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    Yui of the Yua & Yui Twins Profile Information Username: Yui Real name: Yuna Satoshi Birth date: September 2, 2004 Age: Eighteen Gender: Female Height: 5'3" Weight: 134 Hair Color: Snow White Eye Color: Crimson Red Apple History Yui always was graced with the wonders and splendors of the parents spoiling her with whatever toys and sweets that she would beg for as they wandered the through markets. It was a marvelous time to be had in her respect as she was loved and cared for by two parents who enjoyed hearing the joyful laughter of their beloved daughter. As time passed them by the presents gifted to the twins only grew, and the time of the two working parents around the household scarce. It wasn't completely uncommon for the girls to never see mother or father for an entire week at a time due to the late evenings and early mornings they would leave. A list a words always appeared on the white board day in and day out giving the evidence that they had slept there during the night. The list was one that never caught Yui's interest although Yua always seemed to know what was happening and how to prepare before the departure to grade school. A bag of freshly baked homemade bread slapped over some fish with cheese made up Yui's lunch everyday from grade school to middle school a magical marvel in her mind that always seemed to be fresh and ready no matter how early she woke up. It was only her senior year when Yua had slept in for reasons unannounced to her that the sudden magical brown bag was missing from it's place, a marvel that finally fell into the light. For years she thought it was mother and father crafting her favorite sandwich at the crack of dawn when instead it was her loving sister Yua who had labored early in the morning to take the money left by her parents to the fish market to sample freshly caught Akoudai. How did such a punctual routine of a clever older sister fail to keep of this mythical legend of the reappearing sandwich, it was quite simple day in and day out even in most worse case sickness or health she continued to play the stronger older sister till she finally fell fairly ill that she simply remained passed out in bed. Distraught from the sudden truths revealed and the condition of her sister Yui learned about responsibility quickly as she to took the day off in attempts to nurse her dear sis back to health. (Work in Progress) Personality Virteus Energetic - Yui is always vibrant and filled with life, although she does attempt to sedate her usual gleeful prancing for the sake of her sister Yua. This energy is abundant in her dance as well as her combat as she tends to exhibit this same enthusiasm in every aspect of her life. Combine her nearly caffeinated levels of jubilee she is the perfect type of person to have at a party to spruce things up a bit. Sympathetic - Unlike her beloved twin sister Yui is quite emotional and capable of feeling the pain of strangers or friends alike and thus easily influenced by cruel treatment of others. What pains her the most is the hateful words that other student would say behind Yua's back and to Yui's face, her parents always said she had been born with enough love for both herself and her cold sister. This concern she expresses toward others often keeps others safe due to the constant check ups she forces into her everyday schedule. Cheerful - A simple emotion for Yui that hardly ever graces her twin's features, a brilliant smile that illuminates even the darkest of places. Due to her extremely volatile nature she is capable of shifting from a fit of tears to a playful giddy attitude at the snap of a finger. Although upsetting Yui isn't a difficult task in and of itself she easily regathers that upbeat tempo. Flaws Indulgent - As the family favorite Yui grew partially spoiled in her early years always eating the most luscious of fruits or expensive meals which brought a great deal of conflict into the room which she and her twin shared often needing double the amount of supplies. The worse situations are when Yui attempts to bring home boyfriends when their entire secret identity revolved about people believing the two were one. Her sweet tooth and often is capable of loosening her tongue far quicker than any other method. Loquacious - Yui tends to blab about topics that are suppose to be secretive, meaning she is the worse possible teammate to have in stealth missions unless she is being used as a distraction. She finds it physically difficult to not keep some sort of background noise going in between long awkward silences even up into the late hours of the night. A nickname she once received was loud mouth as even her teachers couldn't stand her incessant rambling. Sensitive - Unlike most people who are sensitive she is incapable of holding back these emotions to release at a more appropriate time causing large scenes. This particularly affects her twin as she can't stand these outbursts or the people who cause it, making them a great means of relieving a bit of her sis's pent up tension. The strangest issue that associates with her sensitive nature is her inability to calm herself down with the means of a simple strand of yarn which she uses to construct all sorts of unique patterns. Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)