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  1. Mina

    F4/OP) Snow and Fun! (Eggnog Included)

    When words of a Christmas Party began spreading around throughout the whole of the fourth floor, Mina knew she couldn't miss the chance to attend it. Winter had always been her favourite season, and Christmas her favourite festival. With sumptuous food and boxes of presents to open, who wouldn't like Christmas, anyway? The whole of Aincrad was in a festive mood, streets were lined up with decorations and fairy lights, doors had wreaths on it; it brought joy to the damned situation they were all stuck in. The guild that was hosting the party was Guardians of the New Dawn, and there were some faces she knew in the guild, especially the leader. There was no harm attending, and when will she ever attend another Christmas party in Aincrad ever again? Shall take a break today before resuming hunting tomorrow! Changing into a white flowy dress, matching herself with the pureness of snow, Mina made her way to the party venue. She heard chatters inside the small shop, which meant that the party had already begun. Bracing herself to the amount of people inside, she rapped on the door with her knuckles, before opening the door, the hot air from inside rushing out. "Hey there! I heard there was a party going on here?" She looked around, recognizing some familiar faces that she had partied with before. "Hey @Hestia, and hey @Pinball!" And there came a guy hollering out, promoting his eggnog, which Mina instantly recognize from his apperance and voice. "I'll have some eggnog, mister @Stryder" she adds with a chuckle on her face. She knew the party was going to be fun.
  2. Mina

    SAO 2017 Holiday Raffle

    Here for the free stuff (bless me santa) Have a merry christmas everybody!!!
  3. Mina

    [PP-F3] Nighttime Encounter

    "Yeah, I'm cool with that. Beats being here with nothing to do." Mina spoke up at Pinball's query, breaking her silence. A miniboss? Just what she needed to improve herself. She had to defeat this creature in order to be worthy of being in the frontlines, her only experience with a miniboss was on the second floor, and since then, she didn't exactly had much experience in defeating stronger creatures. The five-man team looked strong enough to defeat anything even though it was in low light conditions, and besides, each of them could look out for each other in case the situation turns dangerous. The rewards that they'll be able to get clearly outweighs the risk. In MIna's mind, at least. She had seen what Krysta and Pinball could do serve in battles, and Vigilon looked really strong, having a presence similar to someone she met before from the higher floors. She wasn't sure about Kaldui though, but since she was sticking with Vigilon, she had to be strong of some sense too. Mina brushed her hair slightly, her long black tresses billowing in the wind, and she moved slightly closer to the group. @Vigilon @Krysta @Pinball
  4. It was at this moment that Mina heard a rustle in the bushes nearby. Having an ominuous feeling, she rushed towards Kaya's side and pulled her up a little, her sword still on guard. With a loud buzz, the hidden field boss appeared out of the bushes, it's height towering all three of them. This was the infamous <Wind Wasp Queen> boss, and it seemed like the amount of wasps they killed was just enough to trigger it's spawn. "You're right, Hestia," Mina turned toward the other girl, "This queen just appeared." This was the first time Mina had met a boss monster. With two bars of HP, she knew that it's attack pattern would change once it hit the next one. They had to be careful. Though with Hestia here, they could relax just a bit. How would low level parties fare against a creature of this caliber? "Hestia, can you taunt at it so that we can strike it without having to fear for our lives?" It was a little selfish to ask her to take all the damage, but her HP was the highest among here, and she was of the exact build to do it. <Wind Wasp Queen> HP: 50/50, DMG: 20 @Kaya @Hestia
  5. "If our body decides to give up on us then I guess... we won't be stuck in here? We'll be dead." Mina said matter-of-factly, knowing that this was a possible outcome of the current situation. This was the cruel reality. Even if they wanted to stay here, to not go back to the real world, their body will still give up eventually. It lead to a very dangerous situation right now as there are only a handful of frontline players desperately trying to clear the game, and the rest were either afraid or had given up on getting out. Mina had to be strong, her dream was the frontlines, and this quest was just a stepping stone towards it. Looking at the top right hand corner of her visual field, both her's and Simba's HP were full, and their energy bar too. Which meant that it was time to start hunting again. "Now, let's test out this skilled called <Rage Spike>, shall we?" Mina ran towards the middle of three Boar Pups, getting their aggression, before unleashing the sword art, decimating all three at once, and getting two tusks in return. "Hey! This is a much faster way of hunting it! I'm done with the quest already!" She called out, waving the tusks to Simba. @Simba
  6. Hearing Stryder’s reply of giving him two more hours of sleep, Mina was prepared to lift herself off the window onto the roof before she saw a figure rolling off it, smack right onto the damp, hard ground below. “So, you awake yet?” She peered downwards, chuckling to herself as she saw the male rub a bump on his head. Thankfully in this world, falling off from height only resulted in your HP bar dropping by a little, although jumping off from very tall places could actually kill you. She recalled stories of players committing suicide by jumping off the edge of Aincrad, their mental strength succumbing to the fear of this world. Mina was strong, she had to be strong, as she had so much more to do back in the real world. Bowing as she left the house, she made her way to the back, finding the male who had fell off the roof. “Let’s go, clumsy, we’ve a quest to do!” @Stryder
  7. Mina

    [PP-F3] Nighttime Encounter

    Vigilon was the male, and the female was Kaldui. Mina kept a mental note on their appearance and faces, they were of no harm, and in the future, Mina might actually seek help from them if there was a chance. Listening to Krysta, Mina nodded and agreed with her thought. Sitting around and talking wasn't of Mina's interest, not at this time. She wanted to do something to improve herself, her goal was the frontlines, and she didn't mind any sort of adventure right now. Especially when the night was still young. Sure, it'll be dangerous, but if they all went together, they were as safe as they could have ever been. Players didn't usually do night adventures as there was low light, which meant a drop in accuracy while attacking monsters. Besides, they could be ambushed unsuspectingly by them, or worse, player killers, greatly increasing the chances of them dying. @Krysta @Vigilon @Pinball
  8. Hestia was strong, so strong that with her one attack, she was able to decimate the creature with ease, when it needed both Kaya's and Mina's strength to bring down it's HP to the yellow bar. Mina watched on with their tag team movements, cheering as the wasp was defeated. After listening to Hestia's warning that the boss monster will spawn soon, Mina gripped her sword tight, looking around and guarding herself for any unsuspecting attack. A boss monster was one she hadn't met before, particularly at this low level of hers. The only thing she knew was that they had multiple HP bars, and that their attack patterns change when down to a certain HP bar. Mina hoped that it didn't come too fast though, with the exception of Hestia, they were low on energy level, which meant that they couldn't cast sword arts to defeat the boss quickly. Which equates to a long and draggy fight, and equates to putting themselves at a higher risk of dying. @Kaya @Hestia
  9. "That's honestly how I feel too. Get close to the front-lines, clear the game, and go home safe." Mina mirrored his smile, stretching her feet out. "Die trying maybe?" She didn't mean to bring the mood down, but that was how she felt. Fight, or die trying. They were all going to die anyway. Her own body was probably hooked up to some machines in some hospital in the country, and even if they didn't clear the game, even if they lived here for all their life, it just wasn't going to happen. There was a time limit. One of these days, her real life body probably won't be able to hold on, and she'll be gone. Shattered into millions of polygons like the boar pups they killed. That was why she fought. Instead of having a mundane life, why not have a fulfilling one, and fill up the adventure log they had? For one, they were half done with this quest, and it was a step closer to becoming stronger and escaping this hell hole. @Simba
  10. "Oh dear, you got to see where you're running!!" Mina chuckled to herself and pulled Kaya back onto her two feet. The redhead seemingly tripped over a rock, while dashing straight towards the wasps, effectively canceling her attack, leaving Hestia to defend for herself. Which she could, actually. Hestia could solo this quest easily, but she decided to help these two newcomers like Kaya and Mina. Maybe they just needed more people to clear the frontlines. The faster we did it, the faster we get out to the real world. I'm kinda missing home, actually. As Hestia destroyed one more wasp, leaving one hanging, Mina dashed forward, her sword glowing as she released the sword art, her balance slightly off, but the system assisting her in three direct cuts which struck 12HP off the wind wasp. "One last one guys, let's do this!" The field boss will spawn sooner or later, Mina could feel it in her gut. @Kaya @Hestia
  11. Mina

    [PP-F3] Nighttime Encounter

    Mina heaved a sigh of relief, about to go off after finishing the quest with Krysta and Pinball. It was hard work, and she felt her virtual muscles beginning to ache. Stepping out of the blacksmith's workshop, following the other two, they caught sight of two newcomers, whereby the blonde greeted the male. The new male apparently seemed to know Pinball too, and Mina could see that Pinball wasn't really that associated with him. Krysta's friends huh... Mina went forward, giving a smile and introducing herself, before stepping back, letting the friends talk. It was rude not to introduce herself, that was why she went forward, but her introverted self took over once more. Since the death game started, she had to make friends, had to pull herself out of her comfort zone to survive, but after a long fight with the Dark Elf just now, all she wanted was a long rest to her body and mind. Eyeing Pinball who detached himself like she did, she observed the situation, wondering what to do. Well, if it's going to be interesting, then there's no harm joining them. @Krysta @Vigilon @Pinball
  12. promise to get my replies by tomorrow! was sick the whole week :(

  13. Mina fumbled for a while before a notification on her visual field popped out. An accepted friend request from the male who's on the roof right now. She was glad to have made friends with him, someone with the same thoughts and determination to persevere through this current death game. He was a guild leader too. Someone who brings in people with the same mindset, defending and surviving to make it to the next day. A New Dawn? Perhaps that was what it meant. What a guy... He had huge dreams, and Mina respected that. Wondering if he'll come into her room in the middle of the night, it was a cold night, her eyes started feel heavy, and she fell asleep not long after. She woke up to the birds chattering and the insects buzzing. Taking a look at the clock, currently 6.30a.m, she forced herself off the bed, and equipped her combat equipment. Sleep wasn’t that much needed in this world, her real life body would have slept for weeks now. Peeking outside the window, she looked up and called. “Hey! You awake yet?” She had a quest to do, and she vowed to finish it by the end of the day. @Stryder
  14. "Good job man!" Mina gestured towards him, asking him to come over to a nearby tree for a quick rest. "Let's rest till our energy fully recovers, before we one shot those beasts with our sword arts again. I figured out that <Rage Spike> was an AoE skill that we both have, I've never used it before, and maybe these Boar Pups will provide a good training for it." With an AoE skill, they'll be able to gain the Boar Pup Tusks quicker than before. They were close to completion already, 50% done, just 5 more tusks and they'll be out of here. Slumping against the bark of the tree, Mina heaved and played with her fingers. "So... what do you think about this 'death game' situation we're currently in?" Honestly, Mina was afraid. She was afraid of dying, of not being able to see her family and friends ever again. But she knew that to escape, she had to fight, she had to become better. Which was what she was doing now. @Simba
  15. Watching on as Hestia explained herself, before combining Mina and Kaya's plans, Mina was amazed at the tank player's skill and finesse. She was able to block most of the wasps attacks, while getting hits on them by using AoE sword arts alone. That was the true ability of a mid-floor player. Why was she here and why did she want to help Mina? She could have soloed the quest and one-shotted the boss if she wanted to. Or even... one shotted Mina or Kaya. Doubts began to stir in her mind on whether she had any ulterior motives helping them, but before it became worse, Mina saw Hestia's smile as she asked for them to attack the wasps. Poison. Being in this game clouds your ability to trust people, and Mina felt ashamed of thinking such bad thoughts about Hestia. Giving a bright smile in return, she dashed in, calling out. "My turn this time!" Activating her sword art, she cut the third wind wasps at it's vital points, destroying it immediately before it could retaliate. "One down, two more to go!" @Kaya @Hestia