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Username: Zerix

Real name: Kai Mizuhara

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Member Directory: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20785-member-directory/?do=findComment&comment=643515



Zerix grew up in a loving home, but he had always been a quiet boy. His mother was a research pharmacist with one of the largest conglomerates in Japan, while his father worked remote as IT, a regular code monkey, so he could stay at home and take care of him and the house. While his mothers as always traveling, his dad was always around. His father instilled in him a love of videogames from a young age. Zerix always used to watch his father playing as a kid and got used to being player 2. His father taught him how to stay safe and support him and it was a role he always loved. 

As Zerix grew up, he branched out, gaming on his own and with some close friends. He played plenty of games, but always liked those he could play with friends, even if he didn’t talk that much outside of games. He had a core group of buddies from school he always gamed with. They made time to play together even while taking college entrance exams. Zerix was going for technical school so he could learn to code, just like his father. 

After exams were over, their futures were set, going to all different places after graduation, but games could always bring them together no matter where they were. When SAO was announced, the group decided to try for one of the elusive ten thousand spots. It would be their first real foray into VRMMOs. 

Now, Zerix was a bit apprehensive, because it didn’t seem like there would necessarily be a traditional support or healer role like other MMOs, based on the information available. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Zerix was the only one among the group who managed to snag a copy. Still, he bought the game, so he could at least try it out, little did Zerix know that when he joined SAO, alone, without any of his friends he had been playing with for so long, he wouldn’t be able to log out. 



[Loyal] Zerix doesn’t have many friends, but those he has he wants to stick with. If one has earned his loyalty, they can count on him to be there for them. Although he might not say that outright, or offer up front, he would do just about anything for a friend, if they only ask. 

[Caring] Zerix likes to play support, because he likes to allow his friends to play and have fun without having to worry about dying or getting frustrated. Not that it isn’t a fun role to play for himself. It makes him happy to play happily with others. Ultimately, he cares about the mental well being of people and, of course, their lives, which makes a game like this quite hard on him. 

[Adaptable] While Zerix has his preference, he is nothing if not adaptable. He might not excel in every role, but he has the flexibility to competently do anything he sets his mind to. He doesn’t really understand stereotypical limitations on who can or should do what. He just sees something that needs doing and does it. 



[Quiet] Zerix doesn’t talk much. When he games with his friends, he was a lot more outgoing, but SAO isn’t like other games, or rather VR isn’t. It’s too much like real life for him to feel comfortable getting loud. This can lead to communication issues. 

[Self-Critical] While Zerix can forgive a lot of others (even if you stand in the fire one too many times), he is highly critical of himself. He likes to be effective and efficient, making no mistakes, so that he can make up for that in others. If he does make mistakes, he is very hard on himself and can get overtly depressed which can lead to more mistakes. It can be a bit of a vicious cycle. 


[Socially Oblivious] If you want Zerix to know something about yourself, you need to tell him. It’s not that he is totally ignorant of social cues, but he isn’t going to realize what is sometimes obvious to others. If someone implies that they need help, but does not ask, he does not just offer to help. He doesn’t even realize that it might be expected of him. 



[Polearm Skill | Rank 1]

Inventory: 2,000 col, 25 materials

New Character Bundle: Support Bundle

Equipment: [Starter Polearm (Vanity)]


[(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 40 HP)]


Roleplay Log:

[TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS

[TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS

[TAG] Thread Name | <<Quest Title>> | STATUS

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