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  1. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Morgenstern, Ruby, and Itzal take 100 Dmg for not posting in 72 hours. Beat also takes 100 Dmg for not editing post in the 72 hours.
  2. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Shield remains paralyzed until 100 Damage is dealt to the crystal in order to free him. Boss and Dragon Knight damage harms Shield if it passes his mitigation Tesseleth flies up onto his perch after attacking and is out of reach for Group 2's attack Just to clarify about Crystalize: There is no Auto-Hit on the crystal, you must still roll to hit the crystal around the player. You will be attacking the Crystal, not the player, so once the 100 HP is depleted, the attack will be finished. Remaining damage will not be dealt to the player inside. Treat it like a regular mob. If the boss or minions still attack a player trapped in the crystal, thorns/flames/etc will still activate, as well as their armor mitigating any damage done to them. Only two of the players of the first group had decided to try and rush Tesseleth, the orange haired on being the only one to actually land an attack on the large dragon. It seemed as though the small group decided to focus more on recovery, rather than actually dealing damage to Tesseleth; a poor decision, one that would lead to their demise. Red eyes shifted back to Shield, the tank of the group. He was becoming more and more of a nuisance to him, despite not landing a single attack. The Tyrant had ways of changing that.. Its large obsidian tail whipped around its body, a large spear-like projectile launching from its obsidian scaled body. The spine collided with shield's chest, similarly to how it had hit Ariel earlier. From the point of impact, the crystals began to grow larger, until Shield had been completely encased in the obsidian prison. With the tank out of the way, Tesseleth's red eyes turned on the green-clad duelist who seemed very quick on his feet. Bringing his large clawed hand up to the side, the dragon swiped its razor sharp claws at Jomei, making contact and taking out a quarter of the ginger's health, and knocking him to the floor. The dragon did not realize it, but after trapping Shield in his crystal prison, he had winced with pain..a cheap trick by the player no doubt. With the third of Tesseleth's health bars now depleted, he knew he would need to give it his all if he were to end these players lives. Wings spreading out to the side, he let out a large gust of air as he picked himself up into the air, flying high above the players heads and landing on his perch, out of their range. At the same time, the final three knights that had been encased in their obsidian prisons awoke, breaking the crystals from around their body. As they shook the remaining debris free, their soulless gazes locked onto Jomei before both of them rushed at him at the same time, their large blades dropped to the floor behind him. The first of the knights went to tackle the man to paralyze him, but he was too quick for them, and swiftly sidestepped to dodge. The second stopped short and swung his sword upwards to try and catch him off guard, also missing. The last of the dragon knights, looked upon Shield, who was trapped in crystal. Raising his sword up next to his head, it ran at the trapped player, slashing right across his body. The attack seemed to phase right through the crystal prison and attacked Shield directly.
  3. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Forgot to incorporate Thorns damage for most of the fight. HP has been edited to reflect Thorns damage Tesseleth felt the blades of the dual wielding player smack against his scales, yet no pain followed, only the sound of shattering glass that filled the entirety of the cavern. Everything seemed to go silent, save for the pieces of the blades of Michael and Lucifer crashing into the floor. Another one of their strongest fighters, rendered useless because of their careless antics to not check on the durability of their weapons. Tesseleth mocked the players, raising its head up towards the high ceiling of the cavern, breathing out a blast of fire that lit up the cavern for a moment as the embers rained to the stone floor. Once the Tyrant's gaze had returned to the players, he noticed the Ultramarine Knight had changed his equipment, one that seemed a bit more suitable for attacking the dragon. Despite wanting to make the one known as Death Adder suffer for all the pain it had caused Tesseleth thus far, the blunette still drew his attention more than the rest. Taking its large claw, the dragon swiped at the man, slashing away a bit more of his health. Despite lowering the strength of his armor, he still managed to mitigate most of the damage, angering Tesseleth even more so.
  4. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    The second group put up a much more valiant effort than the first had, more of the players managing to land a strike against the thick obsidian scales that lined Tesseleth's body. The dragon's gaze shot back and forth at each of the mosquitos that pecked at its body. One of the players, particularly one that Tesseleth had not noticed until now, seemed to pop out from the shadows, his dagger digging deep into the dragon's flesh. Piercing red eyes locked with the blue cloaked man for a moment, feeling the venomous effects seem into his blood. Tesseleth simply let out an angered roar before trying to shake the players off. However, before he could retaliate, the final player in the group rushed forward, the familiar attack not only sending a shock through Tesseleth's body that kept him locked in place, but also sent a freezing chill over his body, his scales nearly becoming ice. Damn these players, they would soon face his wrath. They would not make a fool out of the mighty Tesseleth.
  5. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    The dragon seemed to laugh, mocking the fear filled players of the first group as their armors scorched their bodies, eating away at their hit points even more. The only one of the group who had managed to land a hit against his might scales was the group's berserk healer, who decided to go less with the healing, and more with the first title. The girl's axe dug deep into the Tyrant's skin, causing the large beast to stagger to the side, snarling at the heavily armored noirette in anger, smoke billowing from the corners of its mouth. Though, despite the heavy attack dealt against him, his focus was still on the first member of this pitiful party, the one who's words echoed throughout the large cavern. The man had not landed a single attack on the dragon, yet his focus remained on him, the mere sight of Shield causing the fire in his lungs to burn hotter. Launching himself forward, the dragon rose its clawed, obsidian arm above its head. With a powerful crash, Tesseleth's hand plowed into the armored player, dealing a bit of damage. The dragon searched to see if the man was still standing, growling when he saw that the powerful attack had merely done about half the damage. He hoped that this second group would provide a bit more entertainment for him.
  6. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    The mighty dragon's body shook until it freed itself from the paralysis, letting out a piercing roar as it rose to its hind legs. Both of its knights had been wiped out yet again, making him the main target of the players yet again. Standing high above the others, he looked down at all of the puny players, angry rising inside of him. Finally, the beast fell to all fours yet again, launching a purple and black spike towards Calrex. The projectile just missed, piercing into the stone ground and spreading out, similarly to how it had frozen the Ariel earlier. The dragon growled at the failed attempt to pierce another player to the wall. His eyes shifted to the first group yet again, waiting to see their pathetic attempt to defeat him.
  7. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Ruby and Itzal take 100 points of unmitigated DMG for not posting on time. The puny players had managed to stop the might Tesseleth in his tracks yet again. They would face the wrath of his burning flame the moment he could move again. Fire poured from the corners of his mouth, the dragon seething with rage. One of its knights had already been defeated, leaving a single minion to fight against the players. Tesseleth kept its piercing red eyes on the players, as the obsidian knight charged into battle. One of the players, who seemed a bit scared of the dragons awesome might, was the knights target. With a quick charge, the pauldron of the knight smacked into the young Itzal, knocking him into the air. The sword of the knight soon followed, leaving a deep red gash up the boys body, knocking him onto his back.
  8. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Tesseleth gave a low growl as another one of his followers fell defending him. His death was in vain, as he had failed to deal near any damage to these peasants that fought against him. He gave a growl and charged the one with the hard exterior with a mighty roar, grabbing him and chewing at his armor, making his way through as he threw him in the air. He gave a defiant roar as the knight came quickly, attacking the flying player and causing him to crash to the ground, the rock around the tough player cracking from the sheer force of the two attacks. Tesseleth and the knight were both chuckling, but neither could be seen. Although the player's health barely lowered from what it already was, it showed both of their powers to the rest of the peasants that were there. He gave a low growl as he turned to face the next group of players, steam emanating from the side of his mouth in anticipation for his next chance to strike Tesseleth: ID: 92714 CD: 6 BD: 6+4=10 Hit! 350 - 220 = 130 Damage to Shield Knight: ID: 92715 CD: 4 BD: 8+1=9 Hit! 300 - 220 = 80 Damage to Shield
  9. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Tesseleth looked at the Ultramarine Knight and let out a mighty growl as the man taunted him with a rumbling howl. The boy had proved to be quite the nuisance to the mighty dragon, so he would be the first to go. With rows of sharp teeth in front of burning flames just waiting to be expelled, Tesseleth charged forward at the heavily armored player, raising its large obsidian claw over its body. As the beast plowed forward, its arm came crashing down like a comet, slamming into the blue player, the strike creating a large crater around where the man stood. The devastating attack would prove a problem to most of the players, yet the unique skill holder stood his ground, absorbing a little under half the damage. Tesseleth turned its head in anger to the two knights preparing to attack, barking out a commanding roar for them to do his bidding and attack. The two knights raised their weapons in response to their master's command, rushing forward to meet their target. The first Knight locked onto the same target he had previously, the one who bore the colors of the Knights of The Blood Oath. Its speed increased, as it charged forward, its sword and armor emanating a purple hue before his large spiked shoulder collided with the armor of Macradon, immediately sending a shocking shiver through his body. Immediately responding to the now off guard player, its sword cut upwards, leaving a large gash up the center of his armor, sending him flying back once more. The knight then pounded on his chest with his fist, taunting the poor player. The second knight charged to his side, holding his blade horizontally. As his heavy boots skid to a stop on the stone floor, it swung its sword along its body, creating a large shock wave that flew in the three players direction. The Ultramarine Knight and Dual Wielding Demon dodged with ease, though the paralyzed player took a bit of the hit, adding more damage on top of the first strike.
  10. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Tesseleth let out a roar as he prepared to strike the second group,but before he could react a player attacked him with a move that didn't even faze his armor, but it kept him in place as the static enveloped his body, his muscles tensing as he couldn't move forward. Only his eyes were free to move, as he watched the other players fight his minions, the knights holding their own but taking large hits, one from the player who came from nowhere then disappeared from his sight, then the other two who used a combo. "Clever..." He thought to himself, and he would remember to have them suffer the most for being that cunning and strategic. The white player made a diversion for the other above to attack, his knight not even noticing and collapsing to the ground. Tesseleth let a growl in frustration. Not even his minions were able to take care of these puny players. He knew he would put and end to it in time. They had only taken half of his health, but they were all growing tired. If he was able to smile he would have as he turned his head towards the next group, sizing them up and preparing for the worst.
  11. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Ariel takes 100 damage for not posting and is now removed from the battle for inactivity. The massive dragon watched as his knights tore into the heavy armor of the third group. He could see the players beginning to worry that this fight was no where near finished, and all of their lives were still in danger. Tesseleth's massive eyes locked onto the blonde haired player of the first group, seeing that she still had not done much to attack the boss at all. The dragon knew just how to deal with the puny coward. The beast whipped its might tail around its body, a large crystal spine catapulting from the appendage towards the frozen woman. The spike collided with the woman's chest, sending her body flying back and impaling her to the wall. The spine had not pierced any vital parts of her body, so the hit was not an instant kill. However, from the point of impact, a similar purple crystal began to grow, encasing the woman in the thick jewel, keeping her from moving or helping the others in any way. Now back to the task at hand, the dragon's wings spread far out to the side, raging fire and smoke pouring from his mouth like saliva. Entering a nose dive, the dragon flew right over the first group of players, releasing his powerful blast of flames upon all four of the players, setting their armor and attire on fire. The flying, obsidian beast then turned back around, taking its place across from the players, readying for the next group to attack. In the meantime, the single Dragon Knight who had not been stunned focused his hidden eyes on the heavily armored woman of the group who had dealt damage to both him and his comrade. With his shoulder lowered, and blade dragging along the floor, the Dragon Knight rushed at Zandra, his heavy pauldron sending a shiver down the woman's spine, causing all of her muscles to contract and freeze her in place. His sword soon followed, slashing upwards and delivering a deep cut into the armor of the woman, sending her tumbling onto her back.
  12. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    2 Dragon Knights have awoken. Tesseleth attacks Group 3 and then retreats to perch until next turn. With the last member of the third group digging his swords deep into the armored skin of the mighty dragon, Tesseleth stumbled backwards and rose to its hind legs, letting out a shrilling, pained shriek. The entire cavern shook, knocking some players off of their feet, while throwing the more dextrous players off balance. Two of the large health bars that floated in front of the boss had been depleted, meaning the players had reached the halfway mark with the boss. ...And that was as far as they would get... Tesseleth landed on all fours again, immediately spinning around and whipping Calrex with his spiked tail. Despite the blue shield that absorbed most of the damage of the attack, it was still enough to send the man's shielded body back. With another loud, piercing wail, the crystals that encased two more of the knights that scattered about the cavern seemed to break apart and shatter, bringing another two of his faithful followers to life. Leaving the minions to deal with the players, Tesseleth's large wings spread out to the side, flapping them and lifting into the air to take place on his perch yet again, smoke beginning to ooze from the corners of his mouth. The first of the awoken dragon knights had his eyes locked on Macradon, as he lowered his shoulder and entered a bull rush. Its shoulder collided with the man, sending what felt like a jolt of electricity through his body. The knight then followed up with a powerful swing of his blade, knocking the now stunned warrior off of his feet. The second of the obsidian warriors took a stand aside its comrade and conjured up a whirlwind with his mighty blade, sending the shockwave hurdling towards all three players of the third group, dealing another chunk of damage to each.
  13. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    As piercing red eyes laid upon the second group that would make their approach to gargantuan, his teeth would bare in a sort of taunting laugh. One of them would surely make nice snack to get him through the rest of this fight, before wiping out the rest of them. The first player of the group to charge in, the blonde haired swordsman. His movements were quick, hoping to get a hit on the Tyrant before he took notice. However, the dragon's eyes locked on the man, before his large spiked tail came whipping around the side of his body to bat the fly away from him, throwing off his attack. Following soon after, the unarmed fighter of the group went to attack. Tesseleth would merely chuckle, what could a puny man's fists do to hurt his thick scales. What Tesseleth was not expecting, however, was for a combined force of electricity and ice to overtake him. The boss felt all of his muscles tense up, yet again, while his scaled began to freeze over. He could only growl as he tried to move, but was met with the extreme force of his unarmed attack, as well as the following players swords as well. The dragon seemed to rumble after the groups attacks had finished, before letting hot fire seep from the corners of his mouth. The ice on his scaled began to turn to water and melt, eventually letting the dragon break free, as he extended his wings to their fullest, and let out a vicious roar.
  14. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Ariel Takes 100 dmg for not posting Tesseleth gave a low growl as many of the players still challenged his might. Although he didn't like any of these puny players, he still respected their courage against such a mighty foe. Soon the next group took their attacks against him, dipping his seemingly endless health pool dwindle a few numbers. Although he couldn't smile, the ends of his mouth curled up as he moved quickly, flapping his wings and grabbing the meat shield of that group and biting down, going through his armor to the flesh underneath. Satisfied with how well the attack went, he gave a slash as he threw him into the nearest Slatagmite, the pillar crumbling from the sheer force of the man being thrown into it. He gave a growl and breathed fire to keep back the first group from gaining any ground against him. This was his home, his home turf. He knew about everything there was here, and he knew where and when he could strike from being unseen. He was born and raised in this cavern, his father before him the last mighty king before he crumbled and turned into a dragons egg, where he emerged as the next King. He prepared for the next onslaught of attacks, but he knew that he would win this in the end, as he had done when the workers had rebelled against him. ID: 91481 BD: 10 (+50 Damage) CD: 4 (Basic Attack, 450 Damage to Shield - 220 = 230 Damage)
  15. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Fools.. they were all fools. The dragon slowly moved around the cave, its large claws digging into the stone with each step. Tesseleth let out a low growl as its red eyes looked at each of the puny morsels, wondering which one would try to attack him next.. and which one he could eat first. The next to make a move was the man donned in heavy blue armor, one who had gained much of Tesseleth's attention during the fight without landing a single attack on the dragon. As the knight swung his sword, it only seemed as though he would still remained unscathed by Calrex's blade, as it merely cut wind next to the dragon's body. What he was not expecting, however, was the following attack from the other heavy armored player. Rushing to Tesseleth's side, the red and white knight drove the pommel of his blade into the side of the dragon's large skull. Like a nail being driven through his head, Tesseleth felt the shock go from one side of his temple to the other, shaking his entire body to the core, and causing all of his muscles to contract and stiffen, as if being electrocuted. Now not able to move yet again, Tesseleth's head rested on the cold, stone ground, trying to relax his body to regain movement yet again. In the meantime, the mysterious member of the last group.. the one with two swords.. seemed to mock the tyrant. Rather than making a quick attack, he slowly walked towards Tesseleth. The corners of Tesseleth's mouth twitched, bearing more and more teeth as he growled in anger, before receiving the full front of Death Adder's strongest sword art.