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  1. Rothsbite watched Kaluluwa carefully out of the corner of his eye as he worked at gathering his own materials. The boy seemed preoccupied, watching a boar nearby, but he abruptly moved on. "Of course, please," he responded. "Lead on!" Rothsbite followed the younger player a while further before spotting some long stemmed, pale green mushrooms as the base of a stump. He gathered those quietly and quickly, not asking Kaluluwa to stop. The other player seemed to have recovered from their earlier emotional outburst, and with his recovery had come a somewhat sour and short attitude. Rothsbite liked him, but didn't want to push his luck, and he figured announcing another find before Kaluluwa found something might seem like he was bragging. He truthfully wasn't trying to. Once he had gathered the new material, he turned and started following Kaluluwa again. They were beginning to near the wood now. hopefully it would yield better results for his companion. Quest Info Stat Block
  2. Rothsbite

    Buckstrap's Journal (completed)

    Yo! Anyone who reads this, I left Sato's sister as open as possible in case anyone wanted to play her. He doesn't know if she's in the game, and if she is, if she's alive. If you want to play her, hit me up. Edit: Oops, wrong account. I blame the beer. Hit me up on either account.
  3. Rothsbite

    Sonic or Mario?

    For the most part, I'm a Mario dude. But Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was amazing.
  4. Rothsbite also accepted the quest without hesitation when his own notification appeared. He followed Kaluluwa out of the alchemist's shop responding, "Absolutely!" He was glad to be away from the shop as they made their way down the street, it's acrid odors had assaulted his sharp sense of smell and it was offputting to say the least. "I think the forest should be fine. I haven't spent too much time away from here and would prefer to stay a little closer until I gain a little more EXP, so that works." He was double checking that he had everything he needed with him. "I do think we should keep an eye out on the way there, though." They had reached the gate quickly, and Rothsbite followed Kaluluwa's lead as they strolled though the field heading to the slightly darker looking forest in the distance. He did his best to keep a stone's throw between himself and any mobs, but he also kept an eye out for anything they might use. It wasn't long before he noticed an odd looking weed with large, bright yellow seed pods and pointed them out to Kaluluwa. "Think I found something!" His first measure of success excited him. Quest Info Stat Block
  5. Rothsbite

    Crafting questions.

    Thank you so much, @Kion For some reason I had some dissociation between the Tiers and I wasn't understanding. You explained it great.
  6. Rothsbite

    [PP-F01] Slow Rolling

    "I echo that sentiment, man," Rothsite responded when David mentioned the game mostly being younger kids, and it being nice to interact with another educator. "Just makes me feel old most of the time." Rothsbite did some sweeping while David set about doing his own tasks, explaining as he collected the last bits of broken dish and mug into a pile. "Ah, yes, well. I have a younger brother, sixteen. I moved pretty far away from home, and gaming is how we've bonded the last few years. He was actually scheduled to show up the day after Launch. I'm guessing that's who found me." He kinda disconnected for a moment, he hadn't talked about his brother much since he'd been in the game. He hoped the kid was doing okay. "He was so excited for SAO. He's probably bummed he's not stuck in here with us," he joked, but in reality he was eternally thankful that his brother hadn't been able to make it up by Launch. He finished sweeping and joined David at the bar. He took finished the beer he poured in a single draft, and took another long drink from the ale David had poured for him. "Mmh. It's incredible the way they've designed taste in this game. If only they had gotten to the alcohol part." @David_Black
  7. Rothsbite meandered alongside his newfound companion, listening to the young man talk about being a performer. "Ah, yes. I still haven't had the opportunity to gain a profession yet. I haven't even decided on which one I think I want yet," he chuckled. He raised his eyebrows at the question of his origin, it didn't offend him, but it did surprise him. A lot of folks found it difficult to talk about their real lives once they realized they may not make it back. "I'm actual--" he paused, noticing Kaluluwa didn't necessarily seem present. He looked over at the young man next to him. 'He's still just a kid,' he thought to himself, for the first time fully understanding that most of the people trapped in this game were still so young. He felt a knot form in his throat and his anger rise. 'Damn you, Kayaba.' They had stopped walking, and they were in front of the alchemist's workshop. Rothsbite saw Kaluluwa wipe a tear from his face and he turned towards the kid, putting a strong hand on his shoulder. "Hey. I know tragedy, believe me... But we can beat this. We may never be flashy, but we will get strong. We have to, y'know? Losing people can break someone, especially in a situation like ours... But there's thousands out there, just like the people we lost, and they're counting on someone to beat this game." He was having some difficulty finding the right words, this was all sort of unexpected and he almost choked up a bit. But Kaluluwa needed someone strong right now, and his teaching and leadership instincts were kicking in. Rothsbite swallowed the lump in his throat, steadied his voice and put on his big smile. Gesturing from Kaluluwa to the door he said, "Now, let's do this." Quest Info Stat Block
  8. Rothsbite

    [PP-F01] Slow Rolling

    Rothsbite waved goodbye to Hiro with a raised brow as he shrouded himself and exited. As soon as he was gone, he stepped behind the bar and filled two mugs with something, he really wasn't sure what was in the keg, but it was of no concern to him. Setting one on the counter and gesturing to David, he took a draft of the cool beverage. He listened to David's introduction with the fullness of his attention as he exited from behind the bar area, setting his own mug down on one of the righted tables. "Kismet!" he called. "I'm a history teacher in America! What are the odds?" He had to keep himself from continuing with question after question about where David went to school, how long had he been teaching in Japan, what were the differences between the nations' education programs and on and on. He held out a hand in greeting to David, hoping to have the beginnings of a friendship. @David_Black
  9. Rothsbite

    [PP-F01] Slow Rolling

    Rothsbite watched the scene unfolding before him, scarcely moving, or even breathing. Each passing moment made it painfully clear he had walked into quite the mess. He perked as soon as the word class was mentioned, a sparkle coming to his eye. Upon hearing Hiro's offer, a wide smile cracked his face. "Done deal!" he cried, immediately following up. "No take backs! You may come to regret the offer, though. Hope you're stocked up on milk and beer... Not together, I mean. That's... gross." Realizing he was rambling, he took the broom in one hand and opened his menu with the two other. He swapped his arms and armor for a set of standard clothes and set to work. He was thankful that he wasn't given a pink apron, as the site of two towering men dressed as maids would have been twice as odd, comical even. He began righting tables and chair with his massive hands and swept at the debris on the floor for several moments before he realized he hadn't introduced himself. "I'm Rothsbite by the way. Also... what did you mean by class?" @David_Black
  10. Rothsbite

    [PP-F01] Slow Rolling

    Rothsbite felt his eyes widen in surprise at the state of the room before him. Perhaps what was more appalling, though, was the grown man in the pink apron. He took a few moments to process the absolute absurdity laid out in front of him, a puzzled look of his face. He almost didn't even register that he was being spoken to at first. "Uh... What... Yes." The broken sentence just sort of slipped from between his teeth. "I suppose... I was looking for a drink, and some solace from this nightmare that has become our lives. But... do you need a hand?" The discomfort he felt prompted him to offer help, that and the fact he felt useless lately. Would he ever make it to the Front Lines? He sincerely doubted it. Perhaps he could help here, though. Cleaning up a digital barroom had to be far easier than fighting for his life and running away. He needed friends if he was to make any progress in this hellscape of a game, and maybe there were some to be made here. Realizing he was still standing in the door way, Rothsbite stepped forward, allowing the heavy door to shut behind him. @David_Black
  11. Rothsbite

    [PP-F01] Slow Rolling

    Rothsbite trudged through the streets of the Town of Beginnings, his legs feeling like they were made of lead. It was late in the day and the streets were filled with a moderate hustle and bustle as the trapped players went about their lives the only ways they knew how. Rothsbite was feeling down; he had ventured out into the fields alone and it had nearly gotten him killed. He had attempted to fight a boar, and when that didn't go his way, he had run directly into a wolf, and so he had sprinted on, and just when he thought he was safe, a giant wasp had risen from the grass. It was disheartening, but somewhere beneath that negative feeling, he could feel his resolve steeling. 'Screw your courage to the sticking place,' he told himself. That particular line of Shakespeare was doing more for him in recent days than he could have imagined possible. Rothsbite lifted his head, determined to pull himself out of the pit he was in. Taking a look around, he realized he had taken some wrong turns at some point. This neighborhood was very vaguely familiar, but at times the entire settlement felt that way. A sign caught his eye, Hiro's Tavern was painted on it in large and easily legible print. 'I do need directions,' he thought to himself. 'And a drink, digital or not, wouldn't hurt.' He trudged up the steps the the door, his heavy footfalls thudding on the boards, and with a deep sigh he pushed the door open and stepped inside. @David_Black
  12. Rothsbite

    Crafting questions.

    Had a couple crafting questions. I've been looking over the professions but I'm very tired to please forgive me if I missed this info. What's the purpose of the Tiers of items you can craft with your profession? What do those tiers effect? Secondly, I can't seem to find a list of how many materials it takes to craft an item. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  13. Rothsbite heard a soft ding as a notification window opened in his HUD, informing him he had a party invitation. He gave a big smile, this was his first party invite after all. Rothsbite happily pressed the accept button, excited to finally have an acquaintance in this game. "Absolutely! Let's get to it!" he responded. He opened his map, took mental note of where he was told the alchemist was supposed to be located, and said, "If I'm not mistaken, it's this way." He motioned down the street before heading that direction himself. His excitement caused him to set a brisk pace, but he intentionally slowed a little as to lot leave his companion behind. The walk was short, but even so, Rothsbite tried to strike up a little conversation. "This is actually my first quest, I seem to have fallen behind a little," he chuckled, just as they rounded a corner and their objective came into view. Quest Info Stat Block
  14. Rothsbite

    Battle Healing question.

    Right, I understand what you're saying. It just wasn't worded particularly clear. Thank you!
  15. Okay, so I had a question about the battle healing skill. The skill itself says It says there are 5 ranks, but what does each subsequent rank do? I'm not sure if it was a mistake where the skill is supposed to cost 5 SP and only has one rank, or if there are 5 ranks, and it just doesn't list the four ranks after first. Can anyone help? Ahah