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      Dice Roller Tutorial Update:
      The Dice Roller has been updated with some new rules regarding the "Roll Purpose" section: Rolls must clearly state the full action in the Roll Purpose field. When attacking: targets, sword arts, skills, etc., must be included. When crafting: tier and item type (not enhancements) must be included. Any loot, crafts, etc., that do not abide by the new rules must be submitted for evaluation before the end of the Floor 20 boss fight. Evaluations that do not meet the new criteria after the patch's release will not be able to be approved.
      Appraisal Rework and Loot Changes:
      The Merchant's Appraisal system has been reworked to Identify: The loot table and treasure chest guides have been rewritten. Permanent items obtained through chests or from killing mobs are now "Unidentified". Unidentified items are not submitted for evaluation by the person who looted the item. These items must be brought to a Merchant to be identified. Unidentified items cannot be used or equipped. Merchants will use their crafting rolls to identify items, similarly to the appraisal system. The Merchant who identifies the item is responsible for submitting the item for evaluation before it can be used.
        The Loot Guide has been rewritten: There is now a Floor minimum and maximum for standard parameters. Monsters may not be spawned below or above these stats. Players must use a post action out of combat to inspect unidentified weapons and armor to determine their type. Players may not search for materials in safe zones, shops, etc. Separate Loot Die rolls are required when facing multiple enemies.
        The Treasure Chest system has been revamped: Chests can be searched for every 20 posts. Sub-dungeons and chests cannot be searched for closely together. The Picking skill is no longer required to open chests. It is still the only modifier that affects rolls to open chests. Treasure chest rewards have been changed. Items found in chests are also unidentified. Check out the complete updates in the new Loot & Treasure Chest Guide and Merchant Guide sections.
      <<The Gemini>> Quest Rewrite:
      <<The Gemini>> quest and the skills it awards (Concentration and Disguise) have been rewritten: Players that have already completed <<The Gemini>> may re-take the quest in order to switch the skill they received in their initial completion. Players may not repeat the quest if they are not switching their current skill. Repeat completion will not award the col or additional SP from the quest rewards. Concentration (5 round cooldown): Gives +1 to the BD result for a single action. Can be applied after the roll. Can only be used against monsters. Disguise (5 round cooldown): Gives +1 to the BD result for a single action. Can be applied after the roll. Can only be used against players/NPCs.
        New Beginner Quest: <<The Venomous Warg>>:
      A new beginner quest has been released! With a level cap of 15 or below, this quest can be taken solo or with a party of 2.
        Skill & Mod Changes:
      Support players rejoice! First Aid has been reworked and given a few new mods. A new skill/mod focused around energy is being added. Focused Howl and the Dismantling mod have been adjusted. Fighting Spirit and Picking have been reworked. First Aid: No longer requires a roll to use. Healing amount has been reduced to 4% max HP per rank, down from 8%. Now has an energy cost based on the amount of healing done. Field Medic (Mod): No longer requires a roll to use. Energy cost now scales with user's total energy. New Mod - Sharpness: Increases your target's damage for a short time. Does not stack. New Mod - Barrier: Increases your target's mitigation for a short time. Does not stack. New Mod - Purify: Removes a status effect from your target
        New Skill - Energize: Spend energy to restore another target player's energy. New Mod - Hyperactive: Increase a target's passive energy regeneration for a short time.
        Focused Howl: Now generates 5 hate on a single target. Fighting Spirit: Increases Hate generated from attacks by 1. Missing an attack will generate 1 Hate, successful attacks will generate 2, and critical hits will generate 3 before other modifiers. Picking: No longer has ranks. Provides a flat LD bonus to opening chests. Dismantling (Mod): Reduced SP cost to 8 from 9.
        Enhancement List Update:
      The Enhancement List has been completely rewritten. We recommend checking out the link above and reviewing the full list. For some quick notes, the following has been significantly changed: Cook/Fisherman enhancement names have been normalized. Light Momentum: Gives temporary Accuracy instead of damage after an unsuccessful attack. Regen: Reworked. Now provides a healing over time effect after taking damage. No longer stacks with Battle Healing. Recovery: Now scales with Tier. Taunt: No longer unique. Can be applied to weapons, shields, and trinkets. Skill Rank: Renamed to "Expertise". Alcoholic: Renamed to "Protein". Reworked. Now reduces mitigation instead of evasion. Energize: Renamed to "Vitality". Now scales with Tier. Monster Call: Reworked. Monsters spawn at minimum loot requirement stats. LD bonus scales with slots but does not stack with other consumable LD bonsues. Misperception: Damage reduced from enemies changed to 10% (rounded down) from a flat 4. Fallen Damage: Now triggers on successful attack rolls of 6-8 (before modifiers) rather than any non-critical attack. Phase: Reduced the slot cap to 1 down from 2. Removed the second slot effect. Freeze: Attacks against frozen enemies now removes the effect and deals additional damage. Life Mending: Reworked. Now increases the user's healing done to other targets through the use of skills and consumable items. Absolute Accuracy: Reworked. Allows natural attack rolls of 1 to no longer automatically miss. Gives +1 to the BD when attacking (stacks with regular Accuracy). Caps at 1. Flame Aura: Reduced the mitigation received to (6 per slot * Tier) down from (9 per slot * Tier). Reduced the damage dealt to (5 per slot * Tier) down from (8 per slot * Tier). Combat Craft has been removed. Paralyze Water has been removed.


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  1. Lotte followed Skye into the building she needed to go in to start the quest, having heard her reason he wasn't exactly impressed. Skye had simply gotten over a fear of being out in the dangerous fields? It wasn't likely and it made Lotte worried for their future endeavors, he didn't want a partner that would run away on the first mission that he was actually planning to do, he needed a more controlled partner, hopefully he was wrong. As the two girls exchanged quick words in front of Lotte he looked around the room, it was possibly the creepiest room he'd been in, the walls were completely white, the counter in turn as well, and it had paintings that reminded Lotte of his grandparents when he was younger as well as some fancy but old looking jewelry, it just didn't have the best vibes surrounding it. However it was short lived for the two were quick to leave, Skye seemed not to know how to exactly get out of the town which seemed quite hard because the walls were visible through the streets if you simply tried to find it. But nonetheless it was easier to simply do as asked instead of trying to point out somewhat pointless thoughts that wouldnt get the two any closer. And so with that Lotte left the building and walked the way they had came from, leaving towards one of the main entrances of the starting city. Lotte had walked around to frequently to forget the layout of the city, he had a good memory and it was all quite visual appealing for the most part, compared to the city he had lived in at least. And for Lotte the better looking the easier to remember, maybe it was why he liked to be able to design his own games and situations, he could make them appealing. The fact that Skye had just recently developed a stronger backbone and was now able to travel out of the safe zone kept nagging at Lotte's conscious. Lotte of course didn't have much room to question considering he was finally getting of his lazy butt, it didn't make the worry go away though. "So were traveling to a dangerous place, and you once were to scared to go out there anyway, why the change of heart. It seems off that you simply have the guts one day that you didn't the last. How can i trust i wont be left alone?". It was a valid question, and while it may draw a negative output, it was a question he simply needed to be answered for his own well being.
  2. Thanks for the welcome back, i got a bit sick recently so i haven't been posting like i wanted , wanted to do sp's to begin catching up, anyway when i feel a bit better ill shoot you a msg.
  3. Skye, it was an cool sounding name, and kinda matched her considering both here and the sky looked rather peaceful and innocent, if that was even where it came from. She was a different girl from the start, few times did people actually say "i hope we can get along" that was kinda the unspoken statement between every person you met, but she wanted to make it clear apparently. Of course Fell hoped they would get along as well while on the quest, it would make the time that passed more bearable, but considering his future plans she didn't quite seem like the kind of partner he was looking for, she didn't seem ready to kill the beasts out of the safe zone. However on another viewpoint she would be a good friend if she was trying to become a crafter, she could be a valuable ally to have in regards of obtaining items. For now he really just wanted the extra experience given through the quest, the rest came after. Lotte simply nodded to what the girl had originally said, and only did the same again as she began to walk towards the store he had pointed her towards. It was off putting, how cheery Skye seemed to be considering their situation. Too Lotte there wasn't much to be cheery about, he didn't walk around looking depressed but he didn't exactly go around cheering about doing simply activities, it just seemed weird. But either way as not too make the situation awkward he simply put his hands in his pockets smiled and followed along. Of course Lotte knew what the quest was, but it was a lot easier to just keep his mouth shut and let her do the talking. "so why are you just now deciding to become a crafter" Lotte asked, he figured the answer was probably pretty clear, she was tired of being useless. But there was always a chance something else had sparked something in Skye, and he was just too nosy not to try and find out. He himself of course had little reason to even change his ways and become a fighter, he was simply bored and tired of being weak, maybe she was the same.
  4. ello, im fell, usually fallen but it was taken so ill live. Anyway i've found my way back to this site, yes back too. My friend ofc was the one that kinda got us back onto the site, but i cant say i didnt jump at the idea. We rp'ed on this site a long time ago, not gonna say who really cus its pointless anyway, most of those people arent here anyway any longer. Ofc staff can always find out anyway.... but however just know this is an easy way to put yourself out there. So if anyone is wanting to rp sometimes hit me up, im low ofc but i got alot of free time and i kinda wanna grind to catch up....if its possible. Anyway cya in the world of aincrad sometime XD PS: my rp writing is not that bad
  5. Lotte watched as the girl turned around to walk off after receiving the answer she was looking for, it seemed just like an other interaction Lotte had had up to this point with another player, short. And as she walked away Lotte turned to walk the other direction as well, go on about his day as he had done after so many other short engagements like this. But unlike others, as he turned his shoulder he heard the girl speak out again even after having just said bye. As she spoke he half listened more so ready to leave for it was clear she had her own plans, and he didn't wish to follow. But he understood what she said, and whatever her gains were from him tagging along mattered little to him, it was his own thoughts that propelled his answer. "Might as well, don't have anything better to do." It was a quick and short response, he hadn't actually done any quests yet but knew he needed to start. While a quest that didn't involve any fighting wasn't exactly the ideal start that he wanted, it was a easy way to ease into the game considering he'd yet to properly play it. While the girl had mentioned giving Lotte half the reward, it mattered little to him, it was obvious the quest she was doing and he knew the rewards as he had seen and heard of it from others. And materials didn't matter much to someone who cared little to actually go about crafting. However the experience would be nice of course, and could grant him a bonus cushion to his stats for when he did start actually fighting. However there was still one thing left unsolved that couldn't be as such if he was too accompany her on the quest. "Names Fell, you?" Lotte wasn't used to doing normal greetings, most of the time it was a "nice to meet you sir" to some partner in their business or another important person, he rarely had ever done such a straightforward and quite boring greeting. Lotte stuck out his hand as he said the words too shake the girls hand, consciously thinking to use a little less firm grip than he normally did so as not to hurt the girl, if it was even possible here.
  6. Lotte hadn't been much of a fighter in his real life, in the sense he was referring to now at least. Sure He was built tough...mentally but as far as physical prowess went, he was lacking. And so it was no surprise to anyone who knew him that he hadn't done anything near fighting in the new death game, but it had been a long time since they had been thrust in to this life that is not of his own path, and that annoyed him. The fact that only a fifth of the game was yet to be completed was annoying, but he had no room to complain, after all he had only sat in the same town they all spawned in since it began, who was he to complain. But that "if you want something done do it yourself" was really beginning to catch on these thoughts, Lotte needed to take his situation in his own hands. Lotte needed to become strong enough to pave his own path out of this game and it all started with... "Excuse me, but do you know the location of an artisan's shop that happens to be NPC run?" Lotte was thrown out of his thoughts as he felt a tap and then a voice after. Turning around he saw a girl a few inches shorter than he was, she had too of still been a teenager although, he had been a short while ago as well. Sometimes Lotte thought of himself as an older adult than he was and often times judged age more than he should of due to his past. The question was simple and the fact that it was accompanied by a innocent smile threw Lotte in a better mood than he had been a short moment ago. However Lotte couldn't help but laugh, the girl didn't look strong so she had to of been in his situation, but she didn't look dumb either so the fact that she had walked right past the very thing she was looking for shocked him. As Lotte pointed to the direction he was facing, directly in front of him. "Yeah there is one right there." Low and behold a wooden sign that was hanging over the front door read "Craft'N Creations". Lotte could see how the girl could miss it, the sign and building itself were exactly vibrant as most others around the area, but still...
  7. Profile Username: Fell Real name: Lotte Jensen Age:18 Gender: Male Height: 5'8 About: History/personality Lotte was born into a small family as the only child of two young parents, they weren't rich but by no means were they poor. He had no worries, he grew up life as any other energetic and light-hearted young child would. He had a good support system which developed him into a good personality. Throughout his life Lotte was rarely the center of attention, but he could be find quite close to the center, it was his will to learn and nosiness that brought this about, and it taught him a lot of the world he lived in. Lotte knew the world was unforgiving, and only those that truly attempted to become something would become so. While Lotte was given a good support system he had come up with a plan in order to become more successful than those around him. And so Lott left, at 16 he walked out of his home and not to return, he had little to nothing with only the money he had in his wallet to aid him. Lotte had little idea of what would truly happen when he left, he had left word for his parents, that not to worry and he knew them as people who would trust him but parents would always worry, it was nature. Lotte missed his old life on his adventure though, the life of school even missed him, hanging around with the cool kids was something he had become used to rarely being alone. Now he was forever alone, it was a change of pace, something most could not overcome. It wasn't until a year later while 17 that his parents worries faded. The changed man had called, and through a conversation it was found Lotte was now a successful man, he had managed to catch a job at a software company and had quickly climbed the ranks to becoming a coding manager, some could say it was a natural talent. It was no surprise to his parents as Lotte had always been adept as using electronics, but this was unimaginable to them. Lotte of course heard of the new game SAO, it was a new advancement in technology how could he not, he simply had to play it. And so the final greatest memory for Lotte before longing into a new life for the third time, was the first dinner he had with his parents in over two years. Virtues: Intelligent: Lotte did not pay attention much in school no, but he was still very intelligent, not a genius but he was able to deduce one thing from another. After all the years of living alone at such a young age he has learned what to do and when to do it. He is stellar at thinking quickly to get out of any situation and turning it for the better for himself, as well as being able to confuse others in a conversation to get them to stumble. Observant: Lotte didn't necessarily like being involved in drama but boy did he love learning about it, always knowing the drama in school, who was dating who or who punched who, but avoiding it. Not only did he know about the drama, he knew all the dirty details and the secrets hidden within. He was a detective of sorts for no-ones gains. After observing for so long he even grew a photographic memory for words, able to remember what was said exactly when, and where, even if it wasn't toward him. Resilient: A trait one that can go from nothing to success must show, and clearly shown by Lotte. Lotte does not remain on the ground, when he falls he gets back up, nothing can wear this man down until his own mind is gone, and it will remain this way. Able to find a way to make everything okay, no matter how long it takes he believes and sticks to this belief, that in the end every task's conclusion is good so long as you work your hardest. Flaws: Nosy: Lotte has been a nosy man ever since childhood, often finding his way into locked room to his parents surprise. Lotte even realizes its not the best trait, but can not resist and has been put in bad spots between friends in years before his departure due to knowing too much. A nosy person can become an easy target when they find out too much and it can deter possible friends, while attracting enemies. Controlling: Lotte HATES not being in control of his situation. There was a reason Lotte left home, and it was too make sure he could become successful, believing one had to be at the lowest to become a great man. This however has created a man that dislikes being pushed around, or having to deal with forces he has no input on, he knows the savageness of nature in the world and humans all too well. One who controls, can become an easy target from making too many enemies. Demanding: A demanding man who asks for more than what some people can put out. Its a simple way to create a loner, one who asks too much can deter many people who cant meet his standards or simply dont wish too. But this trait is impossible to change, he had demanded so much of himself at a time that what seems like so much to others, was once his every day life. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » One-Handed straight sword (Rank 1) Passive The effectiveness with which a player can use one-handed longsword-like swords. (Example: Arming sword, Longsword) Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Starter one-handed straight sword starter cloth armor Roleplays Relationships Story Thus Far