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  1. Jambi

    F1: Seventh Heaven - Blacksmith

    "Oh boy! I get a new weapon, a bunch of materials, and a kiss? I'm getting the better end of the deal here," Jambi said as she puckered up and leaned into her husband. Man, did she miss his kisses. Anytime their lips met, she tried her hardest to only feel the places in her body where they touched. "You know, this is our first kiss since meeting up in Aincrad! Anyway, as you probably already know, I snatched one of your smokes and I'm going to head outside to burn down. You should join me. I overheard some people talking earlier today about something interesting and I wanted to ask you what you thought about the subject...." Jambi: + Stinkfist! II Item Type: Two-Handed War Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3 Slots • +1 DMG • +1 DMG • +1 DMG An extremely heavy assault spear, built for war and all the agonies that come with it. The base is adorned with a fist, hinting that the weapon has a brutal secret. • Gifted 20 Materials to Jambi Ronin: + Stinkfist! Item Type: Two-Handed War Spear Tier: 1 Quality: rare Enhancements: 2 Slots • +1 DMG • +1 DMG
  2. Jambi

    F1: Seventh Heaven - Blacksmith

    "Raeeeeee! I'm here!" Jambi cried as she busted through the the door. She had received a message from him earlier saying that he had made a new weapon for her. Boy does he need to clean this place up. He has random [censored] all over the place. I can hardly breath in here. "Rae? You in this dusty cellar? I brought my old weapon to trade out for the new one... Also remember you said I could scoop up some materials from you? Well I sorta need them pronto?" I don't see him anywhere, but his smokes are right there on that sorry excuse of a table. Jambi knew he didn't go to far away from those things. He won't notice if I take one right?..
  3. Jambi


    Profile Username: Jambi Real name: Eliza Age: 22 Gender: Female Height: 5'4 About: History/personality In real life, Jambi continuously battled with her slightly abnormal issues. Her main quirk was her disregard for people. It's not that she hated anyone, she just didn't feel anything for the majority of them. She could see the most brutal attack on some innocent, helpless being and feel nothing. When she did interact with people it was rough. Jambi has always been straight forward, a trait most people don't care for, especially if she didn't like you. Saying she didn't have a filter would just begin to describe it. The few Jambi did initially get along with would quickly be turned off. Jambi didn't feel anything half a**. It was all or nothing for her. She either completely loved you or didn't even realize you were alive; an oddity that weirded out most. Jambi was completely aware of her eccentricity and she fought to "fix herself" but it was easier said than done. Despite her peculiarity, she was beyond grateful to have Rae as her husband and eternal partner. He seemed to be the only one who was patient enough to deal with her. He kept Jambi from going over the deep end and she felt forever indebted to him. Virtues: Authentic: Jambi's crazy choices in clothing reflects her personality and spirit to a tee. She is upfront and honest about everything. Jambi's true colors are all she knows. Confident: Part of Jambi's madness is her inability to feel fear. Jambi understands what a threat is however it has no effect on her mental state. She will dance her way right into the face of danger. Loyal: Jambi does not concern herself with most people. Unless you are her friend, she can prance right by you on the verge of death without a thought. However, befriend her and she will do absolutely anything for you no matter how difficult or ridiculous. Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Deranged- In real life, Jambi always tip-toed on the line between sane and insane. Now stuck in SAO, it seems she has almost completely gone mad. No matter the circumstances, Jambi is always happy and giggly and believes everything is just great. Reckless- Jambi's attitude toward potential threats often label her as careless and foolhardy. Possible consequences for her actions never register in Jambi's head. She often disregards rules and plans making it hard for any guild to even consider her as a member. Erratic- Jambi is as eccentric as it gets. Her way of thinking or lack thereof is downright outlandish. She is all over the place in logic and in action. Blunt- Jambi is the most honest person you will meet however her honesty can sometimes come off as rude and insensitive. She immediately blurts out whatever comes to her mind. What she thinks and believes is never a mystery. Profession: Rank 5 Tailor Stitches Skills 10/23 SP Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: ►Two-Handed Assault Spear: •Rank 1: Rank 0 -> 1 = 5 •Rank 2: Rank 1 -> 2 = 8 Inventory Weapons/Tools: »Japhy the Winged Cat (+1 BD) »Stinkfist II! (Two Handed War Spear Tier 1, Perfect, +3 DMG) » Leather Gauntlets (Light armor Tier 1, +2 Energy when CD is 6 or higher) »Weary Fortitude (Light Armor Tier 1, Rare, +9 DMG MIT, Thorns: +7 DMG) »Lawless Leather Leggings (Leather Armor Tier 1, Rare, Adds +1BD when enemy misses, when you miss, gain +1BD) »Cosmic Bandana (Clothing Tier 1, Rare, +2 LD) »Toothless (Plushie Tier 1, Perfect, +1 EXP per craft) »Heartless Chestguard (Light armor Tier 1, Perfect, +2 mit, +1 evasion) Roleplays The Mad Ones <<earning a living>> (Jambi & Ronin) (Jambi: +2 SP, +200 Col, +Tailor Profession Rank 1, +Hand Huggers, +5EXP ) Reunion <<feeding the enemy>> (Jambi & Ronin) (Jambi: +2SP, +200COL,+1Familiar) Teepee Lounging (Solo Post) (Jambi: +1SP, +400COL, +4 MAT, +3EXP) Into the forest <<worn out welcome>> (Jambi, Ronin, Caspar) (Jambi: +2SP, +133COL) Searching for the Beast <<Feeding the Enemy>> (Jambi, Ronin, Caspar) (Jambi: +1SP, +133 COL) Knife Party (Jambi & Ronin) (Jambi: +1SP, +200COL) (Jambi & Ronin) Passenger <<feeding the beast>> (Jambi Caspar & Ronin)(+1 SP, +133 Col) The Wedding of Jambi & Ronin <<saying vows>> (open post) (+2SP, +500COL) Ronin & Jambi's Giveaway! (open post) (+1SP,+ 80Col) The After Party! (open post) (+1SP) The bees knees <<Long live the queen>> (Jambi, Ronin, Caspar) (+4SP, +133COL) Relationships (optional) Japhy: Jambi's familiar winged cat. Twist: Jambi's first friend in Aincrad. (A tree in the Town of Beginnings) Erin: An earthworm underneath a rock in the Town of Beginnings. @Ronin Jambi's real life Husband. - Married in SAO: Linked Inventories (All Items Shared) @Caspar Jambi's buddy.