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the butterfly's dream. [wip]

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Frederica Grey 
She/Her   ||   10 > 12 (16)  {}  DoB: Dec. 17   ||   4'11"


things in the cellar beneath edith grey's rose bushes on the 6th of november 2022, 05:30 cest:

﹝a portable heater. not enough for an abandoned wine storage nor to share. frederica can't come here during the winter, but on cold spring and autumn nights where she drops straight down the hatch and bangs her knees on the hard soil, a violently shivering bundle of dusty winter coats on the ground, it's enough to last her a few hours so long as she hugs her knees and sits right by its side. the appliances store two blocks from their compound sells better stuff, she thinks, because she has her own heater in her bedroom and their family buys all of their things from the same places. but edith, forever darling of their family and their church, sharer and owner of their secret, shook frederica off her arm when she came asking and said "they know each other," so, "she can't conceal the purchase." ﹞





//yes hello, this is arabelle. i have a draft ready but it's too late at night to do anything other than formatting-


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  • Frederica changed the title to the butterfly's dream. [wip]

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