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The Weekly Link #7




The Weekly Link

Week #7

We are back in the swing of things again, and your regular updates will be regular once again. Riddles have also made a return, though this one isn't nearly as complex as I have gone in the past.

New players

     We all know the rules aren't the best written thing in the world, but we all do our best to tough through it. As is tradition on this blog, please give a warm welcome to @Theodosia and @Sentinel. I would suggest that any who can try to RP with them. And to the new players, don't be afraid to ask as everyone is just about always willing to either start a thread with you or point you to someone who would like to.

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   There is little progress to note in the form of Open parties, though are raid parties are going strong and taking down the bosses of their respective events as quickly as they can. Try not to become on of those who defends the bosses, you will be ostracized by all

The Weekly Riddle

   How do you put 8 Horses into seven stables

[   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]


    Good luck with the riddle, I hope you enjoy. And for those of you who missed the podcast stream, you can go over to our YouTube channel to find the VoD. If anyone has suggestions or comments about possible improvements or ideas for segments to add to the blog, please let me know as I am open to ideas.


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