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  1. Well offering a service in exchange for a bit of protection and aid from some higher leveled players make sense to at least myself from a business deal perspective since there has to be some kind of equal exchange at some point for the goods and services being offered. Which for you is probably something akin to protection and strength in terms of the damage and aid these frontliners and other players can offer. It's a reasonable thing to pick up that blacksmithing skill for yourself to offer them something they cna't get themselves if none of them are blacksmiths. He says with a nod of his head as the duo of players manage to exit out of the main settlement and start to make their way through the forests as Dagger gestures for Alec to take the lead as soon as they had stepped out of the town. There is a wasp that needs to be found and killed so you may as well take the lead in this case. He says with a smile upon his face. #117917 LD:19+6=25 1 mat found
  2. He nods his head when hearing what Alec has to say as he continues to make his way forward through the main settlement as he thinks upon the words of what his partner is going for. Which is rather a good thing since there are a few blacksmtihs about, but no one particular one has managed to break free of being heard around Aincrad due to the highest blackmisth just having decent amount of prices for the lower tiered players. Well then if that is the case it'll be interesting to see how well such things get handled for other players for these quest changes and if anything it at least makes things interesting for yourself Alec since at least the interactions won't be exactly the same then. He says with a smile upon his face as he then thinks on the fact that somebody had managed to create another guild that was a frontliner at that. Who is this frontliner if you don't mind me asking Alec? I am not really up to date with those people and their doings.
  3. Really the quests seemingly change based upon the players that do them? He asks in a confused and seemingly fascinated tone of voice as he looks towards the larger man while gesturing with his hand to follow him as he makes his way towards the the direction that will lead out of the town. Since at the very least he himself can lead the direction to out of the town before having Alec himself lead the way towards the quest's destination of where the wasp swarms should be spawning upon this floor. Since in the end he wants to make sure to stay as far away enough from when that fight breaks out to continue searching for his materials as he always is. So then Alec what do you usually do when you're not doing any of these quests with myself, or when you're off doing quests by yourself? Do you have any little hobbies or such things to pass the time? He asks curiously for some idle conversation and if anything it does serve as a nice way to get to know a bit more about the man that he said would be his traveling companion for these quests.
  4. Looking to a rather new face that entered his shop he tips the hat towards the player with a smile upon his face and says his usual greeting towards the player. Good evening sir welcome to the cloak's corner i am your merchant Dagger what can i do for you today? He says in a polite and kind tone of voice having taken his hat off and put it against his chest with a bow when saying that. Afterwards he looks towards what got handed towards him and then takes the katana inspecting the blade and seeing that it is sharp. Sharp enough to cut into mobs, or is it sharp enough to cut through the air without issue. Glancing to the last part he let his finger run gently along the blade seeing their is some kind of toxin within the blade that can inflict some kind of status ailment towards the opposition. With a nod and a smile he sets the blade down as he then goes towards the consumables and finds that one is a alchemic salve that can be eaten to cure a status ailment in advance, and the other two being potions that can heal one's health. Not a bad lot of gear that you ended up getting good sir seems the fate were with you today. #117850 LD:10 Paralyze or bleed #117851 LD:16 Damage or accuracy #117852 LD:16 Damage or accuracy #117853 LD:15 HP recovery #117854 LD:16 HP recovery #117855 LD:2 Antidote @Sotarou (pick the enchants on your weapon if you can send it to me in a PM along with the name and description of the weapon if you want it. If not you can always junk sell the weapon to me)
  5. Continuing with his questing upon the floor after his completion of the venomous wargs that were looking upon this floor and with the rather nicely timed aid of his body guard and the rather useful player killer that sweeped up the mobs that had been guarding the cargo. Now it is time to do the rather well known field boss that lurked upon this floor that was located somewhere the exact location being out of his reach as he glances towards the larger man at his side and tips his hat ever so slightly. Next on my list of things to accomplish this fine day Alec is to slay a queen wasp creature that supposedly lurks upon this floor if you would be so kind to maybe walk along with myself to see if we can deal with this creature. Supposedly doing this field boss gives quite a bit of experience from slaying it and being the in the same party of the one who slays the creature in question. he says towards the man at his side with a smile upon his face when mentioning the quest since it is the only next logical step in his quest to gain levels. Stats
  6. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Nodding his head when hearing the things from the man's own adventures within this world he finds himself rather interested that he had already mingled with some frontlienrs from what he had said, and to add on top of it knows some rather interesting people that could be good to get to know at some point in the future. Afterall every customer he can get is needed since at the end of the day he can utilize things to make this business as stable for himself as possible, and then just enjoy the cash flow that gets sent towards him at the slow but steady pace of people buying and selling things. When arriving towards the tavern he goes towards the quest giver and turns in the quest in question with a grin upon his face as he gets the experience points to level up once more as he then looks towards Alec and nods his head. Well in the end the goal is to find some people that can be our damage so it is just a matter of taking our time to hopefully find the perfect match. Summary: Dagger: 3 SP, 700 COL, 8 mats Alec: 2 SP, 200 COL Pinball: 2 SP
  7. Dagger

    Dagger's snazzy evals

    Name: The insatiable defense Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 ID: #117178, #117179 Roll: BD:10 CD:7+1=8 LD:13, LD:7 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Vamp Defensive, Taunt, Heavy Momentum Description: A armor that is much more bulky then its sibling the armor being much more for the offensive type of player. Limiting the movement but adding into the ever growing power of a weapon with each strike that is missed. Post Link:http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17196-f21-the-cloaks-corner-rank-4-merchant/?do=findComment&amp;comment=574483 Name: Unquenchable Armor Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 ID: #117615, #117614, #117613 Roll: BD:10 CD:8+1=9 LD:7, LD:20, LD:14 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Vamp Defensive, x2 mit Description: This suit of Scale Armor covers the upper half of the wearers body and is made of small overlapping razor sharp metal discs that slice into an enemy and absorb their life force to sustain it's wearer. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17196-f21-the-cloaks-corner-rank-4-merchant/?do=findComment&amp;comment=574483
  8. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Entering into the town he makes his way towards the tavern glad that his companion at least agrees strength on their side is needed it is just a game of finding somebody that they could get to work alongside them for such things and not have to worry about any side things that could chain them down. Such as the sad need to skirt and be careful of the company they keep since one slip up could mean the death of both of them if they aren't careful about how they approach some people that might have certain red flags about them. So then Alec if we are to get some damage on our side the only question is who we can go to for that kind of things since i don't believe we have many options at the moment as far as i know, but that is more so the limiting factor of players that i personally know and have the ability to get into contact with. Their are the customers that go into my shop though that i could maybe ask if they would like to join us on a quest or two.
  9. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    He nods his head when hearing those words from the man at his side since the logic is their, but in terms of having some strength behind him when going into some fights he was rather willing to deal with any negative attitude that was brought upon with it. 'Though it is entirely possible some player killers could've made a game out of hunting him down as well and getting mixed in with that isn't something that i am wanting to spend some time or risk my life on in any manner. Bounty hunters and police i can deal with since they won't kill me the player killers i don't want to deal with.' He thinks calmly to himself while making his way forward towards the settlement as it comes into view before the two players as the only thing left for the quest is to turn it in towards the quest giver and then figure out what to do next for himself and where he'll take himself in terms of quests that he could do.
  10. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Making his way towards the next settlement at a rather relaxed pace as the player killer makes his own path within Aincrad since he can't enter the main settlement himself. Glancing towards the large man he just grins to himself at having a decent bodyguard like the man and thinks of trying to find a way to get a unique for him that could get him some defensive armor qualities to help the man in future quests. Thinking ahead now that he has done all the level locked quests come the questioning of trying to think of what quest he should do next. The obvious answer is what ever get him the most experience so he can become a better scout which means becoming a better merchant from having more goods to sell towards players. The only thing to figure out is what quests even have that kind of reward for him to benefit from. SO then Alec what did you think of our little PKer? #117791 LD:5+4=9
  11. Looking towards the man that enters his shop he gives his usual greeting towards the player with a bow as he accepts the potions iwth a curious look in his eyes since they are the ones that the first lesson quests give out towards player to help them survive the next few lessons ahead of them. Taking them into his personal stock of items for future use he just smiles towards the man. Lets check what this shield is going to do. He says in a polite tone of voice as he identifies the shield going through it and once he finishes he checks out the item and displays it towards the man the regen and thorns shield. A shield capable of healing you while inflicting damage to the opponent survivalist at its finest. #117789 LD:5 regen #117790 LD:20 thorns @Kazzy
  12. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    The sounds of shattering is what awaits his ears once more as he lifts his head to gaze towards the direction of the fight and before he could get much of a word in edgewise towards the young man that had possibly wanted to go down the route of working alongside him he quickly cut all possible conversations short. Though not without seemingly saying something to his bodyguard as he just nods his head as the younger man makes his way out just assuming that he is possible going to think on the deal since it would affect his future within Aincrad. Gazing towards Alec he just nods his head before gesturing for the man to follow him as Dagger makes his way back towards the main settlement since that is where the quest ends and with that it will be once more for him to not have to worry about a quest that will time him out of its rewards. Letting his gaze sweep over the general area to find nothing he makes due towards the town to end the quest. #117769 LD:6+5=11
  13. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Once more digging a bit deeper into the pile he investigates what is left behind by the game as he shifts through moving stuff around with a singular hand investigating the rubble. Moving a heavy wooden piece away from the rest of the cargo he coughs as a kick of dust shoots upwards along with the sound of glass cracking and shattering from him having done so. He raises his left hand to wave in front of his face as he moves the dust out of the way as he looks towards the thing he had just managed to destroy and see a collection of broken bottles of alchemic and food options as they all shatter from having gotten spoiled as soon as they touched the ground. Glancing towards the fight he watches as the entirety of the wolf pack is near death for all of t hem as he just nods his head at the rather rapid success that his guard is having. #117752 LD:3+4=7
  14. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Searching through the wreckage of the cargo from the merchant still pulling out at the various things he is not surprised in the slightest when the most plentiful of materials he is finding within it are alchemic in nature due to the merchant having handed him a antidote to use if he had found a time and place to use it against the wolves. 'Though that is being handled by Alec now so nothing for myself to worry about anymore, and if the last time i checked his health is correct that is not something he'll ever need to worry about either in terms of death being something possibly imminent.' he thinks to himself in a amused manner before focusing back once more on searching through the wreckage for more items to use until he gets a shout from his partner about he fight being over so that they duo can make their way back towards the quest giver to turn this in. #117748 LD:11+4=15 1 material found
  15. Dagger

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Hearing a shattering sound he gazes back to see one of the wolves having died as he nods his head before focusing back upon finding some materials once more as he gazes around the ground searching for some materials once more. Making his way towards the merchant cargo that was destroyed he picks up the quest item with a smile upon his face as he takes a material that was within the giant cargo patch. Once done he just nods his head with a rather happy smile upon his face since things are going rather well for himself since the quest will be completed as soon as Alec can take out the wargs, and for himself he is gathering enough materials to fund enough professions for when a player might need some extra help with buying something from competition. 'to make a funding out of other professions needs for materials.' #117744 LD:15+4=19 1 material found