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  1. Monizo watched Hestia attack the variant with just her fists and do a little bit of damage to it. He then started frowning as Pinball seemed to lose his focus and completely forgot to attack the monster in rotation and missed his opportunity. to attack. So now they were stuck in an odd position. If Monizo skipped the attack again, then the monster would attack Hestia and die to her thorns when they proc. Monizo could do a normal attack in order to take the damage from the Variant and prevent it from dying to Hestia, but he would also do no damage because of the monster’s mitigation stat. If he activated a sword art to actually do some damage, then he would not be able to activate another one when it was time to actually kill the monster. “I suppose I will just have to risk the hit then!” He said as he leveled his spear and got ready to strike with a normal attack. As the monster seemed to have its attention set on Hestia, Monizo rushed forward and sliced at the monster with his sword, although the blow connected, it appeared that the attack could do no damage. After Monizo landed the blow, the monster immediately turned its attention to him, It let out a scream and sliced at his knees with its whips. With reflexes that he wasn’t even aware he possessed, Monizo launched himself into what looked like a back handspring using the base of his spear instead of his hands to propel himself away from the monster, “Holy crap.” He bounced on the balls of his feet, feeling a renewed sense of excitement rising up inside himself. It was a crazy sensation, knowing that you could have easily just died, but managed to avoid death. --------------- Roll ID# 97995 BD:5+1 = 6 Hit Monizo attacks Variant -Basic attack 5*1=5-5MIT=0DMG MD: 5 = MISS! ((OOC: thank goodness)) Variant attacks Monizo -MISS ---------------- [H:1] @Hestia: 870/870 HP | 73/84 EN EVA: -1 [H:0] Pinball: 440/440 HP | 39/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG [H:1] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 5 DMG
  2. Monizo stood back next to Hestia’s familiar as the other two players fought with the Nepents. The remaining two Nepents struck Hestia but preceded to die due to the thorns enhancement she had on her armor. Monizo chuckled and knelt on one knee next to the winged lion. While Hestia and Pinball spoke, he stuck his hand out towards the creature to see if it would sniff his hand. He would like to have a familiar at some point, but he was pretty sure that they were relatively rare, and it was extremely difficult to find one that provided any type of advantage, most of them were just for companionship. Anyway, that was probably quite some ways off, he had a lot of work to do. “Yeah, I’m ready. I’ll attack as soon as his health gets low enough for me to finish him off!” He smiled at Hestia and Pinball, it was lucky that he had found two people who were so willing to help him. He would be grateful to them forever. The Variant Nepent emerged from the trees and made its way towards them in the field. Monizo stood to his feet and pull the spear from its place on his back. He would be ready as soon as its health bar dipped. @Hestia: 870/870 HP | 74/84 EN EVA: -1 Pinball: 440/440 HP | 40/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG Monizo: 20/20 HP | 2/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 5 DMG
  3. As the new Nepents appeared, Monizo tightened his grip on the spear to prepare to fight, until Hestia told him to sit back and allow them to kill the Nepents, so it would go quickly. Although he wanted to fight, he understood that He needed to save his energy for fighting the Variant again. As soon as the fight began, Hestia used her howl to gather their attention, but she did not seem worried about their attack. Pinball prepared his spear and engaged the Monsters, He struck the first nepent with his spear and they all watched as the blast from the spear struck three of the other Nepents as well, they all exploded into digital oblivion. “Dang man, nice hit!” Monizo called over to Pinball, he couldn’t wait for the day that he would be able to put out that much damage. The remaining two Nepents focused their attention on Hestia and began to attack. [H: 3 l 3 ] Hestia: 870/870 HP | 74/84 EN [H: 0 | 0 ] Pinball: 440/440 HP | 40/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG [H:0] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 5 DMG ((OOC: @Hestia I'm not entirely sure how thorns work, So I just put the roll results without calculating their damage, I figured you might want to do it, and even describe their attack on you.))
  4. Monizo watched as Pinball feigned a strike on the Variant before ducking and weaving as the monster tried to strike back. It was quite exhilarating to watch the boy dance so loosely around the monster. He was clearly having a fair bit of fun, so much so that a laugh escaped his lips as the Nepent retreated a little ways away after it realized it could not hit him. They spoke for a brief moment about their tactics. It was crucial that Monizo was the one to slay the monster, and if he did land the last hit, or if the monster did not drop the item they needed, they would have to fight six more Nepents. It didn’t frighten him so much anymore, but he would feel bad if Pinball and Hestia had to keep him alive through another round of combat. “Don’t worry, I think I can finish him off this time.” Monizo pounded the base of his spear into the tough ground and took off directly at the monster. Letting the tip of his spear dip low as he got within range of the monster, Monizo grunted and hefted his spear across the torso of the Variant. With a scream the monsters HP gauge dipped to zero and it shattered into digital data before fading away. “That felt good.” Monizo couldn’t keep himself from smiling, until he realized something pretty important.... THERE WAS NO OVULE. “Son of a…” His words trailed off and a groan escaped his lips. He looked at @Hestia, he had never been in this situation before, He was not sure what their next move was. << +1 EN >> ---Enemies--- Nepent Variant: 0/15 HP | 5 MIT | 10 DMG ---Players--- [H:1] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 0/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 4 DMG [H:1] Pinball: 417/440 HP | 41/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG
  5. Roll ID# 97237 LD:9 Monizo smiled at Minick, giving him a knowing glance. They both had friends that they cared about, and it could be frightening to think about those friends being dead in this game. Even more reason to get serious about getting stronger and making an impact on the frontlines. It was their turn to give other players hope for a change. Even if that process started with this stupid quest, that involved zero fighting. Monizo followed Minick over to a hill and began looking under some more shrubs. “I’m gonna murder someone.” He groaned, and then laughed at their general frustration. It was humorous that they were getting so frustrated at such a simple quest, especially one that was solely based on chance. “Everybody had to do this right? I’m sure even the frontline fighters had to struggle through this stupidity.” He sighed, and looked over at @Minick, who was searching once again for some more materials.
  6. Monizo watched as Pinball struck at the variant but missed. It then sprouted two vines, which it used to grab him by the spear and throw him to the side after smacking him. It clearly did hardly any damage to the player, but he was clearly frustrated about missing the monster. Frowning, Monizo looked his own energy bar in the top left corner of his vision. He did not have enough energy to engage the monster with another ability. Without a weapon art, he would not be able to muster up enough damage to surpass the monsters defensive stats and deal any real damage to the beast. Well this is an unfortunate situation, he thought to himself as he weighed the options. It was clear that the beast had little to no ability to actually kill Pinball or Hestia. In fact, it would probably die just by attacking Hestia if her thorns activated. “I’m not really sure what to do guys. It’s gonna be another minute before I can deal any damage to this thing. Please allow me to take this moment to thank you again for all the help. Especially for taking all of the damage.” He scratched the back of his head and chuckled, It sure did feel bad to be basically useless. ---Enemies--- Nepent Variant: 3/15 HP | 5 MIT | 10 DMG ---Players--- Passive: +1 ENG [H:1] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 4 DMG [H:1] Pinball: 417/440 HP | 40/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG @Hestia
  7. (OOC: I wont be able to do Heft again for 2 turns, so if you do a normal attack, the only way you would kill him is if you hit a BD:10. Or you could just tank his damage for a few turns without attacking, so its whatever you want to do. @Hestia @Pinball) Monizo grinned as Hestia sat on the ground a few feet behind them and got comfortable to watch the show. It gave him a little boost of confidence, knowing that she trusted him and Pinball to be able to handle it. She seemed like a nice person, He didn’t like to make it a habit of evaluating someone’s personality after only knowing them for such a short amount of time, but she at least seemed genuine. Pinball kept his vision locked on the Variant as he spoked to Monizo about their plan. He yelled at the beast to gather its attention, unfortunately it reacted in the blink of an eye and struck Pinballs arm with a vine. Although the strike caused Monizo to wince, Pinball barely paused before striking back at the monster with his spear. The monster’s health bar dropped by almost two thirds. Rather excitedly, Monizo stepped up to change places with Pinball. Dropping the tip of his spear low to the ground, Monizo dashed forward. With an upward strike, he sliced the torso of the Variant Nepent with his spear. It let out a scream as he left back next to Pinball. Well, I did a little damage, But not quite enough. He frowned, trying to figure out how to make sure he was the one to finish the monster off. ---Combat--- Roll ID#96756 BD:7 Monizo Attacks Nepent Variant - Heft 4*2= 8-5 MIT = 3DMG <<+1 EN / -2 EN>> ---Enemies--- Nepent Variant: 3/15 HP | 5 MIT | 10 DMG ---Players--- [H:1] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 0/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 4 DMG [H:1] Pinball: 428/440 HP | 40/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG
  8. Roll ID:96722 LD: 8 Monizo nodded at Minick explained to him that he had been around, but hadn’t really done any quests. “Yeah, I’m the same way.” He had only ever traveled a few floors up, and he never left the safe zones unless he found a group of players that were traveling to other towns. He had been terrified of getting attacked. Looking through a small patch of plants that were growing he couldn’t seem to find anything of values. I hope I’m not out here all day finding nothing. @Minick asked him about his friends. “I know a few of my buddies where trying to get the game, but we were all pretty intense gamers, so we were gonna go it alone for a little while before meeting up. I never heard from any of them so I can only hope that they didn’t make it into the game.” He tried to show a hopeful smile, but it was obviously forced and insincere. It was hard to be hopeful about very many things anymore.
  9. Monizo watched Hestia eliminate the final Nepent with a fierce looking upward cut. The monster let out a scream as it exploded into digital bits before disappearing. She looked back at the other two and gave them a thumb’s up and a smile. She discussed their plan for the next monster as they waited for it to appear. It was necessary for Monizo to deliver the final blow, so he could collect the loot drop and return it back to the woman in the village. She explained that she would not be able to get involved unless something went wrong, because her thorns technique would incidentally kill the beast. Monizo nodded at her. That sounds okay to me, It might be a minute before I can activate another sword skill anyway. He was extremely aware of how tired he felt. It was crazy to him how the game could influence such things. He was low level, so it was exhausting to do a single attack, however, people like Hestia and Pinball could theoretically fight like this for hours without running out of energy. As soon as their exchange was over, the Nepent Variant emerged from some nearby trees and begen approaching them. Alright Pinball, try not to take all of the fun for yourself! Monizo: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 4 DMG @Hestia: 870/870 HP | 74/84 EN Pinball: 440/440 HP | 41/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG
  10. Monizo frowned as Hestia lunged forwards and just barely missed the Nepents with her sword art. She was clearly frustrated that they managed to dodge her strike, I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes. After recovering from her missed attack, Hestia looked to Pinball and asked for him to do his best to finish the Nepents off, she was rather tired of fighting and would much rather spend the rest of her afternoon relaxing. Monizo blinked. This is the most fun I’ve had in the passed two years of being stuck in this hell hole. It was probably much different for someone like Hestia who had been working hard since the start, she was probably exhausted at the fact that they hadn’t even made it a quarter of the way up. He couldn’t fathom the amount of work the frontline guilds had to put forth for every floor that they cleared. Not to mention that with each passing floor, the fights became harder, and the risk only grew. He wanted to experience it, to be of value in this world, to be one of the ones that gave the rest of the players a reason to hope. Pinball loaded up his weapon art again and finished off two of the remaining Nepents. He acted shocked but didn’t seem all that upset that his attack didn’t finish off the final two enemies. Monizo smirked, He loves this, and he wants to give me a chance to fall in love too. Monizo gripped his spear and stepped forwards. This is my chance. The remaining two Nepents were positioned a little further away than the two who had just been destroyed. Flourishing his spear in the air and driving off of his back leg, Monizo leapt forward and thrust his spear into the closest Nepent. The one that was struck with the spear shattered into digital bits while the other one tried to dodge the blast of the attack but couldn't, although it did not die. Leaping back, Monizo felt sweat break out on his but couldn't break get himself to stop smiling. This is amazing, I haven’t felt like this in so long. A chuckle escaped from his lips, was he getting goose bumps? [H: 1] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 0/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 4 DMG [H: 0 ] Hestia: 870/870 HP | 74/84 EN [H: 0 ] Pinball: 440/440 HP | 41/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG ----------------------------------------------- Combat: Passive: +1 Energy - 2 Energy Sonic Charge - 4*1 - Enemies - Nepent 2: 0/7 HP Nepent 5: 3/7 HP @Hestia
  11. Monizo looked up when the man he pressumed was @Domarus spoke to him. "Yes sir you sure can. I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for. I really like these two pieces here." He indicated the 'Brilliant Sight' and 'Divine Guidance' with his hands. "They both offer increased accuracy, which is what I think I want. Honestly, at this point I'm just not sure which would...." As he was speaking he noticed a pair of boots one their own pedestal behind the counter. 'Pegasus Boots' The sign above them read. They appeared to be normal boots, but every once so often, while they were sitting in the shelf, a pair of silver wings would sprout from the sides and stretch out before hiding themselves once again. Monizo was extremely intrigued, especially when he noticed that the sign above them also indicated that they gave evasive bonuses. "Actually, I just changed my mind. I would like to purchase the Pegasus boots from you." He grinned as he opened his inventory and began preparing to send the man the necessary col. The other items looked cooler, but these boots would certainly come in handy to keep him alive. -800 col.
  12. Passive: +1 Energy Following his attack, Monizo leapt back as Hestia activated some type of howl that seemed to draw the attention of the Nepents. It seemed to be an ability especially useful for someone of her role, looking to tank the damage for the rest of the party. Gosh that felt good. He muttered to himself as Pinball rushed forward and struck with his demonic spear. It looked like he used the same weapon art that Monizo had, except it was clearly much more powerful. The two Nepents that Monizo had missed shattered into digital bits before disappearing, unfortunately the last two Nepents had survived untouched. Since none of the surviving Nepents took any damage, they were still training their attention on Hestia. Although he wanted to deal some more damage, he was painfully aware of the fact that his first weapon skill had cost him all of his energy. He had recovered a small amount, but not quite enough to leap back into the battle. Dang, this is what it feels like to be completely useless. He gritted his teeth and resigned himself to staying alive rather than dying to save his pride. - Enemies - Nepent 1: 1/7 HP Nepent 2: 3/7 HP Nepent 3: 0/7 HP Nepent 4: 0/7 HP Nepent 5: 7/7 HP Nepent 6: 7/7 HP - Players - [H: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0] Monizo: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 1 ACC | LM 2 | 4 DMG [H: 3 l 3 l 0 l 0] @Hestia: 870/870 HP | 74/84 EN [H: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0] Pinball: 440/440 HP | 42/44 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 7 DMG
  13. Monizo nodded as they explained their choices, Hestia was clearly naturally predisposed to look out for, and protect people. From what he could tell, her role suited her perfectly. It did not seem like she had any interest in gaining glory or making a name for herself, but rather making herself indispensable. Pinball told him how his circumstance caused him to change his mind and push for a damage-oriented role. Monizo was extremely intrigued to hear that Pinball had won his spear. They both seemed extremely satisfied with the decisions they had made, that made Monizo smile. When they made it to the town Hestia took them to a house that clearly was filled with sick people. Following Hestia’s advice, Monizo knocked on the door. An elderly looking NPC woman opened the door, she was clearly the caretaker for all of the people in the house. I believe you had a notice up about needing someone to retrieve some medicine? “Thank goodness you’re here! Yes, Yes, I need you to go into the Field of Bosses and find a ‘Nepent Variant’ that will drop an Ovule! Retrieve one and bring it back to me as fast as you can!” Monizo nodded and smiled at the lady. It was hard for him to act like the NPC’s weren’t really people, especially after being there for so long. You can count on us ma’am. A quest notification appeared in front of Monizo, which he quickly accepted and left the house. I suppose this is were the fun starts? He chuckled to his new friends as they made their way out of town and towards the field. As they made their way further into the field a group of six approaching Nepents became visible. Well, I suppose I should be the one to start it out. Try not to let me die! He chuckled, even though he was quite terrified. Reaching over his shoulder, he pulled his spear from his back and grasped it with both hands. Tightening his grip, the tip of his spear began to glow as the weapon art activated. With a grunt he thrust his spear directly at the closest nepent. Upon impact the spear exploded with energy from the Sonic Charge skill, the blast impacted the first nepent as well as three of the closest ones. Monizo jumped backwards as he prepared to rotate with his party. Monizo: LVL-1 : HP-20 : ENG-0/2 : DMG-4 : ACC-1 : Light Momentum-2 Roll ID#: 96299 BD: 10 >[x1 AoE] Sonic Charge (2 Energy) : (4Base +2CRIT)X1= 6 DMG on Nepents 1 Roll ID#: 96304 BD: 8(+1ACC) >(4Base)X1 = 4 DMG on Nepents 2 Roll ID#: 96305 BD: 1(+1ACC) >Fail Roll ID#: 96306 BD: 2(+1ACC) >Fail · Nepent 1: 1/7 HP (-6 DMG) · Nepent 2: 3/7 HP (-3 DMG) · Nepent 3: 7/7 HP FAIL · Nepent 4: 7/7 HP FAIL · Nepent 5: 7/7 HP · Nepent 6: 7/7 HP
  14. Monizo grinned as they traveled down the path leading to the small village requesting help. He was rather excited to have people to travel with, and it was always nice to know that the people he was with were fully capable of keeping him alive. He would have felt bad if it were something more challenging, that would cause them to risk their lives trying to keep him alive, but he knew the mobs associated with this quest would pose them no issues. The only thing he really worried about was humiliating himself. The limitations to level one players such as himself were quite demanding, the stamina required to perform a single weapon art would force him to skip a turn in battle rotation. As his mind traveled down this path of thoughts, he realizes that he didn’t even know how battle rotations worked. What the heck am I doing out here. How did I let myself become so useless! This was the state of his mind as the small town came into their view. So, how did you both decide upon your play style? I mean, being a shield sounds awesome, but do you ever get bored by it? I always imagined it would be more fun to try to do as much damage as possible. Of course, every party probably needs a diverse set of skills so they can handle each unique scenario. He realized he was kind of rambling and let his words trail off. They had made it to the small town at last. Do we need to speak to someone here or can we just head straight to the fields? @Hestia
  15. ID#96256 LD:19 Monizo frowned when he saw Minick not having any luck yet again. Dang man, I guess we just have to keep looking. I’ll stay out here with you until we both find everything we need. He figured they could make some small talk while they were searching. They didn’t really know anything about each other. Is this one of your first quests too? I wasted the majority of my time in the game so far not really doing anything. I think I was trying to avoid facing the reality that we’re stuck here. Now I just feel pretty useless though. He glanced over at the boy as he looked through some short bushes and found some more materials. He placed the items in his inventory and grinned. It was painfully obvious that this was a quest he should have done within the first couple hours of being trapped in this world, and yet here he was, over a year into his stay in this prison of a world, and he was just now doing it.