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 ::  PLAY  .  HOUSE  // 
THE SHOP is located on the fringes of Taft, fronting a large townhouse that seems to be devoid of residents. Yet, the shop appears to be manned near constantly, even when it is reported to not be open for business. 

The sounds of its performer are vastly different from most other workshops, as heard by others from the ______________
outside. They are modern and synthetic rather than fantastical, ill suited for the setting. But that, too, may be part of its draw.

It is a young boy in his teens who lives there. He sits behind a basic counter towards the back of the store, blocking two doors — one bedroom, one recording studio. Crystals ______
are displayed as samples on wall indents, acting as shelves alongside the shop's confines. By the entrance, a small collection vanity crystals sit in an open crate. They're prototypes, free for the taking — but they're not great.  

Once in a while, however, the PLAY . HOUSE seems to easily get a winner.
->   B U Y


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according to this copy paste system, the text is automatically justified. why is that? i find that quite strange, and frankly i am worried about my copy paste abilities. i don't know if that's a good thing or not. i will be writing out this extremely long paragraph to see if i feel okay about it. by the way, this program is so nice and lightweight and also it has a really neat word counter. it's also incredibly minimalist. the way i read my text makes me feel happy on this one small program. i wish it could be in more people's hands.

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