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The great taikun [Ready for review]

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Username: Taikun
Real name: Shinobu Taichi
Age: 16-18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"


Most of Taichi's childhood was remarkably unremarkable, he was the best student in class, had a nice family and home life, he had plenty of skills people called useful. It was going good for him. Until about 5th grade, when some boy said he looked like a girl. You see, part of the skills Taichi had taught himself were focused on defense and strengthening his body. This young boy had started getting in fights from then on, anytime someone made a mean comment directed at him they were trading blows until one of them fell. His father didn't like this one bit and decided if his kid was going to fight it would be for a good purpose.

That's when Taichi joined the Kendo club and discovered his passion for swordplay.

It was like a whole new world was opened up to him, he could fight all he needed to and at the same time keep his mind and body honed to a fine edge. Broken Shinai filled his wall as trophies of his power. The date of each break was marked on the wall next to it, as a way to help keep track of progress in skill. Pretty soon it stopped altogether, as he was the top member of the club, taking on even the president. In his last year of middle school, people were starting trouble with someone who had just joined the club, so Taichi decided to step in to put a stop to it. A wild swing of a fist managed to catch the kid the wrong way and Taichi was almost knocked out, but he stood firm. He and the newest member of the club would manage to fight off his attackers only to be carted off to the disciplinary office and Taichi got taken out of his home away from home.

Still though, the kid would practice from sunrise to sunset, other than school hours of course. He had mediocre grades to maintain and a few friends he liked talking to. But outside of school not a moment was wasted on anything but kendo. However his friends had told him over and over about this new game coming out, one of them was even a beta tester and would not stop praising the system it was on. He couldn't help but feel intrigued by a world of swords and monsters, so he bought a nerve gear. Once it was powered up, his friends and him all went their separate ways promising to meet at the fountain before they logged off...

Not one of them was at the announcement from Kayaba.


  1. Driven- Wanting to be recognized as someone who shouldn’t be picked on is all Taichi ever wanted. Not for looking like a girl, not for being weak, not for being useless. Everything he does is for the betterment of himself so others will acknowledge him. Why change the world when just becoming better is the optimal solution.
  2. Empathetic- Having been in a few tight spots, Taichi understands people well. He’s had his fair share of bad days so he can see the signs of weariness or happiness and take a guess at what they’re feeling. Usually his mood fluctuates with the atmosphere around the group or person.
  3. Brave- Wanting to be seen as a manly man, Taichi likes finding the most difficult thing and doing it to prove his strength. Dangerous stuff not exempt, the kid has been called brave by many a people. Fear is only a tool for keeping you alive, but pure strength will get you that much further.


  1. Fixated- When set on a goal Taichi will stop at nothing to achieve it. No mountain too high or cave too dangerous, Shinobu men take on the toughest challenges when proving themselves. This often means he will cause trouble simply because something blocks his path, and rather than move himself, he moves the obstacle.
  2. Emotional- His days of fighting and being picked on have taken their toll, not physically but instead mentally. If something he tries fails he might get up and try again or he might have a break down. A deep-seeded feeling of not being good enough dominates him, so his emotions often overwhelm him and he will shut down.
  3. Foolish- Maintaining a steady stream of mediocre grades and getting into fights all of the time were moreso a lack of thought put into his actions than a lack of mental capacity. Had he not gotten into fights he might’ve been at school more to get better grades, had he been a better student he might’ve still been in the kendo club. He doesn’t think things through and often easily avoidable incidents become inevitable because of this.

Skills: [SP spent: 4/5]

  • 1H Curved Sword rank:1


New Character Bundle: DPS package

Col: 2,500

Materials: 10

  • Dragon's Kiss | 1 Handed Curved sword | Rare | 2x ACC | A simple wakizashi, with a dragon dancing up the blade. A red Saya and Ito lead to silver Kojiri and Kashira.


  • 3 Starter Healing potions

Roleplay Log:

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