls as if attacking unseen foes from his hidden vantage points. Alec chuckled as his mind wandered. The playfulness of the bear cub never failed to brighten his mood no matter where his thoughts took him and today his thoughts drifted back to the Sixth Floor and the last big quests he had done there. Calming the Soul Alec thought with a shudder. That had been a rough one. Alec had had to fight his own inner demons and all the negative thoughts and emotions he kept bottled up within himself.

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The large man shuddered as the thoughts of that quest came unbidden back into his mind. He had watched as everyone he loved and cared about had been killed because he had been too weak to save them. The large mans thoughts grew dark at the horrific images that came flooding back into his mind. Alec stopped dead in his tracks and forcefully shook his head to clear the unwanted memories and images from his brain. Damn this place he thought with a viscous growl. Damn this place and it’s creators to hell. Whatever that so called geniuses name was who built this place Alec growled again as he set back off for the town of Snowfrost. He had to rid himself of these dark thoughts if he was keep a calm mind and clear head for this quest. He had proven to himself that he fought much better when focused than when he let his inner rage take over and drive him by pure animal instinct and rage.

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Alec continued his walk through the snow covered Forth Floor till he arrived at the rustic town of Snowfrost with it’s simple buildings made of wood and stone reminding him of some villages he’d seen pictures of from old Europe during medieval times. There were few shops here mostly non player character run and fewer still inns and taverns. All in all this was a very quite place that made Alec think of simpler times. Times before cell phones and televisions. How nice that must have been Alec thought, though that did mean no football on Sundays and that was something he greatly missed since being trapped here in this digital prison. As Alec walked he looked to the computer generated persons around him giving them little mind as he made his way to the center of town and the Teleport Pad located there. As he approached he quickly and quietly ascended the few steps to reach its center as he stopped and called out in a deep loud voice. KRYCIM with that there was a bright flash and when his sight returned Alec found himself standing on an identical pad in a totally different town.

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The main settlement of the Sixth Floor was known as Krycim Alec though to himself as he looked around. It was located directly in the center of the floor and was surrounded by the countless trees and plant life that the jungle landscape had to offer. The settlement was protected by a thick jungle canopy, although the area itself was rather open and airy. The wooden, vine-riddled buildings were constructed both on stilts and atop the massive roots of the gigantic trees. As Alec stepped down from the Teleport Pad and began to walk the town he spotted the aged and decayed stone columns which described a war between the Amazonian inhabitants and some sort of massive snake-like monsters. As Alec began to walk the town he glanced to his Familiar Humphrey. Well pal here we are. I wonder where we need to go to start this quest. Alec said as he looked to his friend to see if the bear cub had any useful suggestions or guidance to offer.

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As the pair walked the jungle village in search of any sign of the quests beginning Alec was started as a person in a cloak with a deep cowl stepped from the shadows of one of the stilted buildings and spoke in a low raspy voice. "You look pretty strong." The hooded figure spoke as it approached and offered its simple challenge. "I'm looking to test my skills. If you beat me, I'll teach you a hidden skill. What do you say?" Alec stopped dead in his tracks as he turned to look at the hooded figure. Could this possibly be the Gemini character hed heard about? He thought to himself as he took measure of the hidden person. The individual had no cursor over its head so it wasnt a Player that was for sure. Alec contemplated his situation before nodding his ascent to the hooded individual. Lead the way. Alec replied as he set off behind the unknown person.

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Alec followed as the unknown individual led him through the village and into the jungle beyond. Neither person spoke a word to each other until they had arrived a suitable distance outside the city's safe zone in silence. When the hooded figure stopped it suddenly turned to face the large man and revealed himself throwing back the deep cowl covering its face and throwing the thick cloak to the side revealing its identity. The hooded individual threw back their deep hanging cowl to reveal that they had copied Alecs appearance. Everything was a mirror image of the large heavily muscled man, from his stern facial features and perpetual scowl to his bald head and thick graying beard all the way down to his brand new equipment was completely identical to the heavily muscled Tank. It seemed to the bewildered man that this challenge had suddenly became a lot more sinister...

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As the hooded figure threw its deep cowled cloak free of its body to reveal an identical copy of Alec the large man, person, individual charged forward in a flash of motion swing its viciously jagged battle axe in an amazingly fast swing Alec barely had time to raise his shield as the wicked looking axe aimed straight for the heavily muscled mans midsection. Alec raised his shield in defense but the other person was much quicker and Alec only managed to divert the axe head slightly as it slammed into his arm and bit trough the thick armor plates of Alec’s armor leaving a deep cut in his arm as the icy ragged edges of his shield and the spikes of his armor bit into the mirror image of himself inflicting damage back at his attacker. Alec took a deep breath and activated Ukon Kirves swinging his battle axe in a wide arc that blurred the weapon as it slammed into his mirror images side hitting repeatedly leaving a deep ragged wound in it’s side that leaked red pixels.


Alec uses Ukin Kirves on Gemini (10 - 1 = 9 EN)



Roll: 145098

BD: 8+1+1=10 (Hit) 6*11=66-87=1 DMG -- BLD 36 1/2

MD: 7+1+1+1=10 (Hit) 250-151=99 DMG -- THNS 45 DMG



Alec: HP: 1045-99=946/1045 | EN:  100-9=91/100 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 151 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 (SW) | BH: 21 | THN: 27 (45 TOTAL) | FROST THNS: 18 - Crit: additional (2 per slot * Tier) (6) unmitigated Frost damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. | Stonewall: - 25% DoT | BLD: 8-10 = (12 * Tier) (36) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns

Humphrey: Ready -- 135 HP

<<The Gemini>> HP: 500-1-36-45=418/500 | DMG: 250 | MIT: 87 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 | Critical Hits: MD 9: 300 / MD 10: 350 

  • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack. -- USED
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After Alec’s last Sword Art empowered strike and it’s pitiful results against the Gemini’s Mitigation Alec quickly realized he was going to have fight differently from his usual tactics so the large man shifted to a more defensive stance as the Gemini charged in once more. The carbon copy of Alec strode forward and swing it’s jagged battle axe in an over head swing aimed for Alec’s head. The heavily muscled Tank brought his shield up and managed to deflect the swing into his shoulder where it dug deeply through his armor and tore at his shoulder muscle leaving a deep cut in its wake as his enlarged shoulder spikes dug into the Gemini as his frost edged shield tore at the fake Alec’s hands as well. Alec switched his grip on his battle axe and swung it in a regular swing. The Gemini raised it’s own version of Shield of the Whorleater blocking the swing away but thankfully causing no damage in return. So even though it looked like Alec it lacked the same abilities as the Tank he thought as he took this new bit of information to account as he readied himself to continue fighting.


Alec uses basic attack on Gemini (2 - 1 = 1 EN)




Roll: 145099

BD: 3+1+1=5 (Miss) -- BLD 36 2/2

MD: 6+1+1=8 (Hit) 250-151=99 DMG -- THNS 45 DMG



Alec: HP: 946+21=967-99=868/1045 | EN:  91+1=92-1=91/100 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 151 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 (SW) | BH: 21 | THN: 27 (45 TOTAL) | FROST THNS: 18 - Crit: additional (2 per slot * Tier) (6) unmitigated Frost damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. | Stonewall: - 25% DoT | BLD: 8-10 = (12 * Tier) (36) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns

Humphrey: Ready -- 135 HP

<<The Gemini>> HP: 418-36-45=337/500 | DMG: 250 | MIT: 87 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 | Critical Hits: MD 9: 300 / MD 10: 350 

  • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack. -- USED


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Alec shifted his stance as he waited for the fake him to charge again. The Gemini hit fairly hard but it wasn’t anything the heavily muscled Tank couldn’t take between his mitigation and Battle Healing he was holding his own and dishing back more than he took seeing as how he had already dropped his opponent to nearly half it’s health, whatever it was. The Gemini charged in again its mirror image of Foe Render swinging in another downward slice which Alec raised his shield to block. Again he only managed to divert the strike but it was enough to lessen the blow as it once more dug into his shoulder after sliding off his shield. And again his shield and armor bit back at the pretender wearing Alec’s face and mock equipment. The heavily muscled Tank drew the real Foe Render back and swung out in a diagonal upwards cut that slammed into the chest of the pretender and tore a viscous gash in it’s chest that released red pixels as if they were held inside his opponents digital body under pressure.


Alec uses basic attack on Gemini (1 EN)




Roll: 145116

BD: 9+1+1=11 (Crit +1) 6+1=7*11=77-87=1 DMG -- BLD: 36 DMG 1/2

MD: 6+1+1=8 (Hit) 250-151=99 DMG -- THNS 45 DMG



Alec: HP: 868+21=889-99=790/1045 | EN:  91+1=92-1=91/100 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 151 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 (SW) | BH: 21 | THN: 27 (45 TOTAL) | FROST THNS: 18 - Crit: additional (2 per slot * Tier) (6) unmitigated Frost damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. | Stonewall: - 25% DoT | BLD: 8-10 = (12 * Tier) (36) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns

Humphrey: Ready -- 135 HP

<<The Gemini>> HP: 337-1-36-45=255/500 | DMG: 250 | MIT: 87 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 | Critical Hits: MD 9: 300 / MD 10: 350 

  • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack. -- USED
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Alec shifted his stance and prepared for the copy of himself to attack once more as he raised his shield up in front of himself for defense. The Gemini stepped left drawing Alec in to defend before spinning in a backwards spin bringing his fake version of Foe Render around in a his spin slamming the axe head into Alec’s back and splitting the plate armor driving the axe head deep into the large mans heavily muscled back. Alec let out a grunt of pain as the axe tore free and a large amount of red pixels spilled from the open wound. Alec brought his own Foe Render up and slammed the jagged axe head down on the Gemini’s shoulder splitting his own armor open and tearing another gaping wound in the fake version of himself that vented even more red pixels from the fresh wound in the Gemini’s body.


Alec uses basic attack on Gemini (1 EN)




Roll: 145117

BD: 8+1+1=11 (Hit)6*11=66-87=1 DMG -- BLD: 36 DMG 1/2 (Refreshed)

MD: 10 (Crit +2) 350-151=199 DMG -- NO THNS



Alec: HP: 790+21=811+135=946-199=747/1045 | EN:  91+1=92/100 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 151 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 (SW) | BH: 21 | THN: 27 (45 TOTAL) | FROST THNS: 18 - Crit: additional (2 per slot * Tier) (6) unmitigated Frost damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. | Stonewall: - 25% DoT | BLD: 8-10 = (12 * Tier) (36) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns

Humphrey: + 135 HP to Alec

<<The Gemini>> HP: 255-1-36=218/500 | DMG: 250 | MIT: 87 | ACC: 1 | EVA: -1 | Critical Hits: MD 9: 300 / MD 10: 350 

  • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack. -- USED


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