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    upkeep Profession: Alchemist 400 Col 7 Mats Can now open a shop
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    ProfileUsername: EibonReal name: Dante MaroAge: 27Gender: MaleHeight: 6'3"About: History/personality At 27 years of age, Dante is an aspiring writer and was an accomplished teacher in literature and creative writing for a local high school. Having grown up with a passion for reading and writing, and a dire love for horror novels in particular, Dante began writing his own at the age of 13 and submitting the to anthology publishing companies. Having 2 or 3 chosen and published, Dante continued to pursue writing as a goal through his high school career and when in college, decided to supplement his life with a career in the field of teaching. Upon finishing his K-12 studies and earning his degree in creative writing and literature, Dante moved on to teach at his former high school. Being an avid gamer, he also loved to play games in his spare time. Being 6'3" in height, he is a rather large and stocky man, being compared to an axe-less lumberjack. His face is covered in a thick and full beard, matching the dark brown of his short hair. His piercing blue eyes are set behind a black round framed glasses. Having married a year out of high school, he typically is seen with a silver ring with a pentacle etched into the band, and a small forever tattoo beneath it incase he cannot wear his ring. When he laughs, if he does in front of anyone, his deep bass voice carries all around. Virtues: Loyal - Despite any negative flaws, Eibon has always been loyal to a fault. Whether to a guild, clan, mercenary company, or friends and family. Answering all requests unerringly, and being completely dependable, Eibon has lived to a standard few choose to take in the world, and has his own code of honor. When he pledges himself to anyone person or group, he will fall in battle defending them, and never turns his back to their cause. Calculating - Not one to overlook any option or clue, Eibon has a complex thinking pattern and uses it to trace down every possible avenue of thought. Each branch in the road, every mountain pass, even the smallest thicket is seen and plotted in his mind when making battle plans or scouting new regions for the first time. When fighting an enemy, Eibon will observe and determine the best course of action to bring about victory with the least amount of casualties and most gain for his side, taking every facet into account. Stalwart - When in battle, Eibon will be the last to turn and retreat. He will not leave a man behind and escape to safety. When defending his allies, Eibon will not bend under continued assault until his armor breaks, his shield crumples, and his last breath escapes his lungs. Being a human siege machine, he will dig in on either side of the conflict and remain there until victory is taken, or defeat is given. Flaws: Blunt- Eibon is very direct and upfront in all aspects. He is not one to shy away from telling it like it is, pointing out flaws in a plan, or speaking the truth, even if this hurts others or belittles them. This also shows itself when Eibon is engaged in conversation. Eibon does not engage much in small talk or idle gossip, preferring forward conversation and a quick end to it. Callous- Due to his Blunt attitude and forward directness, Eibon shows a cold and callous demeanor. Even when he hurts others he cares little for their feelings or pain, and has been outwardly emotionless when it comes to all things, including the deaths of party and guild members. He also shows no outward emotion under any circumstance except for anger. While this is a good emotion for combat, it is not a good one for the dinner table, or elsewhere. Morally Ambiguous - Eibon is not afraid to go down the path not taken, even if it is one filled with what others consider dark deeds. He has been known to show disregard for right or wrong and has done what is needed to bring an end to conflict with an enemy. As a result, this has marked him as one of the more rouge-ish characters. He is the one to go to when hands must be dirtied. Profession: Rank 1 Alchemist. His shop Grave Concoctions is found on Floor 13. Skills Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat:»Weapon skills:» One-Handed Battle AxeInventoryWeapons/Tools:» One Handed Battle AxeRoleplaysRelationships None so far.Story Thus Far Coming from a Tabletop RPG background, Dante began looking into MMORPGs as a new medium to adventure in. When hearing of SAO, Dante waited in line for it for a whole weekend and was excited to experience his first Full Dive, having been more of a traditional console and PC gamer. Upon entering Aincrad, he started his journey in the Town of Beginnings like many others, but due seeing much death, he had not advanced, fearing he would never return to the real world and his wife. Typically seen around floor 1 in large basic heavy armor with a one handed battle axe at his hip and shield in hand, many perceive him to be a front-line fighter. This is quite the opposite.