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    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    I will be tagging along with Helios for this quest.
  2. Anybody want to be interviewed by me? I want to take notes on human expression during combat. You may pick the quest, as long as you can complete it without much assistance.

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  4. Would anyone like to complete «Earning A Living» with me? I also have an open, casual topic on F16 if you are interested.

  5. I am no longer a work in progress. Looking forward to working with all of you after I am approved.

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    COSMETICS Jazper is currently jobless. They will eventually (in the most likely scenario) pursue the blacksmith or tailor profession. THE ARSENAL [0/5 current SP] NON-COMBAT » » PASSIVE » » COMBAT » » WEAPON » [Rank One // 5 SP] One-Handed Curved Sword » INVENTORY » COL: 0 » MATERIALS: 0 » STARTER SCIMITAR [CURVED SWORD] » JAZPER'S STARTER OUTFIT
  8. Jazper


    JAZPER 20 | SHE/HER/THEY/THEM | 5'10" | 132 LBS. HISTORY Jazper was never the type of person to find them self bothered over identity or the likes of it. They just always lied somewhere in between the identifiable aspects of substance. Whether it was gender, orientation, or even ethnicity, Jazper always lied in between the scenes; where most people couldn't look (whether they were scared to or not). Over the years, Jazper gained a more feminique appearance, and began being labeled as "she" or "her," which Jazper didn't mind at all, but found odd. They always imagined the world as something moldable and unidentifiable, so labels were such a minute aspect in their life. They often were just regarded as a joke to Jazper, as human obsession with labels always humored them. Jazper was someone who didn't actually worry about most things, as a matter of fact. They were too caught up in more serious things, like how many gallons of water there are in that tank over there, or what schedule each worker bee is on for gathering pollen. Jazper was born a genius, and thus never found them self getting along with the typical crowd of children or teenagers. That's not to say they never had any friends, but they were often too involved in facts and reading that becoming friends with someone seemed arbitrary. Metaphysics became an instant point of interest for Jazper. They're always caught up in what intricacies make up the universe and such things that bore most people. Jazper had the average home life; or possibly a slightly above average one. They had two loving parents who occasionally fought, but ultimately loved each other. They went to a small private on a military base in Japan for kindergarten through fifth grade, and then transferred to a public school in sixth grade. They made very few friends, and said friends typically lost interest in them quite quickly. They never minded, though. From a very young age Jazper understood that humans are truly animals, and primal instincts will always weigh heavier over supposed human emotion. Jazper got involved in the Debate Team and Martial Arts Club in high school. Jazper quickly became well rounded in Taekwondo and Fencing, preferring physical arts much more than the defensive side (like Karate... ick). They were surprised when boys started flirting with them in their Junior year. It was inevitable; with Jazper's curvaceous build, pretty features, and strong disposition. Jazper wasn't used to the attention, but they most certainly understood the hormonal spike that made boys believe they wanted to fornicate. Most of the male populace Jazper had politely denied, except for one. Jazper was a junior when he was a sophomore. He was the third boy to prompose to her, but he had a completely different attitude about it. There was no cheesy sign or ridiculous gimmick about Jazper's soon-to-be-valedictorian status. He had simply asked them with a yellow-tined rose he had plucked from his father's garden. He asked Jazper in P.E. class, while their long, brunette hair was tied back in a messy bun and the only thing they were wearing were the ugly blue gym shorts and oversized white tee. Most guys caught Jazper when they looked the best; in the morning, when they had just finished their hair and their outfit was still squeaky clean from the closet. This boy, "....Aryeh.." (he had informed Jazper of his name as he promposed), was the first to ask them without a crowd or shiny set of pearly whites. It seemed like the first genuine expression of emotion Jazper had seen from a human in a while... so they said yes. Aryeh was shocked at first, but he eventually smiled his big, dimple-ridden smile at Jazper and nodded excitedly. Jazper would never forget that image. It was the day Jazper met the only human they loved (or as they would say, the first human their body reacted to with adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin). Prom was one of the most magical nights of Jazper's life. They never understood why they had such a connection with the freckled boy. He was an inch shorter than them and goofy enough, but he was a great dancer and his laugh was cute. It was the first night Jazper had truly laughed at stupid jokes without the direct purpose of making someone feel good. It may have been the first moment that Jazper actually succumbed to human emotion in such a real way. Jazper graduated valedictorian which was no surprise to any of their classmates. Jazper had also scored a perfect score on the ACT and a nearly perfect score on the SAT, and had received three full ride scholarships to schools in America. However, they were all tossed to the wind when Aryeh showed up at her door one night with a black eye, busted lip, and a backpack on. He smiled up at her, letting a thin stream of blood spill from his mouth and to the floor. "Aryeh..!" Jazper exclaimed under their breath. The boy simply smiled and requested Jazper run away with him. Jazper knew that their parents would be mad, but they always taught Jazper to understand what it is they (Jazper) wants in their heart before acting. After a half hour of packing their cutest outfits (and hesitantly leaving behind some exquisite looks), Jazper nodded and left with the boy. Aryeh explained that they could survive off his $10,000 prize money earnings he had won from taking first place in a Pokémon tournament at National's a few months prior. He said he had been saving that with his current job's pay so that they could leave together. They had been practically dating for the past two years, after all (Aryeh knew better than to label it around Jazper; their not the one to put stupid, restrictive titles on relationships). Jazper didn't have to ask to know that Aryeh's parents were terribly abusive, and that he had hoped to leave them several times. He was just waiting until he was 18 to finally leave. "School doesn't mean anything to me," Aryeh giggled in response to Jazper's question about graduating. "I just want to make you happy, Jazper.." He spoke sincerely. Jazper had cried that day in the taxi they took to the airport. They hadn't realized that, that was quite literally the first time Jazper ever cried past the age of two. Jazper wasn't sad about leaving their parents because animals do it all the time without any detriment to their ability to survive; but Jazper was crying because of the extreme love Aryeh had for them. It was the same exponential human emotion that Jazper had referenced as stupidity in their writing, and dismissed in them self as an indication of human weakness... Now, it felt like it was saving them. Jazper and Aryeh moved into a small apartment in a small town in Texas. Jazper dyed their hair bleach blonde and took light doses of female hormones to obscure their identity. Aryeh wore really cool shades. After about a year of ramen noodles and no video games (Aryeh cried a lot), Jazper and Aryeh were pronounced MIA by the military police force and they decided it was safe to get jobs under false names. Jazper worked as a private investigator for stupid human interests, and made good money doing so. Aryeh got a job in construction under a false name. Jazper made sure their tracks were always covered, their intelligence easily navigating the most complicated of predicaments the couple found themselves in. One day, Aryeh came home with two bags with large boxes popping out the top. He had the hugest grin and the most mischievous kind of cocked brow. Upon unboxing the objects, Jazper realized they were the new NerveGears that the news had mentioned several times. It seems Aryeh had actually snagged one. "And look at this!" He shouted triumphantly. He had been gone for hours to get the game, so Jazper understood it must be important. Jazper smiled lightly at the man. He held up in the air two copies of the world's only VRMMORPG, "Sword Art Online." ... Slash! Clank! Swish! The couple sweat as they struggled to defeat an odd field boss on the first floor. Suddenly, the large hog variant charged at Aryeh and slammed in to his small frame, launching him in the air backwards past them self. Jazper doesn't remember why it was that Aryeh was so invested in the game, but in that horrible moment, Aryeh's words echoed in their head. 'I know how much you're in to the study of the universe and it's weird doo-hickies and stuff... But.. You even stated yourself that human possibility is terribly small in relation to the universe's... Wouldn't it be cool to finally explore a universe we can fully understand..?' There was no last smile or "I love you," or any kind of last words; only the impending remembrance that he did this for them. Aryeh's body burst in to several blue pixelated polygons. Jazper didn't know what to feel. Jazper knew so much, and yet they didn't understand human emotion properly enough to know exactly what to emote in this situation. All Jazper could feel was empty. They spun around to face the hog, which was simply backing up to repeat its same, basic attacking pattern. They screamed; Jazper just screamed. They screamed as loud as they could before launching forward. Jazper is confused for possibly the first time in their life. For the first time in years, their alone again... They do know, however, that to survive and help these other humans live, they will destroy anything in their way. Jazper swears to completely explore this game, and learn about every crevice... for Aryeh. VIRTUES Genius: Jazper has incomparable intelligence. She was born a genius and remains a genius. She memorized the entire table of elements at age 3, and could recite every symbol, atomic number, and was able to recognize each one in their physical form. Jazper has since become a rather analytic individual, and enjoys reading thesauruses and dictionaries for fun. Jazper is insanely knowledgeable, as they have conducted several studies on Metaphysics, Universal Algorithms, and Biochemistry. Because of their intelligence, Jazper is known for being quite the strategist. In Martial Arts, they would never be defeated because of the way they planned ahead of their opponent. Calm: Jazper is generally very collected and quiet. They have a generally reserved disposition about them, and never really speaks unless spoken to or in formal greeting. Jazper has always just been a rather chill person. Jazper knows that a level head is the only kind of head that will help them achieve the level of intelligence they wish to obtain. There hasn't been anything in the game that has broken Jazper's cool demeanor besides the death of Aryeh. Jazper has vowed that there never will be another time in their life that, that should happen. Beautiful: Jazper's beauty is accentuated by their attention to detail in fashion. Since puberty, Jazper has pretty much resembled, simply put, a really pretty girl. Now that they have a pair of boobs and blonde hair, the persistence of men has become rather fascinating. Jazper is taller than most "girls," and has a bit of a curvy figure, with long legs. Jazper had promised Aryeh that they would get in to modeling if their interest in fashion persisted. --- Apathetic: Jazper is generally apathetic towards most human emotion. Even without their own level of stoic behavior, Jazper at their base is just unable to care about simple human folly. Jazper observes and analyzes every situation fairly before making any judgement, and even then those hypothesis are governed by the laws of science and what Jazper understand about homosapien behavior; never be their heart or emotion. This is not to say Jazper doesn't emote, but they are definitely not nearly as quick to reveal any human-like qualities, really, as other people are. And in actuality, it's Jazper's genius that keeps them from truly understanding how to properly express feelings. Everything is numbers and theory to them. Blunt: Because of Jazper's lack of relation to human feelings, they often say things that can come off as "harsh" or "blunt." Jazper does not say these things flippantly or without regard for the other person, as they are smart enough to know what type of statements illicit negative responses from people, but they say these things to get across a point that needs to be made, or to make the other person truly understand the reality of a situation. Jazper's mouth has only gotten them in to trouble a few dozen times (+ 2), so they don't make any kind of conscious effort to change their vocabulary or style of speaking. Loner: When they first joined this game, Jazper and Aryeh had vowed to stick with one another throughout the entire thing, just them together. Since he died, Jazper made a new vow to make it through the game as she had promised Aryeh. It was just them and him, and since he was gone, it would have to be just them. Jazper didn't have much trouble setting this standard for them self, as they grew up "playing solo" anyways.