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  1. Profile Username: Kokoro Real name: Kokoro Age: Nineteen Gender: Female Height: 5'1" Appearance Kokoro is a very short young woman with silky, milk-chocolatey, brown hair, angled to end shoulder-length at the front, and to end at her neck in the back. In the sunlight, Kokoro's hair has red and golden highlights that aren't easy to see unless you're looking specifically for them. Her eyes are a darker brown than her hair, similar to a melted-dark chocolate color. They seem to appear all the more dark when she's angry, which is a rare occurrence. Kokoro's skin is rather pale, although by the many freckles she has along the bridge of her sharply defined nose, it's obvious she's spent time in the sun. Her left fingertips are slightly more calloused than her right fingertips, due to the many hours she's spent playing her acoustic guitar in the real world. For the same reason are her left fingernails shorter than her right. She keeps them that way merely out of habit. In terms of her typical attire, her clothes are mainly casual and colored with the many tones of the earth. She prefers loose-fitting clothes in times of comfort, and the game's equivalent of form-fitting leggings and long-sleeve shirts in times of battle. No matter what armor she wears, it's guaranteed to be light and comfortable-- easy to move in. About: History/Personality Kokoro's parents were very grade-driven, which meant that Kokoro always needed to have an A in every subject, no matter how difficult. A low A would receive a sharp warning to work harder in that class to avoid letting it drop to a B or below, and any grade below an A would provoke harsh punishments, such as no dinner, no video games, and having her guitar, keyboard and flute taken away from her. Luckily, there had only been one instance in which Kokoro had ever gotten a grade below an A, a misunderstanding between her and a teacher that she promptly fixed. It was because of her consistently perfect grades that she was often ostracized from others. She was never exactly "bullied", but she was teased and called names by her peers, not only because of her grades, but because of her lack of friends. Even among her many extra-curricular activities, no one ever gave her a chance to prove that she wasn't the preppy, stuck-up, know-it-all that people called her. And so she turned to RPGs. In an RPG, Kokoro quickly discovered, she could hide behind an alter-ego in which she could communicate with others, without the false pretenses set by everyone at school. Not only that, but the games themselves provided a goal for her to beat that wasn't "finish your English paper by next week" or "score a perfect 100 on your next psychology exam." When SAO was first announced, Kokoro just knew that she had to be one of the 10,000 players in the game. She begged her parents to help her purchase a copy of the game and the NerveGear necessary to play it with. Reluctantly, they agreed, for it was rare Kokoro ever asked for anything, and her grades were quite up to their standards. As luck (although undecidedly good or bad) would have it, she was one of the 10,000 as she had hoped. And so the death game began. Kokoro's personality is relatively docile. She's not an outspoken person, and in fact prefers to watch events unfold from the sidelines. She's loyal to a fault, most likely a side effect of never experiencing friendship before. If she becomes comfortable enough with a person, they might discover that she can be quite sarcastic and witty when she wants to be, and she takes pride in her smart-aleckey comebacks. Although slow to anger, Kokoro is similar to a raging fire when upset. She will not stand for people insulting or harming in any form, anyone she's close to. She's a mostly patient person. The only time that that's untrue is when she's waiting on food to finish cooking. Luckily, that's not much of a problem in the virtual world of SAO. Unfortunately, Kokoro is also a very prideful person. Instead of getting angry when her pride is touched, she tends to have lower self-confidence. She will begin to doubt herself to the point that it becomes detrimental. Virtues Loyal - This attribute makes Kokoro a reliable ally. Other players realize this and know they can trust her, which earns her less enemies, and in turn, puts her in less danger. Her loyalty is also something she takes pride in, since she's never had much experience with making or maintaining friendships. Reserved - Keeping a straight face in the midst of battle is a sign of strength, in Kokoro's opinion. The same goes for every other time in the game. She typically has a neutral resting face no matter the situation, which can be very off-putting to enemies looking for an easy target. Observant - Kokoro is very observant in her surroundings. She religiously keeps track of the events going on around her in order to minimize the danger. This also makes her a great strategist. Flaws Prideful - When someone touches Kokoro's pride, it is sure to start chipping away at her self-confidence. She can become irritable and hard to work with if someone or something insults her pride. Thankfully, she has learned to ignore most attempts to do this, and has mastered the straight face so that it's hard to tell when her pride becomes broken. Loyal - Although loyalty can be a good thing, it can also be detrimental. If Kokoro pledges herself to the wrong person, she would have a hard time convincing herself to stop being loyal to them, even if it was for the better good. In addition to this, her loyalty can make her reckless if the one she wants to protect is in danger. Rigidity - Most likely due to her upbringing, Kokoro has never really learned to relax. In docile times, she will often remain rigid and be hard-pressed to get the rest she needs, which can later be a liability in battle. It will take her an large amount of time to ever be able to relax fully around people, even the ones she's most loyal to, because of the limited contact she's had with people throughout her lifetime. Selfless - Kokoro is the type of person who will throw herself into the crossfire in order to save another. While its a great attribute to gain trust among other players, the risks are quite obvious. Despite this, she can't just force herself to stand around and watch as someone is potentially killed before her eyes. Profession N/A Skills/Inventory 5 Pending SP Starter Pack A: "Basic Package" Weapon of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality. Armor of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays N/A Relationships N/A Story Thus Far N/A