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    character image] Profile Username: Nexus Real name: Hikaru Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5,9 About: History/personality Hikaru/Nexus is a boy whose familly died in a car crash, but he survived the accident. He didn't get out of the accident unscathed however, for a large scar goes across his left eye. however, he had to live his life without out having a familly, never moving on. He was constantly moved around by foster familys, because no oprhanage had room for him. Everytime he tried to fit in with friends at school, it barely worked, because Everyone thought he was some kind of freak because of his scar. he was never accepted. everyone hated him, saying he was a no good kid. he tried his best, he really did. but no matter what, every familly he took on turned him away. he started to feel unaccepted in this world, until he discovered SAO. a place where fantasy becomes reality. a Place where nobody would judge him, because he could design how he looked. a place where he could be strong to fight agaisnt his problems. he saved up enough money, and also by asking from from friends to help by a nerve gear. Soon, he had finally bought it, and entered The castle of Aincrad, unknowing that soon he would be trapped in the castle for eternity. Virtues: Nexus is brave Kid. he never backs down from a challange or a fight, and he always rises to the challange. He always gives his all, never backing down. Even when He's wrong, Nexus will continue to pursue his goal. nexus doesn't make many friends, but when he does, he Never leaves them behind or abandons them in times of need. he's loyal to the end, defending the very people that give his life meaning. Nexus always tries to cheer up people, even people he doesnt know, who are sad, miserable or angry. his mission in life is to make everyone around him happy. he believes that if not everyone has a positive outlook on life, then they have lost their lives to the game already. and he wont let that happen. Flaws: Ironically enough, Nexus's Loyalty is also a problem. if someone stays behind to sacrifice himself for him, Then Nexus would try to fight right beside them, ready to die for them. his Friendships and relationships is his fatal flaw, for he cannot allow a friend to die to save his own life. Nexus has real bad anger issues. if someone's antagonizing him, he might actually break out and attack that same person, regardless of the concequences. He once almost badly injurred a bully at his school out of pure rage. Nexus has deadly pride. he looks at things all the time, and thinks if he could tear it all down again, then he could rebuild it, better and better. this is the same pride that always makes him mad whenever someone insults him badly. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive:» Combat: Weapon skills: Rank one in: 1 h straight sword » Inventory Set B "DPS Package" One handed sword: Enchanted with Damage 1 and taunt 1 Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays None so far. I'm new to this, and I just made an account. Relationships (optional) None so far Story Thus Far (optional) None so far Description: Hikaru wears a Black cloak, over a brown tunic with a little bit of armor. he has dark skin, and wild blue eyes. he has spikey wild hair, and has a long scar going across his left eye. he is five foot nine.