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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Benjamin Bookworm Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Kimi Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team
      Minecraft Development Team
      * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      Patch Notes: Crafting and Adventuring Update   02/18/2018

      <<Crafting and Adventuring Update>>
      SAO-RPG Patch 2.5.1 Timeline Update! Please note that the following is out of character knowledge.
      Time progresses at a different rate in the game than in our characters' real lives. As of November 6, 2017 (OOC real time), characters should have the perception that 2 years have passed since the game's launch. This will continue to roughly mirror the passage of real time until the game's completion. The note that the perception of time is different in-game is to allow the idea that a set amount of time has passed in the real world (likely 2 years) upon the game's completion, regardless of how long it takes for the site to clear all 100 floors. We hope to release more changes soon that will streamline boss fights and floor clearing, as well as help new players establish themselves despite the time gap, but hopefully this timeline serves as a helpful tool for players throughout the rest of our time spent clearing the game. Site Changes: A post count feature has been added to the site. The number of each post (i.e. #1) now displays on the top-right, beside the "Link Post" feature. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement for posts in which a player is stunned or paralyzed has been reduced to 100 from 150. PvP and Player Killing Rules have been updated: No player can kill another without OOC permission. The rule for initiative rolls on Unauthorized Combat have been removed. The NPC Guard mechanic has been removed. Characters Level 5 and under are eligible to claim a New Character Bundle, regardless of when their journal was created. Unidentified items, when obtained in a thread, no longer have to be declared until they are identified by a Merchant. For example, a weapon drop can be claimed from a locked thread as an Unidentified T1 Weapon, rather than an Unidentified T1 2H Assault Spear. When identifying an item, the Merchant should then specify the item type in their roll(s). To clarify, items leaving locked threads should be specified according to the loot tables as: Weapon, Shield, Armor, Consumable. The Loot Table has been slightly adjusted, mainly to increase the number of consumables dropped from monsters. Crafting Changes:
      A note to all crafters: Be sure you are transferring your materials (col for Merchants) to the @Banker account when crafting. The <<Earning a Living>> quest has been updated, and is now profession-specific. Three new crafting/gathering-based quests have been added: <<Nature's Treasure>>, <<Witch of the West>>, and <<Challenge of Olympus>>. +CD bonuses for crafting have been reintroduced. These can be obtained through the new quests <<Challenge of Olympus>> & <<Witch of the West>>. Merchants: The chance to successfully identify a unique enhancement now scales with Merchant Rank. The identification chart for Consumables has been reworked. The process of identifying consumables has changed. Identification prices have been reduced by 20%. General stock items have been adjusted. Blank Recording Crystals have been removed, and five new items have been added: Glow Stone, Single/Double Tents, Spyglass, and Water Canister. Alchemists/Cooks: Enhancement lists for both professions have been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to yield additional items. The Crafting Die Result charts have been updated. Performers: Song types have been adjusted. Enhancement list has been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to become 'Masterpieces'. This allows the craft to be submitted for evaluation with an additional effect. Skill Changes: Hiding Mod: Surprise Attack Has been split into two mods: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth grants +2 DMG. Stuns and other status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) cannot trigger. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Assassin) and Surprise Attack (Trickster). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on hitting critical zones and exploiting your target's weak points, allowing for bonus damage. Surprise Attack (Trickster) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth reduces final damage by 50% and automatically applies all status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) the player possesses on active equipment/consumables. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Trickster) and Surprise Attack (Assassin). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on slipping past the enemy's defenses and sacrifice strength in order to apply as many status effects as possible. Mod: Vanish Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energize Can only affect target party member. Mod: Hyperactive Increases energy regeneration of target player by 3 for three turns, up from 2 for two turns. Can only affect target party member. Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energy cost increased to 5, from 3. First Aid Mod: Purify Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 2 rounds. Mod: Sharpness Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Mod: Barrier Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Effect now applies a Safeguard effect to target party member that lasts until the beginning of the user's next turn. Does not stack with the Safeguard enhancement. A player can only be targeted by Barrier once per combat. Mod: Field Medic Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, down from 5 Turns. Fighting Spirit Now affects hate-generating abilities (Howl & Focused Howl) Enhancement Changes: Thorns: Damage increased to (9 per slot * Tier) from (7 per slot * Tier).  Effect has been updated to specify that only damage dealing, melee attacks trigger Thorns. [Performer] HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery has been removed. Monster Call has been reworked into two different enhancements: Monsters' Fortune Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 LD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Monsters' Favor Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 CD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Familiar Call Renamed to Familiar Sight. Grants +2 LD when searching for a familiar, up from +1. Incarceration Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. New Enhancement: Perpetuate Cost: 3 Slots Cap: 1 Slot Effect: When played, doubles the length of damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc.) on a single target. Effect lasts for one battle. Applicable to: Debuff Song Misperception Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. Hypnosis Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Lullaby Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Mesmerism and Berceuse have been removed. [Alchemist] Damage No longer scales with Tier. Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery Reduced to (30 * Target's Tier), down from (45 * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Antidote Effect now grants immunity to negative status effects (Paralyze, Bleed, etc.) for a number of turns equal to the slots used. For example, if a player uses an Uncommon Antidote (1 slot), and is then affected by Burn for 2 turns, they would negate the damage from the first turn, and then take the appropriate damage on the second turn, as their protection from Antidote has run out. Toxic Venom Adjusted to (8 * Tier) damage over 3 turns, from (6 * Tier) damage over 4 turns. [Cook] New enhancement: Evasion Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 2 Slots Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. Applicable to: Snacks, Desserts, Meals, Feasts Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Protein Cap reduced to 2, down from 3. Effect reduced to (1 per slot) base damage and -(5 per slot * Tier) mitigation, down from (1 * Tier) base damage per slot and -(9 per slot * Tier) mitigation. Item Changes: <<Banner of Command>>, <<Banner of Leadership>>, <<Banner of Inspiration>>, <<Banner of Support>>, and <<Banner of Greater Support>> no longer have the ability to be recharged. Any players that have one of these items may continue to use them until their current number of charges have been depleted, after which they become vanity items. <<Name Tags>> now can not only change the name of an item, but the description/appearance as well. This includes any Name Tags received in the Fireworks Festival Raffle. Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: <<Earning a Living>> Whether you are looking to start crafting for the first time, or wish to change your current profession, the <<Earning a Living>> quest has been reworked and flavored for each profession. Materials gathered and a single item crafted in this quest are yours to keep, along with the ability to open a shop for your desired profession and some bonus materials to get you started. <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> <<Earning a Living: Tailor>> <<Earning a Living: Artisan>> <<Earning a Living: Alchemist>> <<Earning a Living: Cook>> <<Earning a Living: Performer>> <<Earning a Living: Merchant>> Quest Revamp: <<Witch of the West>> Witch of the West is a quest specifically for players who have a profession that takes place on floor fifteen.  By defeating the monsters and the boss players can receive a +CD consumable for their profession specifically.  By taking the quest again, you do not have to fight the boss but still must face the mobs in order to obtain the item. Quest Revamp <<The Iron Guardian> Loot drop changed from the <<Banner of Support>> to the <<Crystal of Support>> a mass healing crystal. New Quest: <<Nature's Treasure>> On each tier's first floor, players are able to take the quest.  The quest itself is designed to make material grinding easier whether you are actively searching for materials, fishing for materials, or fighting mobs for materials. New Quest: <<Challenge Of Olympus>> After reaching Rank 2 in a profession, players are eligible for a quest on the seventeenth floor in which they have a chance to accept a challenge from one of the Greek Gods/Goddesses in order to prove their worth as a crafter. This is an RP-focused quest for players who enjoy crafting, which awards a permanent +CD item to be used in a shop. <<Challenge Of Olympus: Blacksmith>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Tailor>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Artisan>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Alchemist>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Cook>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Performer>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Merchant>> New Quest: <<Trouble in The Mines>> Mining on Floor Twenty One has ceased to a halt with the appearance of Drakelings in the mines. The town has requested your help in clearing them out, so they can resume work. Of course, bringing back proof of your exploits will be rewarded handsomely.  New Quest: <<Betrayal of The King>> Rumors of an old king long forgotten have began to resurface, bringing about fear that he had been resurrected. It is up to the players to stop him, and return this dangerous King back to the land of the dead. Those who complete this task will be reward not only with Col and SP, but the chance to obtain T3 equipment.  New Quest: <<The Hidden Village>> Players have been tasked with finding out more about the town of Charko, which has remained shrouded in shadow. Though the trip through the tunnels does not prove to be simple, as powerful monsters stand in the way of the players' discovery. After bypassing these mobs through either combat or stealth, it will be up to them to determine whether Charko stays a secret, or is revealed.  New Quest: <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>> Rumors of a powerful item that can change the look or description of an item have surfaced, and that these Name Tags are dropped by a powerful phoenix.  New Quest: <<Bane of Blood>> Word has been received that upon the fifteenth floor, a new more vicious wolf alpha has been terrorizing travelers and merchants. Bulletins of the beast are posted on exits to the city. Many merchants are fearful to travel around, and the city is becoming more afraid of not being able to get the supplies they need. Towns have gathered col and a few other rewards for the person or party who hunts down these powerful beasts and returns for the reward alive.  New Quest: <<The Swashbuckling Buccaneer>> Players will find themselves fighting against a crew of cunning pirates in the hopes of being rewarded handsomely with Col and other treasure.  New Quest: <<Keep Calm and Ki'Raion>> Rumour spreads of an exceedingly powerful monster, hidden deep in the far Eastern reaches of the 19th floor. Those that hunt down this Field Boss will find that its patterns change depending on the time of day this boss is discovered. Players will be rewarded with Col, SP, and Equipment for the defeat of this boss.  New Quest: <<The King of Lakes>> At the bottom of the Lake of Reflections lurks a powerful aquatic monster that has evaded many fisherman's lines for months. However, one fisherman has revealed he may know the trick to fishing him up. He sends you out to retrieve the bait before giving you a shot at catching the powerful King of Lakes.  New Quest: <<What We Fight For>> Deep in the Forest of Memories lies a chamber that has been said to reveal to players what they miss most of their real world outside of SAO. Housing Changes: Guild Hall Costs have been reduced. Room upgrade cost lowered to 15,000 col. Players who have spent col to upgrade rooms since the initial housing update have been reimbursed. Living Room Effect changed to: “Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts” Dining Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Extended Workshop, and Mega Slime Farm slot cost reduced to 1, down from 2. Dining Hall room slot cost reduced to 2, down from 4. Removed restriction for having both a Basic Kitchen and a Chef’s Kitchen. Basic Kitchen is now able to create Tier-specific food items. The material costs for using a Basic Kitchen has slightly increased. Limited the maximum number of items created per thread to 3. Dining Hall and Dining Room effects have been reworked. Basement buff increased to +2 from +1. Cooldown changed to once every 10 posts(total), from once per thread. Clarification added: Food items created with a Basic Kitchen may be traded to and used by other players, but still may not be used outside of the thread they are created. The ability to Upgrade/Downgrade Plots of Land has been added.

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  1. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Tesseleth watched as his body soon felt heavier and heavier as his health dropped. Finally, his health bar depleted as his legs grew heavy, and they wobbled under his weight. With his last breath, he let out a wail of defeat, blasting fire and crystallizing breath everywhere, until finally, his body shattered into a million blue pixels. The flames and the crystals soon fell behind him and around the room, most joining together behind where Tesseleth was and made a semi-sort of a stair case. Soon, the flames fell and melted the crystals to form a purple, semi-transparent staircase that led up to a door that had been hidden by the large dragon. Soon after, the crystals that may have formed around players shattered, leaving them free to continue on. The sound of cheers could be heard coming from outside of the battle area, as the miners heard the defeat of Tesseleth, and they were finally free. The Frontliners had become heroes for the people on the 21st Floor, and their efforts will never be forgotten. ID: 96077 LD: 7 (Weapon Acquired) @Zandra receives: Tesseleth's Fury - [Demonic T3 Weapon of Choice]: Fallen Damage 2 / Burn 2 Description: A large weapon crafted out of the scales and the crystals left behind by Tesseleth, the Tyrant. The Blade is made up of purple, semi-transparent material and the hilt itself is made of obsidian-like material. It's light, durable, and easy to use. The blade seems to give off a semi-purple aura, the rage and fury of Tesseleth still within the weapon and able to deal a finishing blow Sp and Col Rewards @Zandra: 10SP and 1666 Col @Morgenstern: 9SP and 1666 Col @Macradon: 11SP and 1666 col @Hirru: 10 SP and 1666 Col @Hikoru: 9SP and 1666 Col @Itzal: 9SP and 1666 Col @Shield: 10SP and 1666 Col @Beat: 9SP and 1666 Col @Ariel - The Crowned Lion: No rewards, per being ejected. @Calrex: 10 Sp and 1666 Col @Jomei: 10SP and 1666 Col @Death_Adder: 3SP and 1666 Col @Ruby: 10 SP and 1666 Col
  2. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    In rapid succession, the two players of the third time struck Tesseleth with devastating blows. The swordsman representing the Knights of The Blood Oath rushed in first, his bastard sword cutting along the jaw of the dragon, bypassing through the weakened scales, and leaving a fresh red gash that stretched along its face. The Ultramarine Knight moved in soon after, his fist carrying him forward at speeds faster than Tesseleth's reaction time. The boss soon felt the collision of Calrex's fist upon the side of his face, knocking the dragon off of its feet and onto its side. Tesseleth let out a low grumble as the paralyzing effects wore off, and he was able to bring himself to his feet yet again. Blood red eyes stared down the player who had made a mockery of him, opening its mouth wide to reveal one of its fangs had been knocked out by the strike. Tesseleth knew he was on his last let, but he would not go down without a fight. Turning itself around quickly by whipping its tail, Tesseleth launched an obsidian spike at Calrex, piercing the man in his shoulder. From the point of contact, the bluenette's body began to become encased in a thick crystal, trapping him in place. With one of the players out of the way, Tesseleth's eyes quickly turned to Macradon. Rushing forward, the dragon took the knight between his mouth, razor sharp teeth digging into the thick armor before tossing the player to the side.
  3. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    The mighty dragon's head swung to face the second group of players, piercing red eyes accounting for each of the players. To his dismay, he realized that one of the players had already gone missing, yet his location was soon revealed when Tesseleth felt the sting of a dagger pierce through the scales atop his head. In swift succession, he felt the same weapon cut across his body in multiple directions. The dragon watched as the stealthy player landed upon the ground again, bearing its many rows of razor like teeth. This moment of focusing on the opposite player was the opportunity Itzal needed to attack, landing a devastating hit that knocked one of Tesseleth's legs out from under him for a moment. Tesseleth struggled to raise itself up onto all fours again, its gargantuan body locking up with each small movement. Had these puny players managed to lock the Tyrant in place yet again? They would pay for their insolence against the mighty beast. However, the onslaught did not end there, as a third player in the group rushed at the paralyzed dragon, his fists strikes Tesseleth in various vital spots. The dragon let out a pained roar as the attack came to a close.. the singular health bar that remained depleting to a dangerous low. Despite the destructive attacks of the players, nothing angered Tesseleth more than the shout of the blonde haired player, instilling faith in his comrades that they would secure a swift victory. The dragon's body shuddered, before its mouth opened wide with a vicious roar directly directly at Morgenstern.
  4. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Shield only does 87 Thorns dmg rather than 90. Adding 24 HP to Tesseleth to accomodate The might dragon flinched as more damage was dealt to him, his already dwindling health bar dropping more under the halfway mark. Once the rest of the group had finished their assault, Tesseleth's claws dug into the thick stone ground before letting out another rumbling roar. Red eyes shifted back and forth between the team's tank and the ginger haired duelist, before deciding that Shield was much more of a viable target to attack. Launching himself forward, Tesseleth rose its large claws up over its head, swinging at Shield with a powerful attack. As the dragon's claws collided with Shield, he could feel a stinging sensation that came from the man, running up Tesseleth's arm and dealing damage to him as well.
  5. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    EDIT: Morgenstern was supposed to deal an extra 122 DMG total due to his Heavy Momentum for the past two attacks. Will edit all posts after this to reflect these changes. Despite the valiant efforts of the players, Tesseleth still stood strong, and was able to move freely about the cavern. All of the pathetic humans working to take down the mighty beast buzzed around the dragon like flies, waiting to be swatted and destroyed. Their attacks nearly took his focus off of the two remaining players, each who proved to be quite the nuisance so far. Macradon charged forward at Tesseleth with the intent to not only deal damage, but lock the dragon in place with another paralyze. Scowling at the man, Tesseleth braced himself for the attack, which only ended up grazing the thick scales. With that puny attempt out of the way, Tesseleth pushed Macradon out of his way, not dealing any damage, just clearing the player from his path to attack his real target, the one that had just punched the dragon in the side of the face yet again. The dragons wings extended, picking Tesseleth up into the air as it soared across to Calrex, grabbing the player in its sharp teeth as it passed. The dragon chomped down on the thick armor that Calrex wore, before letting the man fall back to the stone ground.
  6. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: If you are burned, please do not forget to take the damage on your turn @Ruby @Itzal 50 HP will be deducted. As the mighty Tesseleth's health drew lower and lower with each attack, his rage burned hotter that the fire he produced from deep within his lungs. One after another, these pathetic humans made a mockery of the dragon, stunning him, and cutting him up as if he were not a force to be reckoned with. Tesseleth swore to himself that he would make every single one of the puny morsels in front of him pay, making each of them a snack that he could gobble up with a single bite. Now with a lust of vengeance, the dragon let out a mighty roar before launching himself forward, shaking the battlefield with each step. Opening his mouth wide open, Tesseleth shot at Morgenstern, who had managed to draw his attention the most this round. However, two players, as well as the tank himself, dug their blades deep into the scales of the boss, causing Tesseleth to clamp his jaw shut in pain, and calling off his attack.
  7. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    As the mighty Tesseleth broke free of the para-lock prison, the large, webbed wings on its back twitched before stretching out to their fullest. The tyrant lowered its head towards the players, letting out a terrifying roar, smoke bellowing from its nostrils as it did so. How dare these players mock the mighty dragon and toy with him as if he were a simple boar. Rage began to burn in his piercing red eyes, his lips parting to reveal rows of razor sharp teeth. Tesseleth's attempt at scaring off the players of the first group was in vain, as the three players immediately rushed the obsidian dragon. Two of the hits misses, while the third by the ginger haired duelist cut deep into his scaled skin. Immediately, Tesseleth's eyes locked on Jomei, being the only one to deal damage to the dragon. As its head turned towards the Irishman, its attention was brought back to Shield as he began to taunt him. A low growl bellowed from the dragon's chest, before rushing the man and trying to take a large bit as he had Morgenstern. However, his rage had clouded his attack, for his jaw clamped shut mere feet next to Shield
  8. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    After tossing the puny, blonde haired tank of the second group to the side, Tesseleth's gaze turned to the two players of the final group. What took the dragon by surprise, was the incredibly quick movements of the duo. They had began their assault on Tesseleth and his last remaining minion before he even had a chance to fully turn his head to them. The first attack came from the Scarlet Templar, who bashed the pommel of his blade into the obsidian armored knight. Like hitting a bell, the knights head rung from the strike at his head, and the shock wave created from the attack affected Tesseleth as well, pinning him in place once more, leaving the dragon to merely growl in anger. The second of the players, the Ultramarine Knight, ignored Tesseleth as well, and drew up energy in his fist to strike the knight. With one powerful strike, the armor of the Dragon Knight shattered, the decaying skeletal body being revealed for a mere moment, before the entirety of the minion burst into data fragments. The mighty Tyrant let out a roar that shook the cavern to the core, one that showed the puny players that opposed him that he would not stand to be humiliated any more.
  9. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Morgenstern takes 100 damage for not posting in 72 hours With the second group's attacks now out of the way, Tesseleth and his last remaining minion still stood strong. Now free of the paralytic prison, each of their eyes locked on Morgenstern, who seemed a bit shaken to move as the rest of his group attacked. This would prove to be the puny players downfall. The knight moved first, rushing at the armored player with its large sword at the ready. Once in range, a singe slash of his sword left a large gash through the armor at his chest. Tesseleth was not far behind, opening its mouth up wide and clenching his teeth around the player, tossing him to the side. The large dragon flinched, for biting down on Morgenstern's armor seemed to be a bit more painful than he had expected. Letting out a low growl, the beast slowly stepped backwards, piercing red eyes shifting to the smallest of the groups.
  10. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    The players of the first group seemed to completely ignore the towering dragon that loomed in front of them, focusing all of their attacks on his obsidian armored minions. Their actions proved to not be in vain, as a second of the knights fell to their attacks, leaving one final knight to stand between the players and Tesseleth. Both the dragon and the knight began to move forward to unleash their assault on the players, when the sound of a loud horn shook the two to the bone. Tesseleth's piercing red eyes scanned the battlefield for the source, spotting the heavily armored noirette, blowing into a horn. The booming sound of the war rallying instrument caused both Tesseleth and the knight to freeze in place, the dragon growling in anger that he was being toyed with yet again.
  11. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Tesseleth was beginning to feel toyed with.. that these puny pests were underestimating the true might of the Tyrant. Their actions angered them, and they would pay for rising up to oppose his vice grip on this floor. The dragon's thick, black claws dug into the floor of the cavern, causing the stone to crack and web out from where the obsidian claws dug down. With smoke billowing from the sides of his mouth, the dragon's head extended forward, its body seeming to elongate as it led out an ear piercing roar, causing the entire battlefield to rumble, and shake the players to the bone. As if in response to Tesseleth's mighty roar, the blue armored player rushed forward with no weapon but his fist, donned in a matching gauntlet. Tesseleth soon felt the might of a single punch to the side of his jaw, nearly knocking him to his side. But the dragon held strong, and quickly whipped its head back around to watch as the second remaining player in the ground cut into all three of his armored knights, paralyzing one, damaging a second, and killing a third. Despite being the smallest of the three raid parties, this last group had proved to pester him the most.. and that both players needed to perish. With a deep inhale through his nostrils, Tesseleth lowered his head to the two players again, releasing a stream of vicious flames. One of the players, Calrex, seemed to just barely dodge the attack, while the second became engulfed in the dragon's fire breath. As the flames faded, the single knight who remained mostly unscathed remained back, not wanting himself to become engulfed in the fierce flames by trying to attack one of the players.
  12. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Ruby takes 100 damage from not posting The players of the second group were able to take full advantage of Tesseleth and his minions after most of them were stunned. Two of the knights froze in place, their obsidian boots stuck to the ground by blocks of ice that grew up to their shins. Tesseleth experienced the same freezing sensation, the cold causing his muscles to hold him in place, keeping him from being able to attack. The single knight that was still freed managed to rush at the players, yet with a single swing of his sword, he missed his target by a long shot. Anger began to rise in the boss again as he let out a loud roar, overcoming the cold and freeing himself from the paralock. The two knights felt motivated as well, breaking free of their invisible chains, their eyes all turning on the third group.
  13. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Just as Tesseleth had suspected, all of the players of the first group's attention turned on the knights. The dragon merely took a step back, letting his minions do the fighting for him, watching.. waiting for the moment to strike. Rows of sharp teeth emerged from behind the dragons lips, as he let out a low growl. Red, piercing eyes locked on the player who had been freed of the crystal prison, preparing for the right moment to strike. The first of the knights charged at Shield, raising its large broadsword over its head, before dragging it through the man's heavy armor. The single strike had been mostly mitigated by the tank's armor, dealing even more damage back to the knight with the thorns attached to it. Tesseleth took this as the right opportunity to strike. Launching himself from the shadows, he charged at the wounded player, slashing its large claw at the man. The damage he had dealt was much more than that of the knight, yet Tesseleth felt the same sting from Shield's thorns.
  14. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Ruby here, my HP was not updated when my character took damage, @Jomei please fix in your post, and @Shield @Hirru @Zandra keep in mind it wasnt updated. Thanks for understanding. Piercing red eyes locked onto the dual wielding player, who's blades had shattered against the rough skin of the Tyrant. Before the gargantuan had a chance to tear into the skin of the unarmed player, he had vanished without a trace using a crystal..the coward. Another puny player scared away from the fight by Tesseleth's might. The dragon's large obsidian head swung around to face the other two players of the group, lips stretching to expose its many rows of sharp teeth, a deep growl pushing up from its lungs. As if responding to some sort of call, the knights charged into action at the Ultramarine Knight. The obsidian soldier who led the charge swung his blade to strike Calrex, but was immediately interrupted by a pommel to the head by Macradon. Where damage was not plenty, it was enough to send a shock through his body, and crash into one of the other knights, stunning them both for the time being. Tesseleth growled again in anger at the incompetence of his minions.. if he wanted something done, he'd have to do it himself. Looking to the blue armored player yet again, Tesseleth charged forward, swiping its clawed hand at the player, dealing a bit of damage.
  15. [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    OOC: Morgenstern, Ruby, and Itzal take 100 Dmg for not posting in 72 hours. Beat also takes 100 Dmg for not editing post in the 72 hours. As Tesseleth landed upon his perch high above the battle field, he could feel the stone surface his claws dug into begin to give out. The dragon let out a growl as it situated itself to not break the platform anymore while he charged his next attack. Down below, he watched as his knights began to carve into the players of the second group. The first of the obsidian coated soldiers rushed at the blonde haired tank of the ground, his large buster sword leaving a red gash across his armor, yet taking some damage from the drawbacks itself. The second knight charged at the entire group, creating a shock wave with a mighty swing of his sword, only cutting into one of the players, while the rest barely managed to avoid it. The last of the Tyrant's minions charged at Itzal, who was already taking a bit of damage from the other attack. Though he had started his attack with enough distance for Itzal to be able to read the knights approach and dodge it. Pieces of the perch Tesseleth stood on began to crumble, along with other large pieces of rock and debris. As they fell to the ground, players began to dodge out of the way to avoid being hit, save for four members of the second group. Tesseleth took that as an opportunity to strike. Lifting himself into this air with his large wings, the dragon entered a nose dive, soaring right over the players. As he flew over head, the dragon let out a powerful blast of fire, covering most of the players in roaring flames. Two of them were able to escape the burning effects, while the other two took the full front of the attack.