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    Real Life Picture Thread

    (Probably should've done this with my main account, scarlett_, but blehh i'm lazy)[WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS HEAVY FANGIRLING] CHO, YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND ADORABLE HOLY-. *kisses your feet* CHO SENPAII YOU ARE FABULOUS. Ahem.. sorry about that.. You look beautiful though ;3 I'm jealous of your eyes and hair, My hair is curly 24/7 and when I brush it I turn into some sort of bear and yeah happy days. Anywaysss you are so pwettyyy ^-^
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    Lily's Journal

    Enemies Disliked Neutral Liked Kitty~ Alet~ Seul~ Friends Astropheric~ Good friends Total col: 1240
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    Lily's Journal

    Username: Lily Real name: Lily Evans Age: 17, but looks 12/13/14 Gender: Female Height: 5' 1" Sexual orientation: Hetero-Sexual (Former) Hobbies: Reading fantasy books, Card games, roleplaying Proffession: Performer History: Lily was born in New York as the only child of Zach Evans and Lucy Evans. Both of her parents are succesful clothing designers which allowed the family to live in a rather big house which would often been seen as a small villa. Lily's parents were barely at home so she was basically raised by the few maids and servants that took care of her and the house. She was given absolutely everything that she wanted by her parents because they felt guilty for not being there for her. This made Lily a very spoiled and rude kid but that behavior luckily faded as she got older. at the age of 8 her family moved to Japan for her parents' job. Lily was then home-schooled as there was no school close to her that gave classes in english. She spent most of her week in the house which became very boring for her as there wasn't a lot to do other than playing games with the new maids. Lily eventually found something that she absolutely adored, Fantasy. She watched movies, read books and sometimes even forced the maids to dress up with her to replay some of the things that happened in the stories that she read and saw. Sometimes she would secretely grab some knives from the kitchen and "Train" throwing them, using the many plushies that she was given at a younger age as targets. Eating-Playing guitar-Reading/Watching fantasy related things and play games, That was her plan every day because she had nothing else to do really. She had a major lack of interaction with the outside and eventually became rather scared of actually talking to strangers and just going outside. The house was her world and her room was her country, that's how she saw it. When hearing about SAO Lily begged her parents to buy it for her as she was absolutely obsessed with the fact that you can go into a virtual world and do much more than you could do IRL Legally. When getting her hands on SAO she immediatly dived in only to get stuck in the game. She didn't really care that she was stuck as she absolutely adored SAO, however being able to actually die in the game was a somewhat disturbing thing which took away the aspect of fun when fighting mobs or players. Lily's goal is to stay alive and to actually have a nice time in game as it would be a waste to just be depressed and sad all the time that they're stuck in the game. Virtues: Caring Lily really cares for people that she likes and would do a lot for them. She feels responsible of taking care of those that she calls friends and will try to be there for them if they need someone. Lily doesn't talk a lot so may not be the best choice for someone with emotional problems that needs someone to say that everything is alright, but if Lily is asked to help she will try to make him/her feel better by doing cute things and saying small sentences like "It's okay" and "You can do it". "Pokerface" She is incredibely good at hiding and controlling her own emotions, making it very hard for someone to see if she is for example; intimidated by their threats, angry because someone stole her cake, etc. Lily can keep up a very serious/neutral expression for days if needed. Thanks to this Lily has a big advantage in negociating and card games because she doesn't give away a single clue about what she's thinking. Calm Lily has always been a very calm and quiet girl. It takes a lot to make her mad or show any type of negative emotion as insults, threats and sad stories barely really affect her. She talks in a very calm and quiet tone almost all the time which sometimes makes people think that she has no emotions. Lily can also stay very neutral and passive in dangerous situations, she will probably never freak out or go crazy in bad situations, she will always try to stay calm and focused on the objective. Flaws: Asocial Because she barely had any social contact with other people Lily is horrible at talking and interacting with strangers. She avoids strangers and will do her best to not talk to someone if it isn't needed. The chance of her starting up a conversation or confronting someone she doesn't know for help is really small. When forced into talking to someone it may sometimes feel as if she's a robot that is programmed to only say a few straight-forward sentences. Either the robot thing happens or her lack of shame takes over and she suddenly starts hugging that person as a greet. Shameless Lily can do a lot that people wouldn't be able to do without being incredibely embarrassed. She has a really small sense of shame and it takes a lot to make her embarassed. Lily doesn't really care about others' opinions so she just does what she want to do. If she suddenly has the urge to roll around in the grass, she will do it. If she wants to hug a tree she will just do it. She doesn't just do what she wants when talking to someone that she respects or who has a lot of power. The only way to make her feel somewhat embarrassed is with anything love related and certain compliments however Lily really tries to hide this as it's something that she's not that happy about. Lazy Lily is super lazy. If she has to do something that she doesn't want to she'll always try to get out of it or just straight up ignore it. She only does her best when she or someone she cares about is in a bad situation, or if she actually likes doing it. The performer just doesn't see why she would have to do her best for something that she doesn't want to do. Lily also gets "Tired" easily, she basically uses it as her main excuse to not do something. People that know her a bit better will eventually find out if Lily's really tired or not since when she really is tired she'll lose focus and loosens up a bit more. Skills Skill points used: 10/10 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: »First Aid [1/5] (5 Points invested) Post Action Effect: Heal (4 x X)% health on CD rolls of 7+ (X=Rank Level) Description: Heal a target for amounts of health in battle. Cannot be used on yourself. The amount recovered is (4 x Rank Level) % of the targets max HP. It is affected by Combat Craft enhancement. Weapon skills: » One handed straight sword [1/5] (5 Points invested) [+1 DMG] Inventory »Panda hoodie [panda set] (+2 LD) (Picture of panda set) »Simple gray skirt [panda set] (No Enhancements) »Black/white Knee socks [panda set] (No Enhancements)