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Username: SamieltheMDS (not under the email address used with this post)


So after a discussion with Staff member Night on Discord largely over a quest thread I had posted I wanted to better understand the problem and why things were that way. Over the course of our discussion in part I think to not wording things the best and misunderstanding on both parts I found myself suddenly banned from the Discord. Furthermore I find that on the site I am hit with 3 strikes banning me from using my account as well.


Without any prior warning during our conversation on this manner of banning on Discord or this site doesn't quite seem right and I am hoping to find out what can be done about this.

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Hello, the main reason why the ban took place was because of several attempts from staff to resolve copy-pasted posts. While the posts in their entirety could be considered "unique" (i.e. no two posts are exactly identical) several portions of the posts were copy-pasted and, at some points, entire sentences (i.e. several parts of posts were copy-pasted and exactly identical). While staff understands the difficulty fulfilling the 150 word requirement, the requirement is an attempt to reduce low-effort posts and to encourage in-depth storytelling. At this point in time, it appears that you have expressed disagreement regarding the ruling with staff members and have expressed the intent to continue this behavior of copy-pasting chunks of text within posts. As such, a community ban has been handed down.

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