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A New Star Appears!

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Hello all, I'm Star(la)! Most people just call me Star and I'm happy to be referred to that way! You're welcome to call me whatever you like, but that's just the thing most people refer to me by!

Anyway, I've been a roleplayer for a verrrrrrrrry long time and I've decided that this place seemed like a good spot to settle. My old stomping grounds got a bit too dramatic, so I decided to move on.

My current age is 21 and I am based out of the US.

With that, I'm super happy to be here and hope to make some wonderful creations with everyone! Hope you enjoy Starla as much as I do <3

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Welcome, welcome! I've been around these parts for some time (Since 2016 if my numbers are right) and it's stayed a solid place. Always new events, work being done on content, and overall supportive and friendly people. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do and look forward to seeing you in the field. If you'd ever like some free food, come by my rotating sushi bar and say hello!

And don't hesitate to ask questions. The pick up can be a bit tough when you start to get into the thick of it all.

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