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[PP-F03] A Feast for the Fae (Rumor)

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Level: 6
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 120/120
EN: 30/30

Damage: 4
Mitigation: 12
Evasion: 2
BLD: 12
REC: 2

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Blue Poison | T1 War Hammer : 2 Bleed | Paralyze
Armor: Blue Blazer | T1 LA : 2 MIT | EVA
Misc: Blue Bangle | T1 Trinket: 2 Recovery | EVA

War Hammer R1

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:

Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:


A number of players have supposedly been kidnapped by the Fae, and are being held captive in the Cavern of Faeries.

Should probably investigate, and see about getting them out.

BBCasual.jpgSeveral hours after her adventure with Freyd, Astreya, and Ivory Lotus, Blue managed to wander back into the city of Aruyt. It was a cute little forest community, inhabited by bunny people that found themselves busy around the city or watching from the trees. From the conversations the NPC's she overheard, supposedly they had a sixth sense in which they could hear the life of the forest's cries. Out of the three floors she'd been on, the third definitely seemed to have the most life to it. The first mostly consisted of a large boring city, while the second was far too open. 

Here, the Faune kept a watchful eye over the wood while it prospered into a suitable habitat for the rest of their community. Of course, outside the safe zone was an entirely different story. A second group of NPC's known as the Fae stalked the area, causing mischief wherever they roamed. This only peaked the pink-haired player's interest, however. 

Taking out a small snack from her pocket, the girl would lean on a tree and munch on it while awaiting to catch sight of another group of player's to pester with her presence. 






Current Attire: Casual Set. 

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If Party Rock was in the house tonight, Nian was down to have a good time.


It was with a stoic figure that the emperor strolled into the woods. Arms folded, kept underneath the dark cloak that went barely past her elbows, Nian's red eyes scanned the vicinity for shifts in the forest, tells of a maleficent force mostly unseen. Some party this was going to be, if the heart of the realm wasn't there to grace its presence. And there was that rumor, the crowns and royalties, that would be attending that wild and adventurous night.

The king wanted one. The king needed one.

The third floor was home to the fae; tricky creatures that Nian was certain she wasn't meant to best by regular standards. Such rabble, by her judgement, would be great acting as her court, had she learned the ins and outs of their culture, learned how to fit in and adapt. 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer', right?

Lucky for them, they'd be the closest socials the crown was ever going to get.

 [[ N I A N ]] 
NIAN | HP: 60/60 | EN: 24/24 | DMG: 5 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | MIT: 12 | BLEED8+: 12 | PRLYZ


  • Heaven's Decree
    • +2 ACC
    • +1 EVA
  • Roosevelt
    • + 12 BLEED [8+]
    • + PARALYZE
  • Fur-Hooded Down Jacket
    • + 12 MIT
    • + 0 REGEN


  • Cold Brew Coffee (5) | HP RECOVERY III | [link]


  • CLAWS | RANK 2/5


  • -


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Sipping his cup of coffee, Kura would be meandering through the village of Aruyt, carefully navigating the walk ways as to avoid falling into the forest below. He wasn't here for money to fund his ever growing expenses, no he was here to scout out more grinding areas. While his financial security was fine for now, that didn't mean it would always be like that. 

And so Kura was ready to simply wander around the floor for any points of interest. It felt odd to him to put off grinding for a day, but he viewed it as having the chance to find more efficient areas to gather more resources. Perhaps even finding something that'll help him with his performer craft, but those were just whimsical thoughts.

Breathing in the forest air, Kura felt great. With his favorite beverage in hand and a day of searching ahead of him, he felt good about today. 

"Its just a little scouting, what's the worst that can happen?"



Kura | Lv. 3 | HP: 60/60 | EN: 24/24 | DMG: 8 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 

Equipped Items:

  • | "Betsy” | Warhammer | 2 Handed Weapon | Tier 1 | Rare | Damage/Damage | 
  • | "Small Peppermint Sack" | Trinket | Tier 1 | Perfect | Accuracy/Accuracy/Accuracy |
  • | "Gold Rings" | Trinket | Tier 1 | Perfect | Evasion/Evasion/Evasion |


  • | “War Hammer“ | Rank 3 | Weapon Skill | Passive | 

Consumed Items:

  • N/A

Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • | 3x “Starter Healing Potions” | Potion | - | Heals 50 HP |
  • | 1x "Teleport Crystal | Crystal | Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify.
  • | 1x "Coffee" | Potion | Consumable | Tier 1 | Perfect | HP Recovery/HP Recovery/HP Recovery|
Edited by Kura
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Electric blue eyes fixed themselves on a young boy walking by. A warm aroma caught her nose, and she was drawn to the scent. It was the scent typical of the morning, which would normally be fine. The only problem was, it was evening and the night would soon be arriving. Finishing her snack with a satisfying crunch, she pushed off of the tree she leaned on, following the boy. Picking up her pace, she stepped around him, taking a whiff of the morning beverage. 

"Whatcha drinking there? You know, its a bit late for coffee. If you're going to be drinking it this late, you should add a bit of flavoring!" The pink-haired girl stuck her tongue out at the bitterness of the coffee. Stepping a few feet back to give him space, she would begin her typical introduction. "I'm Blueberry! Most just call me Blue or Berry for short though!" As she spoke, she brought her fingers to make a  "peace" sign. 

A quizzical expression placed itself on the girl's face. "Maybe I should serve some blueberry coffee when I get my shop..." She said quietly to herself. 


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If a ruler were to show up to court unaccompanied by vassals, they would've been a laughing stock to the rest of the nobles. Aryut was a city built on ancient trees, towering and majestic, and it was a fine location to have gathered likeminded individuals to have acted as her party of followers. Players who wouldn't ask questions, arbiters that were a little on the side of air-headedness, just so her orders would've been followed or obeyed.

The duo in her vicinity sure seemed to fit the bill.

Rather, they were the only few figures in the city that seemed even remotely ready for an expedition, which spoke very much about the other side characters strolling by the sides of the town. Dignity and grace were instinctual for her to muster, the emperor strutting forth, and eagle-gaze set on the coffee right as the peppier girl stuck out her tongue at it. An eyebrow raised to the introduction; why should she spend her time to remember a commoner's name?

-- Temporary ally ship aside.

"A difficult errand, mayhaps." It was the best Nian could offer as a guess, knowing to keep her terms grandiose even against serfs. "Would there be any other that didn't require extreme effort from it's inhabitants? Likely not."

Often, the king would have her back straightened, upright at all times, but her slouch was just as intentional to 'fit in', her chest puffed and raised to assert her power over her underlings. "You may refer to me as Nian," she stated, refraining to even offer the others a handshake. "Now, humor me for second. By chance, have either of you heard of a midnight summer's ball to be taking place on this floor?"

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Mid sip, he would hear the sniffing sound behind him as Blueberry smelled his beverage. The odd gesture would probably cause at least an eyebrow range to a normal person. Kura wasn't normal. Turning to face the pink haired girl, he would give her a straight answer as if he were asked the time of day.

"I like the taste of it, which is why I'm drinking it despite the time. Nice to meet you Blue, my name is Kura, no nickname."

Believing it to be a greeting of some sort, he would then return the peace sign with his empty hand. That was when he heard Nian speak up, with Kura wheeling his attention towards her now. Mulling over her words for a moment, he began to speak.

"Nice to meet you as well Nian. As for a midsummer's night ball, never heard of such a thing, but I would be interested in attending one."

Wondering what her difficult errand exactly was, Kura would continue to slowly drink his cup of coffee. He guessed it was something to do with the ball that she just spoke of, but in reality it could have been anything. Regardless, he made it his objective of today to find out about this ball, it sounded interesting and finding such things was his goal for today.

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The boy's reaction was subtle, giving Blue the idea that he was more of a shy type than anything else. She was familiar with befriending the type, they were often found without many other friends surrounding them. "You like the taste of it?" She grasped the cup, drawing it to her own lips and tasted it. Her reaction had been the same as before, sticking her tongue out at the bitterness. Returning the cup to him she would respond, "The taste of my taste buds dying... so bitter..." 

Another voice caught her attention, this one short and to the point. Electric blue eyes fell on the newcomer, her ears listening to her pungent words. It was quite obvious she was trying to poise herself for the new company. Despite her dignified attitude, Berry was excited for another chance to broaden her spectrum of friends. 

"Now, humor me for second. By chance, have either of you heard of a midnight summer's ball to be taking place on this floor?"

Bringing a finger to her lips, Blue's expression would become puzzled as she thought for a moment. "I'm not sure about a ball, but i've heard a few NPC's talking about a nightly celebration for some fairy? In fairy? I don't know, it sounded like they were talking about a place but a fairy has got to be a person." 

Turning the conversation back to a more important matter. Blue would turn, taking the finger away from her face and pointing it towards Kura. "You could use a bit of flavor in life, if you can even taste flavor." She opened her inventory, finding a batch of Blueberry White Chocolate Chip cookies. "Would you like one? You can have it if you promise not to dip it in coffee." Her eyes cast over to Nian where she offered a brilliant smile. "You can have some too!" Her expression dimmed a bit as she added, "They aren't buffs though... I can't do that yet." 

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Brash. Were commoners the type of folk to rob each other of items so quickly? Nian fought back the urge for her expression to falter as Blue stole Kura's drink and then sipped it in front of him. Had this been high court, the raff would most likely be sentenced for execution in the span of a finger snap for having the gall--

But an emperor was god's will in itself. They had the power to reshape reality... even if they had to work with less than savory individuals at times.

Blue seemed to understand enough, though showed lacking in knowledge and wisdom. At least the commoner's ears were made for work. "You mean the Fae. Right. And a punctual attendance beckons any attendees to start their travels soon." Nian took Kura's word at face value -- that was easier than expected -- before turning to Blue with a tilt of her head, a raised brow. "Don't suppose you also happen to be interested in the matter? Strongest between you two would have to take the lead. I have directions."

When offered the cookie, the king blinked slow at it, before stubbornly taking the gift and examining it with bored eyes.

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When the coffee was stolen from him, Kura simply would continue talking as if there was nothing amiss that happened. And when his beverage was returned, he would actually thank Blue and continue to sip his drink. The only thing that made his eyebrows raise was the hint of blueberry taste that wasn't in there previously. He didn't really like how the bitterness and the new sweetness clashed it if he had to admit, but well, coffee was still coffee to him and he continued sipping on regardless.

"It is very bitter, yes. And I can taste, whiskey pairs well with my porridge as well the food I buy from another player. Ah, thank you for the cookie."

He would then happily take a cookie from a stranger he had just met and crunch into it, abiding by her request to not dunk the cookie into his drink. Kura didn't mind the condition, and give a smile as he enjoyed his sweet treat. Giving a thumbs up, Kura was found it to taste great, saying that her food didn't really require buffs as long as it tasted like this.

When Nian declared her intentions about going to the Fae, Kura would look to the horizon. The sun not too far set, however she was right. If they did not hurry they would miss whatever ball the Fae had in store. Immediately after she said that prospective attendees should move soon, Kura would nod, unequipping his coffee and in his hands a war hammer would materialize, and angle himself towards one of the villages exits.

"Yeah I'm interested. Heading off."

He would then completely miss the underlying message when Nian asked if they were interested, not realizing that  she implied them going together. As such, he wasn't entirely sure what Nian meant about choosing the strongest to lead and about her having directions. Instead as Kura was walking off, he was ready to scour the whole entire floor alone in order to find this mysterious party, a running theme in his adventures. And so by accident he would take the lead, not thinking himself to be stronger than Blue but rather just wanting to get there faster. 

Edited by Kura
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"Yeah the fae!" She replied quickly to Nian, somewhat interrupting the girl. Berry lacked typical manners unless the situation specifically called for it. Nian turned back to her after listening to Kura and asked her if she would be interested in attending. "Ooh yeah! I love going to new places! Especially since its some sort of party too right?"

"Strongest between you two would have to take the lead. I have directions."

Blue would stick her tongue out and flash a peace sign into the air. "I have absolutely no combat prowess! I am as useless as one can be!" She turned her head to see Kura, who was now walking off in a random direction. Grabbing the back of his shirt, she would pull him back. "She means we're all going dummy! Besides, how are you supposed to get there by walking in a random direction when Nian said she had the directions! Did you pick up on anything?" A blew a raspberry at him and then turned to look at Nian with an innocent expectant look. 

Kura could lead, but it wouldn't be helpful if he began to randomly lead into the wrong direction. 

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It truly, truly spoke of the side characters when Little Miss Useless was blatant about her lack of ability in combat. And still, she was chosen for tonight's dance and song.

Nian could fare with worse. She kept her disdain for the commoner to herself, glancing over at the man who'd started off on his journey without them. It wouldn't matter, save the party she was about to make. The king fell into paces with her newfound retainer, glancing back at their tag-along as she continued to shuffle. What would appear in Blueberry and Kura's periphery was the invitation window, just as their leader started to speak to the former, gaze thrown behind her shoulder. "Let him be. I'll just have to walk ahead of you between the two of us."

With that, her attention returned to the fool ahead. Down the closest exit near them was the right path; what mattered more in their route was the direction they went through the woods after. "Scourge, take a left once you pass through the boundary of town. Follow the city walls. There's a dirt path made in likeness for individuals like you."

She didn't think twice to check on their blue chef buddy. In truth, Nian was thinking of the next best lie to pose to the fae given their troupe of characters.

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Kura would feel the collar of his shirt being tugged, and would obediently stop. Turning to Blueberry with a confused expression, he would see her blowing the raspberry and respond to her question in a matter of fact tone.

"Nope, I didn't pick up anything at all that would imply us going together. Guess we are going together then. Got it, glad to be with all of you."

After accepting the party invite from Nian, Kura began to move in the determined formation. Hearing the directions, Kura, bless him, did not have the social ability to pick up on the thinly veiled insults that Nian was hurling at him. Simply nodding, he would follow them to the letter, and once they were upon the dirt paths the sun began quietly setting in the distance. Noting that they had little time, he would look back at his companions.

"We should probably begin running in order to make it."

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