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SP/F22 Galaxy Destroyer (But I'm not a THSS user) [Night About the Galactic Lake]

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Oscar HP: 1,330/1,330 | EN: 75/130 | DMG: 23 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 106 | LD: 9 | PRS: 3 | -3 EN Cost  | -1 EN Cost 3/3 | 67 BH

ID: 166536 LD13 Fail

With his impromptu grinding session concluded, there was nothing else to do but head back to the event grounds and turn in the quest. He whistled a merry tune as he headed back to the kids that had originally given him the quest. Upon arrival, they looked at him expectantly. He didn't know what they were expecting. He'd skipped all of the quest dialogue. Either way, Oscar just shrugged his shoulders and headed off. They looked rather dejected, but frankly, Oscar had no idea why. On his side of things, it was all starting to look up again. With nothing else drawing his attention to the event, he headed back home. If Freyd was even remotely correct, he knew he would need to rest up. Soon all hell would break loose and he really wanted to have a good night's sleep before it all popped off. Rested or not, Oscar couldn't help but feel they all had a rough storm coming.

Thread Summary
7 SP [3 Quest, 2 Page, 2 Mega Slime Farm]
203,627 Col
52 T3 Materials
578 Gold Stars
Intermediate Dungeon Map [F22] - 166517
Rare T3 Armor/Shield - 166470
Rare T3 Armor/Shield - 166535
Rare T3 Weapon - 166534
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166459A
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166459B
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166468A
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166468B
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166481A
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166481B
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166506A
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166516A
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166516B
Perfect T3 Armor/Shield - 166518A
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166471A
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166471B
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166483
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166490A
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166490B
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166506B
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166506C
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166518B
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166518C
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166519A
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166519B
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166519C
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166533A
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166533B
Perfect T3 Weapon - 166533C

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