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  1. "That sucks." She shrugged, accepting the offer before settling her old weapon atop the counter. "Seemed like a good idea to take this job before, huh?" Jazmyne questioned. Being a merchant seemed as boring as the rest of the professions to her. The brunette sent her money along with the weapon in Baldur's way. -25 COL from Jazmyne to Baldur -1 Basic Bull-Whip from Jazmyne to Baldur
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    PST Evaluation/Locking Requests

    Lock this please and thank you :)
  3. Been busy lately ^_^ but I'm back online now.

  4. Jazmyne had been staring at the same item in her inventory for the past few days. After receiving her new whip the other had become useless and much less appealing as well. She almost couldn't believe how ecstatic she'd been to have it during the beginning of the game. If the weapon didn't go now it'd be going in the future, she decided to head over to a merchant and sell the thing off to where maybe it'd actually be worth something. It seemed that currently a trade happened to be going on thus Jazmyne found herself awaiting the moment that she could approach the merchant. Which was rare for her to do. Once she got the chance Jazmyne would say, "Take this off my hands will ya. It's a Good Item just tell me how much it'll cost."
  5. "Not bad." Jazmyne shrugged before nodding in approval, eyes squinted as she inspected her order. It hadn't taken long at all and the creation certainly was above average when taking her previous mental image of the Whip into consideration. Though it wasn't like Jazmyne would compliment nor thank anyone for completing such a "simple task" anytime soon. Or for anything else really. The brunette accepted the Whip by giving up her payment and then quickly turned on her heel to briskly pace out of the shop. She was definitely ready to use the weapon.
  6. Jazmyne, your character seems rather interesting, would you like to RP sometime?

    1. Jazmyne


      Sure :D I'm always game for more threads. Thanks for the compliment~

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    PST Evaluation/Locking Requests

    Lock this please and thank you :)
  8. Back at last c: If I owe you anything, don't worry, I already know and I'll be on it for the next few days as I catch up on posts.

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      I'll be wating for my $4000 in unmarked bills at the specified location. 

      lol, sorry. Couldn't resist. Don't worry about it. It seems Helios ran int osome problems with his computer, so we could start up another thread if you like in the mean time. Once you're all caught up, of course.

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      "specified location" :^)

      yeah I'll be there

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      Sweet. xD Helios got a reply in the other day, so we're all systems go on that thread.

  9. Temporary hiatus for me again ^_^ I'll be posting/making new threads by Sunday, though, so all is well.

  10. Someone called me a newb spammer on Tekken Tag 2 :') Right after I completed the tutorials too.

    Welp guess he was mad that this spammer beat the crap out of his Kazuya.

    1. XWuZHeAR


      Never really got into tekken although I have played it, with bandico I'm more of a Soul Calibur fan because its pretty unique for its genre.

  11. Jazmyne had taken both Rain and Hakai's material in the end of their search without even asking, in fact she thought the three of them would've split their results evenly with one person getting more than the other. Perhaps being a low-level had its perks since it seemed that others either pitied or felt more gracious around said member-group. With a smug grin on her face Jazmyne walked into a Blacksmith's shop closest to her current residence, a shady and over-crowded inn, with a weapon already in mind. She had no need for Heavy Armor anyways and so this specific weapon would be all she needed. Probably for a long time too. Groaning in displeasure, with a roll of the eyes Jazmyne snatched a form to fill out, hardly wanting to actually write out she wanted. It seemed like a waste of time to do so, after all. Upon finishing the order form Jazmyne shoved herself towards the counter, placing the paper upon the owner's front counter. "The faster the better." She commented before sitting elsewhere in the shop. It wasn't like the brunette had anywhere to go so she had the time to wait for completion.
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    PST Evaluation/Locking Requests

    http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/12445-pp-f4-pale-as-snow-jazmyne Lock this please and thank you :)
  13. Sorry for the short hiatus ^_^ But I'm back on now so everyone can kick-start their lives again!

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      Nah, I'm just surprised you had a heart. xD

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      w o w


      i see how it is >:) i'll remember you ever said that boii. and just b/c my heart is frozen doesn't mean it's not there!

    4. Rain
  14. Customer Service workers need to stop flirting with me...

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      Aw man and here I thought my voice sounded sexy or I they liked the way I typed words out

      Guess I'll have to pick people up some other way now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      -snort- All I can think about is the poor customer service girl at my work when she gets creepers on the phone.

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    T R A N S A C T I O N S R E L A T I O N S H I P S (from Jazmyne's P.O.V)