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  1. Blue eyes opened wide with shock at Reinka's reaction to him hearing the rumor of a Kraken-like monster lurking on one of the floors above them. The redhead hopped up and down, her eyes twinkling with excitement. Sorra, on the other hand, had no idea what to say, and was a bit surprised at the girl's reaction to such a terrifying sounding creature. He held his hands up in front of him, "I-I mean like I said.. It was just some guy talking to me while I was in one of the taverns. I don't know anything about it, and he really didn't have much more to say." The blunette felt a little bad that he did not have any more information to give the girl, but then again, if this thing really did spook that player who he had spoken to, maybe its for the best that he didn't have the location to tell her. He'd hate to see her get herself hurt, or killed, because of her curiosity and excitement... almost sounded it bit like himself. He sighed before offering a smile, "If I find out any more information, I'll be sure to let you know." ID 96912 | LD 4 (3/5 Materials)
  2. Sorra

    (PP-F1) Late Beginnings <<Horunka>>

    Sorra's ocean blue eyes trailed back to Amira, who was quick to change her mind about going out to fight. He could not deny that he was just a little disappointed, but he also figured it would probably be for the best.. being he was still level one with not a lick of experience. However, she did bring up exploring.. which caused his neutral expression to spread into a wide grin , "Now you're speakin' my language." Sorra could not help a chuckle when Amira insisted that the blunette take lead in leaving the city. He was going to suggest it anyway, but still found humor in the way she initiated it. "Alright, follow me then." Still moving in the original direction he had planned out for them, Sorra led Amira to the Northern end of town. As they stepped from the small forest that hid Horunka in its leaves, he slowed his step and looked at the two roads that forked in either direction. "Hm.. I think if we follow.. this road.." he pointed towards the path on his right, "It should bring us to Tolbana town." He turned to look back at the red head, "I know its another town.. but should be a bit of a longer trip than the Starter City to Horunka.. and should be a lot more to see as well. Including the mountains around it, if we were up for a hike."
  3. With a smile on his face, Sorra rose his own hand, his palm colliding with Reinka's as they high-fived each other for their expert level snowman. With much of the grass now revealed, the two went back to looking for materials. As the bluenette lowered himself to a knee, his eyes caught a glimpse of a red flower, shorter than the rest of the grass around it. It was no wonder he had missed it the first time, due to its tiny size. Leaning forward, Sorra put the item into his inventory. "There's another." Reinka had also mentioned checking out the area under the trees, which Sorra figured he would give it a shot. Standing from where he stood, he walked over to the tree line and kept his eyes open for any other materials, listening to the redhead talk about familiars. "Krakens huh?" he chuckled, "I actually heard someone talking about one not too long ago on the Fourth Floor.. Guy seemed a bit crazy, stuttering all over the place. Didn't know whether to believe him or not but hey, could be cool if it was true. As for me.. hm.. I'm not sure.. never really thought about it. A fox or some sort of dog might be cool.." ID 96029 | LD 20 (3/5 Materials)
  4. When Reinka offered to help Sorra get rid of the snow, he stepped out of the way and watched. Starting off with a singular snowball, the girl rolled it against the ground, picking up more snow. With layer after layer of the white frost sticking to the ball, it grew larger, and eventually heavy enough to where it picked up most snow off of the ground as she rolled it past. Sorra smiled, "Guess that's one way to do it and make it fun." Deciding to play along with what the girl was doing, Sora dropped to a knee and created a snowball of his own, following the same procedure that Reinka had. He rolled the ever growing ball through the snow until it was just slightly smaller than the first the redhead had created. Dropping into a squatting position, Sorra wrapped his arms around the ball, gripping each side. He then picked the larger snowball up and placed it atop the first, supplying the head for the body the girl had created. The man chuckled as he brushed the snow off of his hands before looking around to see if he had revealed any materials. Of course, nothing seemed to stick out as they did last time. "Oh well.. at least we have a snowman now." he said with a laugh. ID 95987 | LD 2
  5. Sorra

    (PP-F1) Late Beginnings <<Horunka>>

    Placing a hand on his hip, Sorra shifted his weight with a small chuckle. "Well.. I'm sure designing the game they did not have the idea of unfairness in their mind.. but I think trapping us all inside with the actual risk of dying isn't exactly what I'd call fair." Amira's thoughts were more on the game's actual design and how things worked, let alone the unexpected tragedy that they were all experiencing. He took the girl's words about it being simple to not die to heart.. and he supposed that she was correct. After almost getting killed, and watching his sister die trying to protect him, Sorra was nothing but careful, especially at the level he was at. It was what kept him within the city walls for so long. "Despite whether they were evil or not, you're right. We still have to be as cautious as ever." Part of Sorra was hoping she would not have agreed to go out to find some monsters to fight, especially after admitting she had no gear either. "That makes two of us then." he said with a nervous chuckle, "But I'm sure you're right. As long as we stick together and we are careful, we should go fine." The blunette looked back the way he had came for a moment, remembering the lack of monsters on his trip over here. His gaze then turned past Amira to the road that led out of Horunka in the opposite direction. "Maybe we will find something interesting if we head out North.." his sense of adventure peaked as he looked off beyond where he had not yet traveled.
  6. Sorra

    (PP-F1) Late Beginnings <<Horunka>>

    Sorra's ocean blue eyes rose to the seemingly endless ceiling of the First Floor, staring at the fake clouds that slowly drifted over head. A soft smile spread outwards to his cheeks, "Yeah.. she was." he said with a small chuckle, before finally returning his gaze back to the redhead who stood in front of him. "That could be a good point.. There's usually more monsters on the road to Tolbana. I guess since this is only the next town over, its Aincrad's way of helping out new players.. or giving them false hope." Sorra felt a bit of silent relief as Amira relaxed herself, sheathing her rapier yet again. He knew that in the town she would not have been able to hurt him if she decided to showcase her skills again, he would just prefer not to be met with the sharp end of a sword today. The blunette brought his free hand up to his chin, loosely holding the edge between his knuckle and thumb as he listened to Amira talk about her belief in fate's hold on her life. "An interesting outlook.. especially given out situation." He admitted back to her before she seemed to quickly change topics to something else. "Well, that makes two of us." he let out a nervous chuckle, "I don't have much experience at all.. maybe fought a few monsters here and there. But I'm still only level one, so I have a long way to go before I feel confident enough to move to other floors." Sorra rose a hand to the nape of his neck, "I wouldn't mind giving a combat a shot with you if you'd want, I mean going to find a monster or something.. not fighting each other." Sorra stammered over his words, hoping the girl originally understood what he meant.
  7. As Sorra continued to search for the next item on his list, he listened to Reinka's words of wisdom. The woman seemed pretty learned when it came to Sword Art Online's differences in Heavy Armor and Light Armor. Where there was one obvious, that the heavier armaments were able to block more damage, she knew some of the other enhancements and buffs that each class of armor provided. Ocean blue eyes looked at the redhead in surprise for a moment before smirking, "You really seem like you know your stuff." he chuckled, "I'll have to look into it, check out some blacksmiths and see what I can find." After talking a bit about her own choice in armor, which contradicted what she said earlier about heavy armor being superior, Reinka invited Sorra to join a hunting party with her friend, which would introduce her to her first time fighting a monster. The man had to admit, he definitely would need more experience in fighting off monsters if he was going to make something of himself. His chin rose and fell with a nod, "That sounds good to me." Running his hands through another pile of snow, Sorra dug all the way down to the dirt. Eventually, he had revealed a small patch of moist grass, a brown weed-like plant sitting in the middle. Bringing a free hand up, Sorra tapped the space in front of the item, placing it into his inventory. "That's two, this gathering isn't so bad after all." ID 95970 | LD 20 (2/5 Materials)
  8. Sorra

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Sorra simply smiled at Tsu's comment about looking for a cute girl right in front of him. She was cute, no denying that, though she seemed a bit younger than him.. so probably a path the taller man did not wish to travel down. He watched as the girl finished off her cookie and went for another one, deciding to the the same, grabbing a piece of chocolate from the table and popping the morsel in his mouth. "Well.. no. But I also wasn't really looking for a date." he started, swallowing the piece of candy down, "I had only just learned of this event today.. so didn't really have the time" he chuckled, before speaking a bit more quietly to himself "Not like I have many options anyway." He turned his attention back to the girl, shrugging his shoulders, "I really just came up here to see what it was all about.. meet some new people ya'know? The topic had come up about shops and places to live. Sorra's cheeks burned pink as his hand led to the nape of his neck, his blue eyes trailing to the floor in front of him. "W-Well ... you see I.. Haven't even taken that quest yet.. Let alone ..er.. anything." @Hikoru @Froppy
  9. Sorra

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Sorra turned to Jori, waiting for him to respond to his comment. The man seemed distracted for a moment before he noticed Sorra looking at him, snapping him back to reality, giving the excuse that he was looking at the cute girls. Sorra nodded with a small laugh, turning his own attention out towards the rest of the ball as he listened to him talk. "Wow.. I don't think I've been that high yet.. This is the highest I've come so far. But I wouldn't dare step foot outside of the town. And buying a house sounds really nice as well.. I don't even want to think how long its taking you to save up that much Col." he laughed, placing a hand on the nape of his neck. "I definitely don't see myself finding a place to live anytime soon, so I guess its just inns for the time being." Sorra turned his attention to over his shoulder when he heard the voice of a younger girl speaking with them, catching part of their conversation about meeting new people. Unlike most of the rest of the party, she wore more traditional Japanese formal attire, and sported a matching green mask. A curious brow rose with her habit of making a frog-like sound after each few words. Guess she really likes frogs.. he thought to himself before smiling and bowing his head respectfully, "And I'm Sorra, It's very nice to meet you Tsu." he greeted her with a warm, friendly smile. @Hikoru@Froppy
  10. Sorra

    (PP-F1) Late Beginnings <<Horunka>>

    The bluenette was stopped in place as a red haired girl approached him without warning. With no sort of hello or greeting, she introduced herself as Amira, and commented on the two handed blade that was slung over his shoulder. "Oh, thanks." he said with a small chuckle, turning his chin to look at the weapon, "I.. got it from my sister. Oh, I'm Sorra by the way." he turned his attention back to Amira, respectfully bowing his head in greeting. Continuing on with her talk of weapons, the redhead pulled a rapier from the scabbard at her hip and waved the blade around in front of her haphazardly. Sorra took a careful step back, watching to make sure the sharp tip of the blade did not reach him as she showed off how well it cut through the air. A wave of relief passed over the man as Amira lowered her weapon once more to ask if the man had any plans for visiting Horunka. "Actually, really just wanted to get out of the Town of Beginnings for a day.. Was going to try taking on some monsters on my own, but I guess the path I took was just too calm and peaceful, and ended up finding nothing." he rubbed the back of his neck. "How about you? Just looking to greet people with your rapier skills as they enter the town?" he chuckled, teasing the girl.
  11. Sorra nodded as he continued to gently push his boots through the snow hoping that a helpful looking herb would just spring up without the weight of the wintery frost on it. "Oh a healer? That sounds like it could come in handy. Especially being an alchemist to back it up with crystals and potions as well.. And a giant rock? That doesn't sound like it was a lot of fun.. probably took forever." he said with a low chuckle, "I plan on being able to mostly deal damage.. though whether I want to have the armor to back it up, or light armor to move out of the way, I'm not sure yet." "I've gone to some of the other floors.. just exploring the towns really and looking out at the landscapes without actually leaving the town.. I knew I'd only get myself in trouble if I tried to leave the town at the low level I am." Dropping down to a knee, Sorra dug through a thicker pile of snow, until a long green leaf popped up. He continued to dig until the plant was revealed. Tapping the air above it proved to be one of the herbs he needed. He smirked, placing the item into his inventory. "Thats one.." he said to himself before standing again, thinking on Reinka's question about fighting. "Maybe once or twice.. when the game first started. I.. I really try to stay away from fighting alone." his voice was low, and held a hint of sadness. ID 95925 | LD 19 (1/5 Materials)
  12. Sorra

    (PP-F1) Late Beginnings <<Horunka>>

    The tavern was rather quiet this time of the day, most of its patrons either players who were out on quests, or NPCs who returned to their daily routines. The only ones who remained where the bartender, the randoms who were simply placed to take up space in the bar to always make it look as thought business was being made, and Sorra. The latter of the patrons was not even drinking, merely sitting and contemplating. His eyes were locked on the large, two handed sword that leaded against the wooden table in front of him, Daybreak. Before his sister died, she was able to pass her sword off to the man, as a way to always make sure that she was still doing her best to protect him. The bluenette smiled, wrapping his fingers around the brown handle of the blade. Well, she had given him the sword to protect himself, he might as well use it for just that. Pushing himself up from the chair, Sorra made his way out of the tavern, and moved directly towards the edge of the Town of Beginnings. Right after passing through the large archway that separated what was the safe zone and what wasn't he stopped. "Where am I even going...?" Sorra placed a hand on his chin, looking around at the tree filled horizon in front of him. From prior exploration, he knew that there were two towns he could visit.. Horunka, and Tolbana. It did not take long for the man to decide to try and make his way towards Horunka, remembering that the path to Tolbana was what put him and Natsu in trouble the last time. With Daybreak slung over his shoulder, the blue haired man started off on his journey towards the small hunting town to the North East of the Town of Beginnings. Sorra followed the trail, passed into the forest, and eventually made it to the town.. meeting no opposition along the way. "Well.. that was unexpected.." he said to himself as he entered the small town's safe zone.
  13. Sorra

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Sorra felt a bit of relief when the other man started talking back to him that he had not made a fool of himself by coming over here on his own, let alone the shock he got from the one eyed pumpkin helping himself to the treats. His eyes mainly focused on all that was going on in front of him, though his chin would turn slightly, as well as his eyes, to look at the other man as he would talk. It did not surprise Sorra that members of the raid team were present at the party, thought it brought a bit of cheer to him to know he was in the presence of such strong players. His brows lowered behind his mask when the man made mention of this being only one time of year something like this happens. " I know Valentine's Day is only once a year.. but haven't there been events for other holidays as well? I.. haven't done much socializing myself, but I know I've definitely seen flyers hanging around during those times.. But I guess this would be the only event to celebrate love in this way, huh." The man shone a half smile as Jiro introduced himself, stuttering a bit on his own name, "Pleasure to meet you Hi-Jiro." he joked with the stranger, hoping he was not crossing any line by doing so. When asked what brought him to this event, the man let out a sigh, "Just needed to get off my ass really.. been spending too long moping on my own. Needed to make some friends, see the people or Aincrad rather than just the sights. How about you, Jiro? From what it sounds like.. you've seen a bit more than I have." @Hikoru
  14. Sorra's chin rose, his eyes remained locked on the large archway that served as one of the entry and exit points of the Town of Beginnings. As his gaze returned back to the earth in front of him, the realization of moving out of the safe zone crossed his mind. Both of his hands rose to the handle that poked out over his left shoulder, yanking the weapon from his back. With Daybreak now free from the leather straps that held it to his back, Sorra led the weapon rest upon his shoulder, holding the handle in place with his wrist. Reinka seemed pretty much calm about moving out into the fields and not in the safe zone, but Sorra was not about to take any chances, and wanted to be ready just in case. Sorra's boots pushed through the thin, white blanket of snow that topped the ground, revealing the green grass behind him with each step. Again, Sorra found his eyes wandering about the horizon in front of them, admiring the beauty and vast landscape of Aincrad's largest floor. He wondered just what the other floors above this one held in store for him. Finally, Reinka came to a stop and turned to Sorra, letting him know they they would not find any monsters roaming this portion of the fields. Sorra smiled and offered a polite nod, before returning his large blade to his back. "That's a relief." "Oh right.." Sorra said to himself as he took the list Zackariah had given him from his pocket. He read over the contents before lowering the note again, "Just some random herbs, seems simple enough." Finding a spot that seemed suitable enough, Sorra began to dig through the snow. As if the snow did not make it tough enough to find the right materials he needed, Sorra had no idea what any of the herbs Zachariah listed looked like. Though his focus was on looking for whatever he could find, he listened to Reinka speak. "Oh you'll be opening your own potion shop?" Sorra said, looking over his shoulder with a smile. "I heard about that quest.. the one you need to take for a profession.. Though I don't know what I want to do yet, so I haven't bothered taking it.. I'm sure if I need any potions or anything, I'll be sure to stop by." The blue haired man chuckled at Reinka's question about himself, "Well.. truth be told.. I really haven't done much to get myself started in this world. Been mainly just... uh.. keeping to the First Floor.. for the most part. What about you?" ID 95887 | LD 4
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