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[PP-F1] Demon's Berry <<FLAF>>

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Ignoring Oni's chase, she gave a warm smile as her eyes caught sight of another flower. Crouching down, she would pick it up and admire it for several seconds before placing it into her inventory. "I did it!~" she called out excitedly, having completed the first and biggest objective in her first quest. Hopefully Oni could find hers and they could wrap it up and move on to the next one. One of her friends mentioned that once you got to the second quest and later, it becomes more combat based. Oni would most likely be far more suited for that than her. Hopefully she could keep up with something like that. She had purchased herself a blade, but it was far more suited to fight battles while she was in the supporting role. Her goal wasn't damage, it was specifically aimed at poisoning and paralyzing enemies until they could no longer stand and fight back. 

185550 LD:11 Material Found!
5/5 Found

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After Onihime managed to grab her last flower, the pair moved back to the the alchemist and provided him with the materials. The man requested help with the crafting and of course, Blue had to calm Oni down when she began to get angry about doing the man's work for him. Making potions wasn't too fun but the pair managed to accomplish it, rather quickly and were told to give the potions up to the man. However, as soon as the pair thought they were finished the old alchemist tasked them with one last thing. Bringing a package to a blacksmith. 

Blue kindly nodded, but she wasn't honestly in the mood for finishing such a task on this specific day. She took the package from him, placed it in her inventory and bid the alchemist a good day. She sent Oni off with a few snacks, and promised she would see her again before beginning to bound off in a different direction. 

195271 CD:8 -> successful craft. 


  • +650 EXP
  • +700 col
  • An Assortment of Potions:
    • (5) T1 Uncommon Health Potions: Heals 5% of Maximum HP.
    • (1) T1 Uncommon Damage Potion: +1 DMG for an entire thread.
    • (1) T1 Uncommon Overhealth Potion: Adds 5% of Maximum HP to users Maximum HP for a thread.
    • (1) T1 Rare Health Potion: Heals 10% of Maximum HP


  • +200 EXP
  • +200 col
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