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Username: Syra (Lv. 1)

Real name: Tabitha Von Hussell


Gender: Female

Height: 5’5”

About: History/personality


Living in the west side of Toronto, Tabitha had a good life. Mother and father, Maggie and Dustin Von Hussell, raised her well, providing all she could need. She never knew how poor they truly were, not that she would have taken note. She lived in a good sized house with a large yard, and was deeply loved by her parents. Her father worked as a bank teller for Scotia, and though the job provided a way to scrape by, he wanted more for his wife and daughter. Dustin was a good, kind man, with ocean eyes that could drown you if you looked too deep, but his heart was as pure as the dawning of a new day. He was wise beyond his years. Most people would say he should be running banks, but his preference was to work with customers, one on one, providing help or advice. Tabitha was very fond of her father, and though he wasn’t home much, she relished every dinner conversation or bedtime story he would provide. No matter how long his day was, or how tapped he felt, Dustin never failed to spend every spare moment with his family. Tabitha’s mother, Maggie, was very sick. She was born with a terrible disease that attacked and rioted away her intestines. From the age of 13, she was told by doctors that she would never be able to bear children, and when she fell for Dustin, she feared that she wouldn’t be able to give him a child, or be a mother. It was a miracle that Tabitha was born. Tabitha loved school, she got along with nearly every person. Life was good… Until that fateful night. 


Tabitha was only 13, it was Friday, and the family had just finished watching the Dark Knight, one of Tabitha’s favorite films. Her mother took her up to get her ready for bed, while her dad cleaned up the scattered popcorn and the empty cans of cola. As Tabitha brushed her teeth, she heard the creaking of the front door opening. Odd, where would her dad have to go at this hour? The door opened, but didn’t shut. Tabitha turned off the tap, and walked over to the banister, looking down to see why the door was open, and she saw him. The dark figure, much larger than her father, lingering in the entrance way. Tabitha crept to her mother’s room, finding her preparing the bed for the night, and before Tabitha could say anything, the voice from the figure echoed in the house. Tabitha’s mother went for the door, and they both heard Dustin talking to the man. Maggie shut the bedroom door, and pushed Tabitha into the master closet, barricading her behind the hanging clothes and belts. The door shut, and Tabitha was left in the dark. She could hear muffled voices, and the slightest squeaking of the floor panels. The voices jumped and escalated. She could recognize her father, but his voice sounded different, shaken. Then… BANG. Her mother wailed, the sound stretching through the door and rattling Tabitha’s ear drums. She couldn’t move. BANG. What was that? Why did mom stop screaming? Get up! Move! Do something


Moments passed as Tabitha remained in the closet. Her body went numb, the only sensation was the tear running down her face. Wait, it wasn’t a tear… it was sweat. She started heating up, coughing with the heavy air. Her breath was stifled, she could hardly breathe. Lunging for the door, she managed to throw it open. But she couldn’t see, her vision fogged, her breath hollow. It was so hot, her face felt like it was on fire…FIRE


As she saw the flames reaching under the door, her head span, and she dove down to the floor. Air had returned to her, but only slightly. She could see the room better, and started pulling herself to the window. As she slowly and painfully made her way across the room, she crawled under the bed to reach the window. As she had just pulled her head and torso out from the bed frame, she stopped. No… something stopped her. She turned back to see the bed frame collapsed on her leg. Then, the roof came careening on top soon after. Tabitha shut her eyes, reaching down to see if she still had her legs. She didn’t feel them, instead she felt something… wet. She opened her eyes and looked back, only to see a pool of her own blood crawling beside her. Heat singed at the back of her leg. She tried to scream, but not a sound escaped. She pulled with all her might, but her leg didn’t move, and the pain was too great. Next thing she knew, she was looking up at a light. Was she flying? No, she was lying down. Her hands caressed the silken sheet that enwrapped her. Who was touching her? Why couldn’t she see them? Everything was bright. 


She arose to the sound of her own heart being played back to her on a screen. She was laying in a hospital. Alone. Pain started to singe her insides, and as she turned in an attempt to escape it, something felt wrong. Why was it hard to turn? Why couldn’t she shift the blankets at her feet? She needed to breathe, needed air, but her legs didn’t move to her will. They weren’t there. 


Months after the attack, she was released into special care in a hall where other teens lived with nurses and personal medical staff. After a year, an arrangement was made for her to live with one of the nurses, in hopes to be able to live somewhat independently. 


It has been 3 years since the attack. Tabitha lives in the house and under the care of her nurse Trisha. She’s nice, and very kind to Tabitha, but she is no parent. And nothing could replace or fix Tabitha’s broken heart. 


Tabitha was given SAO by Trisha. How Trisha got a hold of the game, Tabitha doesn’t know. It was a suggestion her therapist had, a way to get her “on her feet” in a sense. To be able to live in a world where her trumas didn’t happen. Where she could run again, and have independence. Tabitha at first was very reserved about joining SAO, not knowing anything about gaming in general, and a little afraid of the idea of the nerve gear, but she figured what was the harm in giving it a try, what did her life right now have to offer her?


What was the worst that could happen?


Well the worst happened, and within the first hours of launching came the reality of being trapped in the game. Things seemed bleak, what hope did she have now? Who was she to be able to survive this game? There were a lot of deaths that first week. Most were from families trying to remove the nerve gear, but so many were from people not wanting to live in this reality. What an idea, to end the pain, the suffering. To not be a burden anymore.


That would be easier… But…She was still here. And what's more, she wasn’t who she was in the real world. In here, maybe she could make a difference. Maybe she could help clear the game, and end this nightmare. She isn’t that same mutilated kid, in here she is a warrior, a protector. She could accomplish in here what she could never do in the real world.



If there is one thing to be said, it is that if you find companionship with Syra, she will have your back to the bitter end. Much like the stars shine with the moon, so does her loyalty lie with those who have earned it. She will fight for, protect, and assist her allies with anything they need. Even to the point of laying down her own life for the sake of those she cares for. 



Quick on her feet when it comes to thinking, and learning. She picks up skills, and can overcome challenges quickly, and with ease. She is able to think outside of the box, when it comes to looking for solutions. She can sniff out a sour deal from a mile away, not falling for tricks of the trade, but rather is quite good at using them for her own advantage. She is an excellent haggler, with a deep understanding of how to best appeal to people.

Down To Earth

Though she has a tough exterior, deep down she is a quirky, nerdy kinda girl. She could talk your ear off about nature, her fascination with holistic living. Only taking what you need from the land, growing your own food. She loves animals, and has an ability to turn even the farilest beast into a tame campaign. Though she can fight, and is strong, she values peace, and chooses to move past differences, rather than break bridges over them.



 She isn’t always the best at waiting and thinking things through fully, Oftentimes she will jump the gun, and opts to choose in the moment and deal with consequences later, vs. weighing out your options to try to avoid consequences. Her emotions can get the better of her, and controlling them is not one of her strengths.


She can very much get stuck in her ways and ideas, finding it hard to stop to listen to people, or take others advice or direction. Admitting she is wrong, isn’t something she has never done. Come to think of it, she has never said sorry before, never felt that her action required her to seek forgiveness from someone. That is weakness, something she cannot tolerate. Yes she cares for people, but more in what she can do for others, rather than letting others do anything for her.


 It is hard to get to know her, or for her to trust people. Yes she cares for others, but letting others in, to see her brokenness, and vulnerability is hard. So she often will keep people at a distance. Will come off as sarcastic, or abrasive. Anything to keep from people getting too close.


Profession: N/A








» N/A

Weapon skills:

»Rank 1:

[x4] ST-I (4 EN) | A single-target sword art.



»SP:1 (Spent:4)

Lv:1 HP:20/20  EN:20/20  EXP:0




Inventory(Basic Package)

(5 * Tier) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 * Tier HP)

» Teleport Crystal x1



»Rapier: Uncommon (T1)

Bleed: Cost: 1 Slot
Cap: 2 Slots
Effect: Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) deal (12 * Tier) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Bleed damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. The highest tier of Bleed damage overrides lower tier versions; cannot be overridden by lower-tier versions.
Applicable to: Weapons





» Leather Armor: Uncommon

Evasion: Cost: 1 Slot
Cap: 3 Slots
Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit.
Applicable to: Cloth Armor, Light Armor





Coming soon!



The Adventure Begins

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