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  1. "Well I guess it's the same thing but yeah getting some sleep would be the objective" answering his question as they searched for the smithy. Shepard took note of a bench under a nearby oak tree closer to the center of the market "well that looks decent enough" talking underneath his breath hoping Spidey hadn't heard him he didn't want his friend to worry about any more than he already was. Shepard was about to ask him something but he saw a sign that caught his eye it looked like a hammer striking an anvil with leaves floating around in the background "check that out, if that doesn't scream blacksmith with leaf in his name I don't know what does" knocking on the door to the shop he waited for about three minutes until another older man answered the door he was wearing a black apron and brown leather gloves with tears and soot all over them "come on in" as they walked in they could see assortments off weapons and armour varying from swords to axes and even some gauntlets that didn't look like they were used for defense "Zachariah said he would send someone to deliver my order of crafting potions" taking the package from Shepard he set it up on the counter and took out the vials he ordered and stores them in a cupboard. Returning to the box he pulls out their potions and handed them to Shepard and Spidey "there you guys go and one more thing, are y'all looking for more work"
  2. Watching Spidey succeed at crafting the potion on his first try Shepard couldn't feel a little embarrassed all day he had been one step ahead of Spidey but now he was a step behind "would you like to try again young man" asked Zachariah. "Sure, why not" walking up to the table once again Shepard decided to take a play from Spidey's playbook. He started by grinding up a mushroom he picked up earlier today, then after heating up some water, he mixed them together in a vial. After he corked the vial a notification popped up tell him that he successfully crafted a perfect quality potion "well it would seem you have better alchemical instincts than me Spidey" handing over the vial to the older man Shepard said "if that is all.." but before he could finish the old alchemist interrupted him "before you go I have one last request would you take this package to my friend Lyle he is a blacksmith on the other side of town, I would do it myself but I'm far to busy thanks to you two getting me these materials." Shepard rolled his eyes then looked towards Spidey and then back at Zachariah "sure we can" he replied as he grabbed the box. As they were heading out the door Zachariah spoke again "oh, I almost forgot when you get to Lyle there is something inside the package for you two and good luck on your journeys." While they walked across town Shepard pondered on the question Spidey asked himself earlier in the shop "well I know one thing as soon as I finish this quest I'm going to find the nearest tree and fall out" he let out a small chuckle as he said the words.
  3. While they were making their way to the gate Shepard opened up the map to see how far they were from the entrance to the town. As he pulled it up he saw that they were only a couple of minutes from it, and he also saw Spidey pick up his final material "good we got all the materials and we're only a few minutes from the gate we should be able to get this quest over with within the hour" as he finished speaking Shepard spotted light coming from around the next bend "speak of the devil, look there it is Spidey let's go" with that he heard a noise behind them. Turning around to see what it was all he could see was a dark shape the size of a cow running towards them "Spidey we got a bogie on are six run!!!" With that Shepard broke into a sprint towards the gate as he got near to it he jumped into the entrance and turned just in time to see the massive black shape of some kind of mob barrelling past the gate. "Well that was a close one huh spidey" he said to Spidey as he got up "let's get this quest over with." As they reached Zachariah's shop Shepard just walked on in not even bothering to knock "hey, we got those items for you" setting them on the counter as he spoke "good I'm glad you got them was there any trouble?" Replied the shop keeper "well not really but there was this huge creature that chased us at the edge of the wall" as he finished Shepard was about to open his quest menu when Zachariah spoke up "I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble in return for the danger you faced I will give you a lesson on alchemy try your luck at the table over there" Shepard walked over to the table and picked up a material to grind up but instead it shattered when he tried to "dang it, hey Spidey why don't you give it a try"
  4. Instead of getting up Shepard just laid there listening to Spidey compliment the view "yeah it's pretty cool ain't it, let's just sit here for a moment and rest it has been a long day and to be honest I'm pretty tired I've been sleeping under trees and on benches for quite some time now" stretching out on the ground and closing his eyes he let the wind blow over him not caring about his hair getting in his face he just laid there and enjoyed it. "And let me tell you it's not very comfortable" laying there his thoughts started wandering to what it would be like to see a view like this in real life or if there where sites like this on every floor. "Do you think there is a view like this on every floor, if there is I think it would be worth making the time to see them all what do you think" while waiting for him to answer Shepard sat up and fixed his hair just in time to see the sun set on the edge of the floor bathing the sky in Orange and red before it sunk below the edge and out of sight "well that was nice but now it's night and mobs are going to be more active we better be careful" getting back on his feet Shepard decided to walk down to the meadow "we better get moving" looking back at Spidey still sitting on the hill he added "you coming?" and continued to walk down the hill.
  5. After Spidey returned the fist bump Shepard decided to walk towards a hill that was closer to the wall while he listened to Spidey "yeah I guess having a companion would be better than soloing everything" Shepard replied. After reaching the hill he realized that it overlooked a small meadow with an assortment of different kinds of flowers but is seemed they were all just basic plant life and nothing special but it still looked nice. The hill also gave a clear line of sight to the edge of floor 1 to the west and the forest to the north behind them. Before he sat down Shepard took a look around for a moment to make sure there weren't any mobs around after he decided that the area was fairly safe he plopped down on the ground and looked back to his companion to see him picking up a red mushroom "hey if my count is correct that makes four, that means you only need one more.... Hey why don't you come check this out" with that Shepard laid back in the grass and waited for him to catch up to him.
  6. Since his fight with the black dog on floor 3 Shepard came to realize a sad truth that he was weak, for now. But that's why he was here on floor 2 he had heard rumors of a skill that would help him in his journey to become stronger the only problem was that this skill can only be acquired by completing a certain Quest located here on floor 2 on the summit of a mountain. At the moment Shepard was resting near the summit of the mountain he had been climbing it for half a day now. It had been a long day so far but he knew when he finally got to the top and acquired the skill that he would be one step closer to finding Junie and beating this death game with her by his side. The ledge Shepard was resting on overlooked a vast portion of floor 2 you could see most of the city of Urbus and both Marome and Taran and at the base of the mountain you could see a path that winded it's way up to the summit the same path that Shepard had been on for half of the day. Pulling a loaf of bread from his inventory Shepard was about to take a bite out of it when something caught his attention half way down the path he saw another player coming up the mountain. "Huh looks like someone else is climbing this mountain I wonder if they're coming for the quest too."
  7. Lawrence

    Quest help

    Need someone to help me with the breaking the unbreakable preferably someone with ranks in the MA skill
  8. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    ID#105201 BD:5 (miss) MD:2 (miss)
  9. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    Quickly standing back up Shepard turned back towards the large dog just in time to see it jumping at him fangs barred about to sink them into his shoulder once again, but instead of it digging into Shepard like a human chew toy he brought up the hilt of his blade crashing it into the underside of it's jaw with enough force to knock it off course and colliding into a nearby tree "you're not doing that again you oversized pooch" pointing his blade at the beast in a mocking gesture. 'this fight is taking to long I need to finish this and get back to looking for that ....' interrupting his train of thought was the barking and growling of the black dog "well I'm sorry but I need to end this it's been fun though" with that Shepard lunged forward slashing at the side of the mob bringing it's health bar down to just above ten percent 'dang it I thought that would have done it.' ID#105150 BD:8 (2dmg) MD:3 miss
  10. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    While the Beast continue to Claw at the sword buried in its chest Shepard took the opportunity to charge forward at the Beast while it was preoccupied with the blade. As Shepard neared the Beast the sound of his running alerted the dog to his actions somewhat startled by Shepard charging at him unarmed the Beast in turn forgot about the blade and its chest and prepared to strike at the foolish human. As soon as Shepard was close enough he dropped to his knees and slid the rest of the way to the creature grabbing his sword in the process and yanking it free from the black dogs chest he held it to the flesh carving a gash down the side of the mob, but as he reached the rear of the dog it lashed out with its hind legs causing it's claws to rake against Shepards back dealing some damage in return. ID#105149 BD:6 (2dmg) MD:7 (9-5mit= 4dmg)
  11. Lawrence

    [F1-OP] A Break in the Clouds

    Shepard had been coming to this tavern for a couple months now mostly for food and board. It had been a while since he had seen his friend spidey the last time he saw him was back at the beginners quest, but ever since his adventure with Spidey Shepard seemed less troubled than he used to be. It was really thanks to Spidey that he was still alive if he hadn't talked some sense into him that day in the feild he would probably still be feeling nothing but guilt about Juni but now he was different he had hope that he would find her and beat this game by her side. Interrupting his train of thought was the sound of the front door to the tavern opening, and a player entering with the door slamming shut behind him. Not many people took notice of the kid but the ones that did didn't seem to interested in him turning there attention back to there food. Shepard didn't even bother turning around he knew people fancied this spot for it's convenience and most where already in groups together. The waitress brought his food to him from the kitchen "here you go one order of vegetable soup and a mug of cheap ale enjoy" with that she returned to taking orders from the other patrons at the bar. As he was about to eat a spoonful of his soup someone sat down next him and greeted him with a forced hello. Putting his spoon down Shepard turned his attention to the the person greeting him "good afternoon" picking up his spoon once more Shepard resumed eating his lunch.
  12. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    Before Shepard could recover from the first attack the beast struck again but with even more force than it's previous attack. With the creatures claws in his chest Shepard winced in pain 'damn that hurts this beast is pretty tough but I'm not giving up that easily' while the beast kept it's claws in Shepard he took the opportunity to aim his sword at it's own chest "let's see how you like it" and before the beast could react Shepard buried his sword halfway into the dogs chest. The beast withdrew it's claws and howled in pain at the sword now buried in it. Turning it's attention to the blade protruding from it's chest it began to try and tear the blade free but since the dog didn't have opposable thumbs it proved difficult. Shepherd would have laughed at the creatures new situation if it hadn't meant that he was now unarmed and helpless to the onslaught of the Beast. ID#101210 BD:10 (+2 crit) (2+2=4dmg) MD:10(+2 crit) (9+2=11-5=6dmg)
  13. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    Before the mob could recuperate from the throw Shepard activated snakebite again causing two more red gashes to appear on it's side. "Gotcha!" Shepard yelled while jumping out of it's range as it was getting back up on it's feet. He caught a glimpse of what looked like a grin creap across the beasts face "what's up with that creepy smile, what are you up to." Before he was able to contemplate what the mob was thinking about it charged at him swiping at him randomly. Fortunately the creature had slowed down a good bit probably from the beating it had already taken from the fight allowing him to dodge each attack with little effort. "Ha, seems like you've ran out of juice let's end this" Shepard started to raise his sword in the air for another attack until he felt something press into his back "what the heck" turning his head to the side so he could see what he had ran into and that's when he realized his back was against a tree. Turning his attention back to his enemy Shepard caught a glimpse of the creature's claws as tore through his midsection once again finding resistance due to his armor. 'crap I guess I should have kept an eye on where I was going' making a quick mental note to stay aware of his surroundings from now on. ID#101180 BD:7 (hit) snakebite activated (2×3=6dmg) MD:6 (hit) (9-5mit=4dmg)
  14. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    "Your a tough pooch and I'd love to have you as a pet but I've got other things to do so..." with that he charged the beast but instead of going head on like before Shepard sidestepped to the right catching it off gaurd by the sudden change in tactics he buried two gashes into the side of the creature with his blade "yeah I got him!!!" Unfortunately Shepard got to excited and let his guard down just enough for the black dog to pounce on him pushing him to the ground and burying his teeth into the muscle of Shepard's shoulder "aaagghh, get off me u mut" dropping his sword Shepard used his hands to pry open the beasts mouth and lifting it up so that he could move out from under it "ha got you now" with his grip still firmly holding the dogs jaw he used this opportunity to start to swing the beast in a circle like the propeller to a helicopter. Once he got some speed up he let go and the dog smacked into a nearby tree " that'll teach you to bite people." ID#101154 BD:10 (+2 crit) snakebite activated [2+2=(4×3)=12dmg] MD:10 (+2 crit) [9+2=11-5mit=6dmg]
  15. "You told me I very intuitive, I just think I’m very observant, but seeing how I can’t find any materials you might be right!” Shepard couldn't help but laugh at that comment but when he realized that Spidey wasn't finished he quickly stopped and listened. Through everything that Spidey was saying what caught his attention the most was what he said about hope how the guilt was just the surface and what really lied below was the hope that Juni might forgive me and the fact that I was afraid that my worst fear was she wouldn't. "Th...thank you Spidey your right that I hope she'll forgive me and that what scares me the most is that there is a chance she won't." He walked over to where Spidey was standing and placed a hand over his own chest. "I know that I need to stop feeling guilty, and it might not go away for awhile, but I think no wait my hope is that thanks to you I will find her and get my answer." Putting his hand out in a fist bump gesture towards Spidey "from here on out I make this promise to you I will try and stop feeling guilty and start to hope for a better future one where we all get out of this death game me you Juni and if your sister is in here somewhere I will help you find her."