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  1. "That sucks." She shrugged, accepting the offer before settling her old weapon atop the counter. "Seemed like a good idea to take this job before, huh?" Jazmyne questioned. Being a merchant seemed as boring as the rest of the professions to her. The brunette sent her money along with the weapon in Baldur's way. -25 COL from Jazmyne to Baldur -1 Basic Bull-Whip from Jazmyne to Baldur
  2. Been busy lately ^_^ but I'm back online now.

  3. Jazmyne had been staring at the same item in her inventory for the past few days. After receiving her new whip the other had become useless and much less appealing as well. She almost couldn't believe how ecstatic she'd been to have it during the beginning of the game. If the weapon didn't go now it'd be going in the future, she decided to head over to a merchant and sell the thing off to where maybe it'd actually be worth something. It seemed that currently a trade happened to be going on thus Jazmyne found herself awaiting the moment that she could approach the merchant. Which was rare for her to do. Once she got the chance Jazmyne would say, "Take this off my hands will ya. It's a Good Item just tell me how much it'll cost."
  4. Jazmyne, your character seems rather interesting, would you like to RP sometime?

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      Sure :D I'm always game for more threads. Thanks for the compliment~

  5. Back at last c: If I owe you anything, don't worry, I already know and I'll be on it for the next few days as I catch up on posts.

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      I'll be wating for my $4000 in unmarked bills at the specified location. 

      lol, sorry. Couldn't resist. Don't worry about it. It seems Helios ran int osome problems with his computer, so we could start up another thread if you like in the mean time. Once you're all caught up, of course.

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      "specified location" :^)

      yeah I'll be there

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      Sweet. xD Helios got a reply in the other day, so we're all systems go on that thread.

  6. Temporary hiatus for me again ^_^ I'll be posting/making new threads by Sunday, though, so all is well.

  7. Someone called me a newb spammer on Tekken Tag 2 :') Right after I completed the tutorials too.

    Welp guess he was mad that this spammer beat the crap out of his Kazuya.

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      Never really got into tekken although I have played it, with bandico I'm more of a Soul Calibur fan because its pretty unique for its genre.

  8. Sorry for the short hiatus ^_^ But I'm back on now so everyone can kick-start their lives again!

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      Nah, I'm just surprised you had a heart. xD

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      i see how it is >:) i'll remember you ever said that boii. and just b/c my heart is frozen doesn't mean it's not there!

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  9. Customer Service workers need to stop flirting with me...

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      Aw man and here I thought my voice sounded sexy or I they liked the way I typed words out

      Guess I'll have to pick people up some other way now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      -snort- All I can think about is the poor customer service girl at my work when she gets creepers on the phone.

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    T R A N S A C T I O N S R E L A T I O N S H I P S (from Jazmyne's P.O.V)
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    R O L E P L A Y S (in chronological order) Q U E S T S
  12. Jazmyne

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    Taking this with Hydra for help because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    ~PROFILE~ USERNAME : «Jazmyne» REAL NAME : Nova Anselm AGE : Seventeen GENDER : Female HEIGHT : Five Feet, Three Inches -- H I S T O R Y -- There's nothing special to the name Nova Anselm. Neighborhood residents will tell you that. Her friends will tell you that. Her parents will tell you that. Even Nova herself will speak this simple truth, though with a moment of hesitation, if you were to ask. She resides in a busy city full of busy people on a busy island, while she herself stands alone, still, and completely content. Nova learns to keep her feet moving while walking among the heavy-populated streets of Japan. There's no time to stop or wonder or think or to even look back to see how far you've gone. And Nova is okay with this. Okay with her life and okay with everything along with everyone in it. Her few friends are from early childhood, too close of a bond to break despite the yearning to now that they've realized Nova isn't quite what anyone would call "friend material". Her parents feel as if they aren't good enough. Their only child needs more and is growing, so this is their excuse. They spoil her and Nova slips back into the state of a whiny five-year old child who can get what they want with the stomp of a foot. She loses her friends. She slips into a steady life of occupying herself with useless gadgets for entertainment and friendship. The internet provides all the social time she'll ever need, while school becomes a hassle due to Nova's ego taking over as she signs up for only the most difficult of courses. It's when Nova fails those courses that she's given Sword Art Online. Failure suddenly becomes irrelevant as Nova seeks to meet up with a group of online friends once the BETA tests are over, to move on with her life like she always has instead of studying harder for next time because her narcissism tells the brunette that she'll be fine. Fine as in she doesn't have to do a thing and she'll know everything in time. Fine as in she can't possibly fail again. Except she does. Because the game's a death trap and Nova is actually alone for once in her life. No one out there to spoil or care for her. No one to talk to. No one to call Mom or Dad. Nova will just have to make her biggest mistake one huge victory to brag about once the game is over. -- V I R T U E S -- TRUSTWORTHY : Jazmyne remains, no matter what, completely honest at all times because the brunette knows she wouldn't want to be lied to anytime, for any reasons. She prefers the truth even if it's brutal or hurtful or opinionated. In this way Jazmyne believes she can improve herself from honesty as well as find out who she can trust in the process. Not a single person, because of her views, has to worry about Jazmyne participating in any types of trickery involving lying, betrayal, or any sort of behavior that would make others re-think the way they'd previously thought about Jazmyne herself. She's reliable and honorable, always sticking to this code even in difficult situations or stress-provoking circumstances. STRENGTH : Physically and mentally Jazmyne has immense strength. She's always had a powerhouse force and plenty of muscle mass to provide greater strength than most of her peers since a young age due to genetics that only became enhanced over time. Jazmyne is able to block nearly all negative forces that attack her mindset or emotions which in turn keep the brunette level-headed and generally calm. Though she can't withstand everything the world throws at her, she can hold her own through quite a bit of chaos and has proven so in the past. UPDATE : Now the only thing, it seems, that can lead her away from a clear, focused mine is the thought of death as it strikes fear within her heart. Or physical contact can send her blushing and a little hazy since she's not exactly used to such intimacy. DISCRETE : Though Jazmyne hasn't gained much friends because of her secretive self that tends to push people away or giving rather mixed first impressions, her discreteness is indeed a virtue. She can always be trusted to keep secrets and to not prod on anyone, even by accident, when it's unwanted because Jazmyne keeps to herself. The brunette also has a hard time, due to this trait, connecting and getting close with others. This way she is less hurt, stressed, and worried about relationships while being able to maintain as much as people tell her without letting any other single soul know about such important information. UPDATE : Though now that she's actually socializing and meeting new faces, Jazmyne has a tendency to speak about her life pre-SAO along with other things on whim, so there's less pushing others away and more letting them in. Which, overall, is a good thing because she's making more friends. -- F L A W S -- Impatient : If the world can't keep up with her then Jazmyne will move on without it. To the brunette life moves along far too quickly to stop moving, and so do the people around her. She's a level-headed person but can become quickly irritated if kept waiting or if dealing with a particularly annoying person. Also, if dealt with ill-mannerly, ignored, or angered somehow, Jazmyne will feel provoked and won't be afraid to lash out or say exactly what's on her mind. Her wrath isn't deadly but usually can't be competed with nor challenged. Expect Jazmyne to be a bit testy or sassy as well, especially if you're encountering her for the first time. UPDATE : Jazmyne has realized she needs to relax a bit at certain times. Especially in a death game. Though she still moves along with the world like before, it's not as often, and she's definitely learned to take a seat when needed. Of course people are still too slow for the brunette. Callous : It's hard for Jazmyne to sympathize in any way or manner. She cares about herself and herself only, the feelings of others often disregarded, un-cared for, misunderstood, or forgotten by the brunette. Because she could care less about this flaw Jazmyne carries her callousness around out in the open without a care. If she ever does care it's because she's involved or could be affected by a certain event or person. This is what gives her a not-so-good first impression on others. Jazmyne seems as if she'd leave you dying simply if she felt like doing so on that certain day. Being quite the hypocrite when her callousness is taken into consideration, Jazmyne dislikes when nobody around feeds her the craved attention she requires or when she's hurt and nobody will take care of her properly. Jazmyne is completely oblivious of this flaw. UPDATE : Apparently extreme beauty, curiosity, or adorableness can send Jazmyne into a slightly caring state, those being her weaknesses. But it's honestly not much. And most of the time she doesn't really care, she just wants to find out things she doesn't know. Egotistical : Being self-centered has always affected Jazmyne. Along with not caring for the feelings of others, she also has gained a huge ego over the length of her lifetime that says she's the most important, should be cared for, and that she doesn't have to worry about anyone other than herself. Being narcissistic leaves most wondering if Jazmyne is even worth trusting as she always boasts and seems to only speak about her accomplishments. The minimal, not-even-close-to-special accomplishments she hold dear to her heart. Don't worry, she's still completely trustworthy, the brunette simply has an undying self obsession. Being alone with her parents, who spoiled their child silly, most of her childhood, Jazmyne can't seem to identify when those surrounding her are annoyed or wouldn't mind if she payed attention to them and would quit speaking of herself. -- P R O F E S S I O N -- N/A S K I L L S Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon Skills: » One-Handed Whip (Rank 1 -- +1 DMG -- 5/50 SP) Mods: » Total SP : 10 Used SP : 5 Unused SP : 5 COL : 1066 (1041) Materials : 14 I N V E N T O R Y Weapons/Tools: » Basic Bull-Whip » Meat-Seeker // +3 Damage Armor: » Black Cloth Clothing » Hooded Cloak // +9 Mitigation Potions/Food/Drinks: » 10 Bread » 15 Water Vanity: » Battle-Ready: » ~ 5/28/2016 - Level 1 // 4 Health Points // 1 Energy // 5 Skill Points // 2 Damage