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  1. Lawrence

    [F1-OP] A Break in the Clouds

    Shepard had been coming to this tavern for a couple months now mostly for food and board. It had been a while since he had seen his friend spidey the last time he saw him was back at the beginners quest, but ever since his adventure with Spidey Shepard seemed less troubled than he used to be. It was really thanks to Spidey that he was still alive if he hadn't talked some sense into him that day in the feild he would probably still be feeling nothing but guilt about Juni but now he was different he had hope that he would find her and beat this game by her side. Interrupting his train of thought was the sound of the front door to the tavern opening, and a player entering with the door slamming shut behind him. Not many people took notice of the kid but the ones that did didn't seem to interested in him turning there attention back to there food. Shepard didn't even bother turning around he knew people fancied this spot for it's convenience and most where already in groups together. The waitress brought his food to him from the kitchen "here you go one order of vegetable soup and a mug of cheap ale enjoy" with that she returned to taking orders from the other patrons at the bar. As he was about to eat a spoonful of his soup someone sat down next him and greeted him with a forced hello. Putting his spoon down Shepard turned his attention to the the person greeting him "good afternoon" picking up his spoon once more Shepard resumed eating his lunch.
  2. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    ID#101210 BD:10 (+2 crit) (2+2=4dmg) MD:10(+2 crit) (9+2=11-5=6dmg)
  3. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    Before the mob could recuperate from the throw Shepard activated snakebite again causing two more red gashes to appear on it's side. "Gotcha!" Shepard yelled while jumping out of it's range as it was getting back up on it's feet. He caught a glimpse of what looked like a grin creap across the beasts face "what's up with that creepy smile, what are you up to." Before he was able to contemplate what the mob was thinking about it charged at him swiping at him randomly. Fortunately the creature had slowed down a good bit probably from the beating it had already taken from the fight allowing him to dodge each attack with little effort. "Ha, seems like you've ran out of juice let's end this" Shepard started to raise his sword in the air for another attack until he felt something press into his back "what the heck" turning his head to the side so he could see what he had ran into and that's when he realized his back was against a tree. Turning his attention back to his enemy Shepard caught a glimpse of the creature's claws as tore through his midsection once again finding resistance due to his armor. 'crap I guess I should have kept an eye on where I was going' making a quick mental note to stay aware of his surroundings from now on. ID#101180 BD:7 (hit) snakebite activated (2×3=6dmg) MD:6 (hit) (9-5mit=4dmg)
  4. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    "Your a tough pooch and I'd love to have you as a pet but I've got other things to do so..." with that he charged the beast but instead of going head on like before Shepard sidestepped to the right catching it off gaurd by the sudden change in tactics he buried two gashes into the side of the creature with his blade "yeah I got him!!!" Unfortunately Shepard got to excited and let his guard down just enough for the black dog to pounce on him pushing him to the ground and burying his teeth into the muscle of Shepard's shoulder "aaagghh, get off me u mut" dropping his sword Shepard used his hands to pry open the beasts mouth and lifting it up so that he could move out from under it "ha got you now" with his grip still firmly holding the dogs jaw he used this opportunity to start to swing the beast in a circle like the propeller to a helicopter. Once he got some speed up he let go and the dog smacked into a nearby tree " that'll teach you to bite people." ID#101154 BD:10 (+2 crit) snakebite activated [2+2=(4×3)=12dmg] MD:10 (+2 crit) [9+2=11-5mit=6dmg]
  5. "You told me I very intuitive, I just think I’m very observant, but seeing how I can’t find any materials you might be right!” Shepard couldn't help but laugh at that comment but when he realized that Spidey wasn't finished he quickly stopped and listened. Through everything that Spidey was saying what caught his attention the most was what he said about hope how the guilt was just the surface and what really lied below was the hope that Juni might forgive me and the fact that I was afraid that my worst fear was she wouldn't. "Th...thank you Spidey your right that I hope she'll forgive me and that what scares me the most is that there is a chance she won't." He walked over to where Spidey was standing and placed a hand over his own chest. "I know that I need to stop feeling guilty, and it might not go away for awhile, but I think no wait my hope is that thanks to you I will find her and get my answer." Putting his hand out in a fist bump gesture towards Spidey "from here on out I make this promise to you I will try and stop feeling guilty and start to hope for a better future one where we all get out of this death game me you Juni and if your sister is in here somewhere I will help you find her."
  6. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    With both of them still circling each other Shepard decided to charge in kicking of the ground into a full Sprint with his sword at his side ready to be swung as soon as he got Into rang of the beast. But the dog wasn't waiting for him to get there it mimicked Shepard and decided to charge as well both of them going straight at the other. As soon as they got close to each other he swung his sword and the dog lashed out with his teeth both colliding with the other. When Shepard looked at the beast he realized that it had caught his attack with it's bite and now had his blade in it's mouth "let go that's not a stick you mut." With that he buried his fist into it face it didn't pack enough force to damage it but it certainly losened it's grip on the sword. Using the chance Shepard yanked the blade free and backed up a bit putting some distance between him and the dog. ID# 91215 Battle: 5 (miss) -2 EN MOB: 5 (miss)
  7. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    And again the beast lunged at him but this time it's claws found it's target leaving four long red gashes along the his chest. Thankfully his armor was able to take most of the assault but his health bar dropped a bit. "Ha it seems you can only dish out five percent of my health" a smirk showing up on his face he felt good about his odds against this mob he had the health advantage and the defense advantage he couldn't lose. Taking a few steps back he used a tree behind him to push off of giving him some extra momentum to close the distance between them but the beast saw this coming and jumped out of the way as Shepard's blade sunk into the ground that was previously occupied by the creature. Swearing internally he pulled his sword out and resumed the circling motion with the black dog. "Your pretty fast for big dog." ID# 91214 Battle: 4 (fail) -2 MOB: 8 (success) 9DMG -5MIT = 4DMG
  8. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    "nothing is going to stop me huh" repeating his previous thought out loud as a black dog burst out of the forest baring it's fangs. The beast was as tall as him with pitch black fur and red eyes it was as if it was summoned from hell "I just had to say something didn't I" saying the words in a sarcastic manor while he took his stance sword raised in front of him and turning his body side ways to make himself a smaller target. "Bring it" he motioned his free hand in a mocking gesture to provoke the beast but what happened next he wasn't ready for as the beast launched itself at him with lightning speed. Time seemed to slow down as his body took over, dropping to the ground as the dog soared over him using his free hand Shepard curled it into a fist and brought it up into the creatures gut with enough force to throw it into a nearby tree. Recovering from the first skirmish the black dog didn't seem to be taking him lightly anymore as it circled him waiting for the right time to strike. All Shepard did was watch and wait keeping in step with the beast circling one another both waiting for there opportunity to attack the other. ID#91211 LD:1 (fail) -2 EN MD:2 (fail)
  9. Shepard broke his gaze from the landscape to listen to what Spidey had to say. "That's is true in some cases" cracking yet another smile at his own response. But it didn't last long as Spidey asked a question that he had pause and ponder on. 'do I regret this?' repeating the question to himself he thought about it, the only thing he did regret was what he did to Juni getting her stuck here as well he had been going to the monument of life every day ever since the first day in this death game making sure she was still alive, but he could never tell Spidey that. Shepard didn't know how long he had just been standing there but it didn't seem that Spidey had taken notice yet, he quickly recomposed himself and answered the question "no I guess I don't." Hopefully that would be enough to sate his curiosity.
  10. Lawrence

    I'm back

  11. Lawrence

    [SP-FO3] (hunting alone) <<worn out welcome>>

    "You need to get the leather that the dark elf carries with it" remembering what the the smithy had sad about the quest it seemed simple enough, go in to the forest kill the mob come back out but It was proving to be more difficult than he initially thought. This forest is like a maze every step felt like it was taken in the wrong direction. "Ugh why can't I find this elf!!" yelling out of frustration at no one but the forest and himself. Shaking it off Shepard took another step only to have his foot fall on another one of those mushrooms "are you f*c*I*n* kidding me this is getting ridiculous" taking a seat on a fallen tree he took a moment to cool off 'if I can't find a simple dark elf in this forest how am I going to find Juni in the twenty something floors that are open.' looking at his surroundings he took notice that there was a haze covering the forest floor "this forest is trying to get to me" standing up he pulled his thoughts away from his friend and back to the task at hand "I need to keep moving" taking a step forward he felt a sudden relief wash over him as if the forest was no longer wearing at his mind. 'im going to find this elf and kill it and nothing is going to stop me from doing so.' ID#91073 LD:8 (fail) 1 mat
  12. Lawrence

    I'm back

    I am
  13. "Nah I don't mind." But it was more like he didn't want to be responsible for Spidey dieing to a bunch of boars that he could have stopped. He would never be able to live with himself if someone died on his watch. "I'll keep an eye out for any threats while you look for the rest of your materials." Scanning the fields around wasn't particularly hard it was just grassy plains but at night mobs could be more aggressive and numerous but there was an upside to the danger the view was spectacular thanks to the stars and the Moon's light the fields had glow to it as if it had been coated in silver. "So, did you know this quest has a few that follow it after it's done?" Waiting for his response Shepard also looked around for materials that he could use for himself but came up empty handed. ID#90942 LD:9 fail (search purpose on the roll link is for non-quest mat searching)
  14. What the hell was he thinking telling Spidey that he didn't even know the guy that well. Looking at Spidey he saw that his statement had come of a bit of a surprise to him. "What, you didn't think I was 30 did you." Letting out a quick laugh then stifling it as if it hadn't started when Spidey responded about age being a number and names holding power "neither really holds any kinda power anymore you can't track people in game with there name out there in the real world and you can't exactly Google them either." It was getting dark but it seemed to be safe enough closer to the town wall so he decided to keep searching for materials while he listened to Spidey 'one free question huh' he thought when Spidey said the words "well I'll keep that in mind" as they continued to walk the outside of the wall and he was starting to wonder when they would find another material when Spidey announced he found one "about time man I was about to give up hope" stifling another laugh he about stepped on a flower that resembled a daisy crouching to pick it up he added it to his inventory. "Hey looks like I've got all of mine you only need two more let's keep looking." ID# 90863 LD:18 (success)
  15. Lawrence

    |F1-PP| "New Friends or Enemies"

    Being out of stamina always sucked for Shepard he didn't know if everyone had the same feeling when they were out but for him it was as if he was on the verge of collapsing it took every fiber of his being to hold his sword in his hand. "Guys i need to build up some of my stamina before I attack again." Dam it he hated this feeling he couldn't help anyone in this state and to make matters worse the bloody boar was squelin it's head off and then he realized what it was doing "crap, it's calling for help someone shut that thing up." But it was to late two more oversized pieces of bacon charged in and without thinking about why there friend called for them took Vigilon's AOE attack full on knocking about a fourth of there HP down and leaving the other below it's last fourth. ((OOC- Vigilon u forgot to add ur hate from ur previous hit.))