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  1. Allania had got a pm earlier notifying her that the order had been completed so she headed back to the store. Walking through the door Allania announced her presence "Hey there" she called out "I'm here to collect my order, it was the pauldron and that dagger" she stated, hoping the smithy would know what she meant. Allania quickly located her items, stored off to one side of the room. Picking hem up she headed on out of the smithy once again. "Thank you!" she called out to the smithy before heading on. Once outsied she inspected the item, they were masterfully done, she'd have to come back wh
  2. Allania walked into the store. Time to get some gear, personalised gear. Allania quickly filled out two request forms, placing them along with a bag of 12 materials on the counter where the others requests were, "Can I put in a request these two items please?" she asked. Then Allania wandered back out of the store into the surrounding streets. Waiting to hear from the Blacksmith that her crafts had been completed. -12 mats
  3. It had not been all that long since Allania had visited the store last. Walking in, Allania wandered over to the wares on display. Picking up a few of the items, many similar to what she had picked up previously. Walking to the counter, Allania placed the items on the counter. "Would I be able to have these please?" she asked, placing beside them a bag of materials and some col "Sorry I can't quite pay what I did last time" she said with a smile. +1 Damage +2 (tier 1) +1 Damage mitigation -27 (tier 1) +2 HP recovery potion +10 (tier 1) -7 mats -1000 col
  4. It seemed like there was some sort of sale going on, Allania noted as she walked in through the door. Everything was free!!! Though it may have been limited to 5 items per person per day, that is by no doubt still amazing. The shop owner was literally giving the stuff away. Walking up to the counter, Allania brought a few things with her, placing them on the desk. "Would it be possible to get these please? And I know the store says its free for 5 items, but I can't take all these for free, it may not be much but here" she said, with the last part placing a pouch of mats on the table with some
  5. Taking the dagger with care, storing it in her inventory for the time being. "Thank you, I'll be sure to come back again sometime, you seem to have a nice set up here", Allania said, motioning with her hand around her. With that Allania headed towards the door, a smile now on her face. She could now fight more challenging mobs, ones that previously she could only run away from. Exiting the shop, Allania knew she'd be back one day, to get herself a custom weapon, but for now this dagger was perfect. + Rondel
  6. Walking up to the shop. This was the first time Allania had set foot in a blacksmith in this world, she had previously just been using her basic dagger, provided to her by Kayaba as part of this worlds starting equipment. Looking down at the dagger on her hip, she knew it was time to get a bit of an upgrade. Walking into the store, Allania started to peruse the wares on display. Noting in particular a dagger that read to have a +2 damage enhancement. Walking over to the man at the counter, "Can I have just that dagger please?", Allania asked, pointing at the rondel in the display, "Here's the
  7. Profile Username: AllaniaReal name: Katelyn ChallenAge: 23Gender: FemaleHeight: 1.64m About: History/Personality Katelyn's family never did have enough in life, they were never able to fully pay their bills, at any one time they had to either go without one of food, water or heating for a short duration. But this never deterred Katelyn from her inborn wanderlust, her desire to travel and see the world. Sadly Her family never had such funds, and so Katelyn, alongside school worked a job, much like many teenagers at the time, trying to get some extra money. Giving up almost all to her
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