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  1. He looks over towards the man and than just nods his head and puts away the axe but keeps on his green cloak and adds another thing from his inventory on also as a shimmer of light underneath the green cloak forms. If one were to notice they'd see a protective armor made from boar hide formed around the dress shirt of Dagger to add a layer of protection. I'll stay out of the fight if that is indeed a option. I am sorry if i angered you than. I'll just enjoy the ability to gather materials without being inhibited by the smaller boars. Though with you around i think i won't be able to enjoy doing so for long since they'll probably die rather swiftly. he says towards the taller man as Dagger tries to be as particular and careful with his words as much as he can. Though unable to help the smile go across his face towards the man who is being serious, and rather straightforward which he can truly appreciate in a working partner since it leaves no room for interpretation that could go astray. Making his way towards the shop's entrance he hands the delivery over towards the merchant only for the next quest prompt to activate soon after. Summary: Alec: 2 SP, 400 COL Dagger: - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) 4 SP, 400 COL @Alec
  2. So fighting is part of the next quest that early huh? Well it is called Sword Art Online makes sense combat would happen early guess i can't ignore it forever as much as i would want to do so. Guess i'll need to use my axe. He says as he pockets away the items into his inventory as he equips some items from his inventory as a light green cloak forms over his body as on his back a two handed axe appears the demonic in style looking axe that he had shown off earlier to show as a means of being capable to attack if need be. Looking towards the man known as Alec he just nods his head and starts to make his way across through the town towards the direction of whoever this blacksmtih NPC was meant to be. So than what is the plan? You stand there and take the hits somehow while i focus on ones i can hit one at a time? he asks the man curiously as he glances back around the streets in a rather defensive manner. 'Well as much as i don't want to participate not much i can do besides be able to do so if it means i can possibly get my schedule back on track.' Green apparition equipped: 1 evasion, 1 mit T1 Virgil 2H axe: x2 damage T1
  3. Trying the new method as he listens to the story of the larger man he nods his head along to each of the major sounding story beats said within the short little story bit of how he had managed to get the creature. Once he is finished he glances down and sees a successful potion that isn't trying to kill him from how poorly made it was which is a gift really at this point. Seems like the idea of you missing something might've been more so a companion since isolation can cause one to feel off balanced and lead to mental instability. He says calmly towards the man when hearing that small detail as he than glances towards the NPC who starts to talk once more as he just nods his head. he than finds a group of potions, and than a package put into his hands after he finishes the quest. Well than sir guess i'll be on my way to talk to your business partner than. Dagger says sounding a bit off putted by what seems like a weirdly natural transition from one quest to the next. #115033 CD:9 Rare quality success @Alec
  4. Taking the next material he once more begins to craft as much as he can with the singular piece of material and tries a different approach this time around to making the potion he had been told to make for the quest. Trying a different order of events to try and make the perfect potion and once more ends up with a complete and utter failure that still just barely blows up in his face. Dagger himself coughing slightly and waving away the failed attempt and picks up the next herb to prepare himself for crafting this one as he takes a slow and calming breathe and prepares himself for what is surprisingly a much more difficult task then previously envisioned. So than Alec where did you get that bear to follow you anyway? I've seen quite a few people with various animals, but the exact location for trying to figure out how to get one of these animal companions has never been told to myself. He says calmly towards the man. #115032 CD:2 @Alec
  5. As he would enter into the town he would hear the man known as Alec read off the inscription of something as he would move his head from one side to the next hearing the inscription of what was said. Sounds like a perfect inscription for a Tank. For a businessman i believe the better phrase is when the Tide Rises, invest in better weather condition shops, or pack up and find a more tactical location. He says jokingly towards the man with a smile upon his face as he would walk into the shop of Zachariah once more and brings out the five materials that he had collected from the quest and lays them down upon the desk of the kind old alchemsit man. "Ahh thank you. Now than why don't you try some of that crafting yourself." The kind old voice says as he just nods at that and tries his first attempt which quite literally almost blows up in his face. Glancing towards Alec he just shrugs his shoulders. Guess you can start seeing why i became a business man instead of a crafter now. #115031 CD:2 1-3 fail, try again| 4-6 (Good Quality- Success @Alec
  6. Looking towards the larger man he just nods his head towards him with a rather happy smile upon his face. Rather good fighting from what i saw not as elegant as dagger wielding that i've seen from my two main business partners, but that is to be expected from the more axe and shield combination you go far. What is lost in elegance is gained in battlefield prowess. He says towards the man being honest with him as he makes his way inside the gates of the first floor and just walks at a rather calm pace trying to keep himself upon the schedule that he has in mind. To be able to do three today, and maybe if he feels like it do the fourth when it is pushing into the night. That way he can have them all done in one day and than crash back at his shop and start the day anew by making sure he is stocked up and ready to go. With a slight pause he takes out a potion from his inventory the liquid being that of orange like flame design seemingly to it as the man known as Dagger examines it. Hmmm..well than seems their is some enhancement that functions like a immolation potion. fascinating. he says in a rather matter of fact tone of voice.
  7. Hearing the sound of something hitting another he turns his gaze to see the form of the large man being hit, but being dealt quite literally no damage from the looks of things and than the sight of the boar pup getting roasted with some kind of hit that wasn't from the weapon. 'Hmm...i don't know that one haven't run across it yet in my identifications. Make it a point to ask about that later.' he makes the mental note with a grin across his face at the idea of having that for use at a later point if he is ever forced into a solo situation, or more so for myself if he is forced to accommodate the twins as the more tank like of the three of them. 'I could always hire this guy on though he seemingly wouldn't mind a bit of adventure in his life.' He thinks casually with a glance towards Alex before focusing back upon his task as he sees the entrance towards the main settlement and starts to make his way in that direction. Keeping his eye on the battle of respect for the display of what the man can do for him in terms of bodyguarding. #115029 LD:15+4=19 (1 personal T1 mat for use) @Alec
  8. Gazing at the attack he calmly watches and takes some mental notes of the fighting style more so than anything else, and comparing it to the twins who he had seen fight together and than just notices all the quick differences. The twins having been a working fighting machine back to back for one another which is to be expected when they lived together their entire lives, but their movements with the daggers were quick and precise. This seemed much more about patience and opportunistic strikes against the opposition he comes across. Though for now he is on the clock and thus can't spend the entire time at this moment analyzing everything about the fighting style of the man against that of the common mob that he is fighting. glancing around the field for any materials that he could sell off at his shop he spots nothing of particular interest as he glances back towards the man as he sees that only a small tick of energy was used. 'Basic attack. Boar pups weak on this floor natural choice.' he thinks calmly to himself. If i'm happy with your performance during these quests i can't wait to hire you on as a fulltime bodyguard during these quests. Naturally when i need to tend the store you are off the clock as well. #115025 LD:9+4=13 @Alec
  9. Dagger quickly lifts a hand and waves it from one side to the next with a smile upon his face and a amused look in his hazel colored eyes. I'm sorry if my words brought offense upon you sir it wasn't my intention to bring such emotions unto you. I meant that in he sense of if i were to ever do a quest without you if there are such strong beasts out there like those in this quest that make a man like you wear armor. he says while gesturing towards the height and width of the man known as Alec seemingly his stance and look upon his face being a mix of seriousness and jokingness. Than well someone such as i would need a bit of extra protection. Unless you'd be willing to accompany upon more than just these lesson quests if you have the time to help out a merchant such as i. He asks as he quickly does a scan of the field for a treasure chest. Though as it was to be the case no such luck was had upon this day. #1150022 LD:5+4=9 @Alec
  10. Looking towards the large man he just nods his head as if this was new information to just be a bit polite and a active listener towards the man to work on just being polite towards customers more so than anything else. Well than seems like i'll need to stay on guard and maybe invest a bit more in finding myself some mitigation gear in aiding with my survival if that is truly the case than Alec. I wouldn't want to get into a fight with a beast and end up dying because of not having the gear i need to live through the entirety of the fight. Though i will admit i'm a bit sparse on the enchantments needed to help me live properly through the fights ahead of me. Though if you're here to help i'm certain this will be no difficulty at all. He says to compliment the man for having skills that he doesn't possess himself giving the man a kind smile before turning around to head back towards the main settlement to get the end of this quest completed. Lets get going than, and don't worry about your fighting style mine is little bit only better than flailing around. #115021 LD:13+4=17 (5/5) @Alec
  11. Assured combat from these quests huh? I guess it isn't much different than that quest on floor two with that elf fella. Though i don't find myself rather keen on doing any said quest that involves combat with myself since i won't be suited to it in any manner in all honesty. All i have is my ability to dodge attacks is what i'd prefer specializing in while i scout around the area for some loot for all of us to benefit from. He says with a grin across his face as he gazes around the field and picks up a herb himself and adds it to his collection alongside the man's own that he handed him. Much obliged for the help now there is only one more left. seems like i underestimated this spawning spot It just needed a bit to kick in seemingly. He says in a amused tone of voice before glancing towards the direction of the cave. 'glowstones is useful over their.' Glancing over towards the lake he pauses to consider the options. 'fishing perhaps?' he wonders for a brief moment. #115012 LD:11+4=15 (4/5) @Alec
  12. Bending down and picking up another material for his collection he pockets it into his inventory once more before looking towards the larger man and just gives a dismissive wave of his hand. I didn't expect you to be helping look in the first place the fact that you're doing so alone is sentiment alone. I expected a bodyguard from rogue mobs not a helper in gathering some of these mundane materials. Afterall finding them is meant to be my specialty in the end. He says in a joking tone of voice towards the larger man before walking over towards the next little patches of grass to continue his search. His hazel colored gaze searching each patch for one of these herbs or the next. Also, it's admirable for you to fight and i'll wish you luck during those moments. Theo nly reason i'm bothering with these quests as i've mentioned is to become a better supplier for my customers. #114875 LD:13 (2/5) @Alec
  13. He nods his head towards the man hearing that he'll at least accept his words since at the minimum it is at least healthier for the man's mental health at the very least. Psychologist back in the real world. The study of the effects of full dive on the mind and people experiencing it over a prolonged period of time was a interesting prospect, but i didn't know when getting into it that i'd become part of the experiment and it'd be this permanent. Besides that my story is a simple one that i told you at the beginning. I'm a merchant first now, and a fighter as always last. I'm just trying to make a living here and just enjoy living comfortably i can leave fighting towards those who are more inclined for it. He says towards the larger and taller man than himself as he looks through the grass once more. Though once more not finding anything as he sighs softly. Seems like my luck in this section of this floor isn't as high as it was for yourself than Alec. Though that might've been from the fact you got here early or late enough for other people to be gone by that point and not having anyone else take these spawned drops for the quest. #114852 LD:3+4=7 @Alec
  14. Looking towards the man for but a brief moment before gazing back towards the field he nods his head for a moment when hearing the question. Well that is part of the charm some would say. You have to test how comfortable and willing you are to trust those around you now aren't you? Since if you want to be part of that frontline thing you'll eventually have to trust those others aren't you? He questions the larger man before glancing towards the field spotting nothing he decides to continue forward with his point. Also, about the shop you can just open one for the sake of a place to stay. Though for the benefit of one you could make your own gear, or craft consumables for yourself the crafting system doesn't take that long from what i've heard. Does most of the work for you really. He says Alec in a calm and polite tone of voice while offering the insight he has towards the man to help him make a decision of his own with a different perspective he could see things from. #114846 LD:2+4=6 @Alec
  15. Listening to the explanation he nods his head since it is a rather apt and appropriate complaint to have about the town the number of bodies that are present and the infrastructure having been built for the average build size of the release it was meant for is never able to fully take in the outliers. Makes sense. Though i'd recommend a shop at that point. Nice little place where you can customize the building to be your perfect little sanctuary till you can build a home through these game mechanics. Or form a guild with a person or join one that has a guild hall that works as well for a nice space to avoid all these cooped up scared souls. He says casually towards the larger man as he scans the field and manages to find another and picks it up into his hands and quickly stores it into his inventory while keeping himself aware of the surroundings to avoid any mobs. To enter into such a fight would be equivalence of willingly allowing himself to die if he want not careful. 'though like all things time will build better palaces for one to live in. It just requires your own will and power to set the first stones in place is all.' He thinks to himself. #114841 LD:12+4=16 (1/5) @Alec